If a picture says it all….this one does!  Enough said…

the donald 03-lede-trump copy

Dianne Marshall



  1. May not be politically correct; however he speaks it like it is in his eyes, at the times he says it!! And, if he “sees” things differently it is usually because “he sees it differently”! Accepting him, as he is, may be difficult at times; however, you can depend on Donald to be Donald! A man who loves America! God Bless America 🇺🇸👍🏼


    1. tj says:

      doesn’t györgy schwartz use a sock puppet to more closely represent his influence with the international man of mystery?


  2. Folks — Hopefully, in January 2017, Donald Trump will become President Trump. But that’s only one battle. Another battle is having a Congress that will facilitate maximum benefit for We the People from President Trump (and his administration). That means (#1) Republicans defeating Democrats. Yeah I know in many ways the Republicans are as bad as the Democrats but still a Republican Congress will (on most issues) probably be easier for President Trump to work with than a Democrat Congress (NOTE: The Senate is particularly in danger of becoming Democrat. It is very important that the Senate stay Republican and preferably become filibuster proof) (# 2) Trying to use the primaries to get better quality Republicans. For example: John McCain is being challenged in a Republican primary by Kelli Ward. — RP


  3. Cindi says:

    We love Donald Trump just the way he is!! No puppet strings! No super pacs! The One and Only! He’s what America is starving and thirsting for and Will Make America Great Again!!!


  4. Mr. #Trump is the MAN with the PLAN!! The people’s President…..loves his country and is really down to earth! We love him and are counting down those days!


  5. If the people do not begin to understand how they have been complicit in how things have gone, then it will not matter who is in the Office of President. I have written on this matter, but people just do not want to hear how their complicity of accepting the benefits and privileges (Civil Rights in place of your God-give Unalienable rights) literally is an execution of their will as a freewill act and deed to support the imperialistic nature of the United States Corporation.

    If the people do not take the time to learn the difference between a citizen of the United States verses a State Citizen, as well as private credit verses lawful money, then again I say boldly, IT DOES NOT MATTER who will be the next Chief Executive Office for the United States Corporation. The so-called President of that corporation is not taking an oath to Serve and Protect the people first, but to pledge himself to the interest of that private corporation before the will of the people.

    The people have always had a choice when it comes to how they make a use of Federal Reserve Notes. Not electing to demand lawful money is electing to support the Military Industrial Complex (Empire) and its objectives, plots and plans, no matter how diabolical they are.

    So then, for those people that are complaining about how government is infringing upon their “Civil Rights,” think again! Civil Rights are revocable, and you did volunteer for them. So to complain about your civil rights being violated makes absolutely no sense at all. You accepted the Civil Rights you have in exchange for your God-given unalienable rights when you joined their Social Insurance Society. Did you actually think it was free? Think again! The United States is not only a private corporation, but more importantly it is a FOR-PROFIT Private Corporation. How can you be against what you are supporting? Joining their Social Insurance Society IS supporting them. Don’t tell me you are not supporting them either. YOUR ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN YOUR WORDS DO.

    Furthermore, in regard to Lawful Money. If you are voluntarily allowing the Federal Reserve Notes that you use to be expand and increase the national debt because you are not demanding for those notes to be recognized as Lawful Money, then you are supporting the perpetual bankruptcy of the United States, and keeping the people in slavery to that debt. That is supporting the Military Industrial Complex and its imperialistic bullying of not only the people of this nation, but also of many other nations as well.

    Folks, the real election is HOW you use the currency issued by the government via the Federal Reserve System. If you demand it be used as lawful money, then good on you. But, if you do not demand that it be recognized as lawful money, then shame on you. So stop complaining, whining and crying about the government that you actually are supporting because you will not withdraw your support from them by demanding that currency be used as Lawful Money.

    Trump may very well love America and the American way of life, but if he is not prepared to spill the beans on how the American people are complicit in what has been happening, then he will not be helping to solve the ultimate problem. The ultimate problem is the people allowing themselves to be distracted with frivolous things and not longer seeking and demanding intelligence, knowledge and understanding of themselves, especially in the ares of history and law. The theological side is even more important. However, that infection is going to take a whole other kind of cure, and one that many simply are not ready, nor well prepared to handle at all.

    So, Trump is most certainly a change from the worst presidency’s in history from 1988 to 2016. But, just like I said…if the people do not do what the people are supposed to be doing in relation to their creation…their duties and obligations to remain with knowledge, always watching and knowing what their PUBLIC SERVANTS are doing, then there shall be no change in the current direction and conditions affecting this country. Again, it will not matter one single solitary bit who is the President of the United States. It is up to the people and what the people are doing, or are not doing. It always has been, and it always will be.


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