Trump Wins West Virginia! Nebraska To Follow!

trump 12784435_1058106024241361_1629458791_n

Looks like Trump is winning in spite of the other names on the ballot~  YEA~~~~  IT IS TIME TO CALL OUT ALL THE TROOPS AND VOTE LIKE WE HAVE NEVER VOTED BEFORE!

The old dirty tricks will be played, but rest assured TRUTH shall PREVAIL!

Dianne Marshall


4 thoughts on “Trump Wins West Virginia! Nebraska To Follow!

  1. tj says:


    unlike the crooked lawyers who want political office to foist their moneyed masters self-serving agendas on us …so they can get filthy rich (temporarily) for their treachery…

    President Trump actually wants to ‘Make America Great Again’ …& knows how to do it too!

    GOD bless President Trump & his family.

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  2. doubledenvy says:

    Just so all know , Ben Sasse ran the Congressional Page System as tutor and proctor from 1996 to 1998 . the cherries in that program went to Dennis Hastert. So much for those great conservative , #neverTrump standard bearing torches these Charlatans talk about. By the way , Dennis Hastert contributed money all those years to Paul Ryan. Sasse – Ryan have yet to condemn Hastert for molesting Pages or other men , but Tom Delay said that Hastert , led a two man daily prayer group congressional meeting and that he “Knows that Dennis Hastert has a good heart”. Did they ever question what he was thinking about in his leisure time. D.C. is disgusting.


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