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Time was, always on the fourth of July when the celebrations  began and we said the pledge of allegiance to the flag before the fireworks….my eyes would always well up in tears.  I would embarrassingly wipe them and hope no one saw.  A simple pledge of allegiance.  Imagine that.  Today….it is different.  I weep and do not care who sees it for the loss of our great land.  I am among those who desire greatly to  MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

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Now, let me explain.  In days past, there was something about my maturity that wasn’t quite there yet.  The thankful pride I felt inside wasn’t quite showing on the outside except for in words.  The heart was one of those things you never wanted to share for it could break when people laughed or pointed.  No one wanted to admit they were crying nor answer to why they were.  I believe that is how those who sought to destroy America whittled away at her.  Little by little point and laugh at those who show they love her.  Make it so embarrassing and they will stop.  As time passed, a new thing was formed.  The age of political correctness.  It wasn’t long and one by one hearts stopped revealing themselves in public.

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Today, there is a new thing going on.  Political correctness is the thing scoffed. It is the thing people point at and ridicule as it should be.  A man can be brought to tears defending his stance for his country and countrymen.  No one scoffs nor laughs. They applaud him as tears fall from their own eyes at his message.  Today is a new day and a wondrous day.  Let God’s people go forth and multiply. Amen.

Vote Donald John Trump to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

God bless each one.

Dianne Marshall



  1. tj says:


    Thanks Ms Marshall – you did it again!

    the nwo ‘elite’ & their tools (‘our’ politicians) have been systematically dismantling the foundational law of the land – our Constitution.

    when the assumed office – they swore to ‘protect & defend’ said Constitution – revealing them as LYING TRAITORS.

    people have been executed as traitors do far less…

    elected &/or re-elected = insane…

    btw – my favorite quote on the pc / bs:

    “political correctness is fascism disguised as manners.”
    (george carlin)

    Vaya con Dios

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  2. Cleston Hebert says:

    Yes, Diane I served in the military and was proud. I was also proud to recite the pledge of allegiance & my heart cries today at the state of our country. We must pray to our redeemer, Yahusha Ha’ Mashiak for Mr. Trump’s safety & his family & his entourage. Trump 2016

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