It Is Time To Decide What You Are…

Loners tend to be leaders. Why? Because they never needed approval from others nor did they need their false bribes. They tend to know when they are being used through all the disappointing knocks learned in life lessons from those who sought to use them. They were only fooled once.  Then they learned.  They knew.  Somehow they developed a sixth sense for all of it…then the seventh sense kicked in.  Awesome knowing comes with that.
Loners are the Gladiators, the 300 Spartons, they are the William Wallace’s in Braveheart. Yes….there is much to say of loners for they move along to a different drummer and the beat they hear is the beat of the heart. The heart that beats throughout humanity. Beating to what is right for the people. Amen. What are you? Who do you follow? What do you admire?
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Personally, I am a loner and I admire other William Wallace types. Don’t have to be liked….just long to be understood. Meanwhile…it is what it is. Push forward and onward. Inside stuff is what we are made of. Trump is a loner….that is why my heart gravitates toward the man.  I know what he is all about.  My William Wallace- my BRAVEHEART. Amen.
Dianne Marshall

11 thoughts on “It Is Time To Decide What You Are…

  1. Susan Sapp says:

    Well written. I also am one of those who doesn’t need the approval and though you have to learn to live with often being alone, the wholeness is plenty until the understanding comes by one more and you have a friend for a while. Popularity will never be as valuable as being one with God, one with self, and one with nature.

    God bless this man.

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  2. Brenda says:

    Love your articles. You are right on . we need to expose the tyranny. Hope we still have a chance. Go Mr. Donald Trump.. You are our last stand. Last hope. Keep up with the good reads

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  3. tj says:

    William Wallace: a people’s nationalist – sold-out by the ‘elite’ of his time – for their own self-serving benefit.

    loner: the ‘need’ to be ‘liked’ too often leads to compromised: truth, integrity & rationality – losing positions, all.

    president: after 28 miserable years of horrible ‘representation’ by nwo tools – maybe we’ll get some relief?

    President Trump please.

    Vaya con Dios

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  4. VERY moving, edifying and timely for me today(and for all time, really).There is really no such thing as coincidence. Just this morning I was fortunate(coincidentally,ha,ha) to view an excerpt from “Braveheart”. So, I would like to finish my comment with another line from the film totally in line with this “Report” as follows, “Men follow courage, not titles”. I believe and pray that Trump is that sincere man of courage “for such a time as this”. I couldn’t agree more with you’ Diane Marshall, that “It is time to decide who (we) are” as individuals and as a nation. Our freedom and future depend upon the correct response. Thanks, Bill.

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  5. Wow! Dianne and all-must see @ Attny Larry Klayman wins suit against Johnson and Johnson implicating Hillary Clinton and Obama-fda commissioner-I can’t believe they did this horrible ordeal. “My God”


  6. Cleston Hebert says:

    Cleston Hebert:says Just like Robert the Bruce betrayed Sir William Wallace in Scotland, so will NWO Newt Gingrich betray Donald Trump if he is the VP nominee, because NWO, NAFTA, GATT & WTO Gingrich is with the establishment. He has proven he is against everything the Constitution, Bill of Rights & Donald Trump stands for, because of his votes as Minority Whip & Speaker of The House in the 1990’s.


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