So Now What?


So Now What? Did everything we think happen really happen?

There is a lot taking place in the world. It sometimes goes so fast and full of propaganda that it is hard to know what is and is not real.  Did anything really take place before we could remember?  Do we really have things going on outside our doors when we are not there? Are there really people doing things in places we can not see or have never been to?

Just a few things to think about this day?

What the bleep do we know…down the rabbit hole.

Dianne Marshall

6 thoughts on “So Now What?

  1. Gregory says:

    Dianne this isn’t over continue fighting! The Wall Street Journal Editor made the statement that GOP Voters need to be taught a lesson? What? Bill Kristol has now promised an Impressive third party Candidate to beat Trump! Certain republicans promise to make the Convention hell for Donald Trump! This isn’t over until Trump is in the White House

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  2. tj says:

    Go Trump!!

    thank you Ms Marshall for your efforts & blog.

    clueless republican lawyer/scribe/politicians – ever pandering to greedy globalist banksters – have so diluted their ‘own’ base (exporting jobs, importing 3rd world lower wage workers, let banksters run amuck) – they ought to be thanking Mr Trump for saving the republican party. stupidly, they’re still trying to skuddle him…

    this battle will NEVER be over, even when President Trump is in the white house…

    the self-serving, fractional extremes will continue to battle on for their selfish agenda, & so must we…

    Vaya con Dios


  3. Boy! Every now and then I browse through the lying msm, crooked Hillary is just asking for Mr Trump to let loose on her with the truth.I really can’t believe this evil piece of work is not behind bars awaiting many trials yet. Media in America will not be trusted again-


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