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Trump has shed his mask for the world to see what lies beneath it.  To many people’s surprise he is the same with or without the so-called mask, therefore….the same man that seeks justice wearing the mask is the same man that seeks it behind it.  The same man that seeks truth wearing the mask is the same man that seeks truth behind it.  In fact all things done and meant wearing the so-called mask (before political and media propaganda spin) are the exact same things done and meant without wearing the mask.

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The bottom line is….Trump’s mask is as real as his true face.  He is what he is and the only mask he is wearing is one of discernment.   Trump supporters know where he stands on each issue because Trump explains it to them without sound bytes and spin.  It is the monster media that spins, lies, twists, and groans at Trump and his words.  It is not those who listen to him.  In fact most who have a negative view of Trump have one because of the media lies, pundit attacks, and establishment propaganda.  Those who are kissing the heels of whom I just mentioned are among the political hacks that should not be in office. Those are among the paid shills who are merely puppets who have no real home base that they are loyal too.

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That being said Trump Supporters….it is time to go forth and multiply some more!  Trump  is the next president of the  United States of America!

Dianne Marshall



    1. LKZ says:

      I saw a snippet of the Megan Kelley interview with Trump…he says to her, “I’m a real person” when she asked him if his anger is just a strategy (IOW, was he just using that to win votes…slimy question).

      TRUMP 2016

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  1. Cindi says:

    What a Great Post Dianne!!! I Love this!!! It’s so true and to the point! You just said what millions of us are feeling and know in our hearts! Bless you!!

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  2. Grams says:

    Chuck Baldwin said rumors are circulating around D.C. that Hillary might drop out to keep her crimes under wraps and keep from going to prison. And Biden would step in with possibly Sanders as his v.p. I KNOW Trump can beat Hillary, but I’m not that confident he can beat Biden. The Dems who will not vote for Hillary WILL vote for Biden.

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    1. Cleston Hebert says:

      Yes, Yahusha Ha’ Mashiak is the Way to Eternal Life & we should be all praying for our families, country & our next person for President. Trump 2016!!! The Besorah can be got
      at fossilized

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  3. Dianne,
    Just wait until the race pimps finally figure out (if they haven’t already), that Donald John Trump is NOT FOR SALE!!! There is SOOO MUCH that the msm omits, it’s almost laughable. When shrillary mccankles implodes, and the individual leaders’ (thinkers’) dose of kool-aid wears off, the groundswell will probably be measured like an earthquake. “Diamond and Silk” are THINKERS!! I think we will be seeing more and more HUMANS like them, who will vote with pride and patriotism, rather than guilt, emotion,their race, or gender. Sooner or later the “rank and file” will hear and believe “AMERICA FIRST”, and realize there can be only one……

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  4. Dianne here’s an update on Bill Mitchell: According to Bill Still at the Still Report there are questions now arising about Mitchell’s judgement and conduct. Something is up with Mr Mitchell, heads up!

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    1. Apparently, this is Bill Mitchell’s side of the story:

      In addition, Bill Mitchell’s twitter account apparently had tweets (retweets) about Bill Still such as

      By the way, Bill Mitchell mentioned about signing a non-disclosure agreement; it may be of interest that I refused to sign the NDA as I commented at

      BTW: Like a couple of weeks ago, I posted a tweet that was retweeted by Bill Mitchell; I assumed that if Bill Mitchell retweeted it then it was reliable ( ) Ultimately CTH reasonably revised one of my comments … ; this became a learning experience for me and after this I recently lost some enthusiasm for Bill Mitchell’s twitter postings – whatever … In any event, we need to focus on Make America Great Again (and America First) – that means Trump as President with a Congress he can work with.

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    1. Beware Bill Mitchell. He is shown to stretch the facts in the Bill Still video above. Still says he made numerous efforts to contact Mitchell contrary to Mitchell’s claim in the tweet above. I believe Still but my enthusiasm for Bill Mitchell is diminished. Make what you will of it.

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