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Just for fun…this illuminati card has always looked to me like Ryan.  I never saw the comparison to Obama.  Yet, those interpreting he cards have always chosen it to represent the Pontus.

With all taking place right now in the political world of fantasy….it sure looks like Ryan is about to get his back lash and he is getting it very big!  I think my interpretation has been the correct one.  This card represents Ryan.  I MEAN REALLY LOOK AT THE FACE AND THE EARS.

Time for Trump!

Dianne Marshall


2 thoughts on “BACKLASH!

  1. As an astrologer, may I share that Ryan’s chart shows Jupiter is now conjuncting his south node at the top of his chart in the ninth house of law, philosophy and the higher mind. He has joined forces with those seeking more power and has meddled in the media. Saturn is retrograding in his first house which will expect him to try to undo the damage he had done, but, his public image is destroyed anyway. Pluto is retrograde in his 2nd house of assets. Secrets about how he has earned his income will be exposed from now and well past Election Day. Mars retrograding back into his 12th house of what is but can’t be seen suggests that hidden enemies are returning for one last blow. Ryan is on his way out of public service. A big loss in his career and pubic reputation will be experienced by Ryan in Oct/Nov 2016 as Jupiter conjuncts his natal Uranus in the 10th house of how he earns a living. Ryan will want to be free of government work after his experience with patriotic attacks upon him. Ryan has natal Neptune on his Rising Sign of Sagittarius. He will sneak away from public view and will most likely hide away in foreign climes until his persona is forgotten. I see him relocating to a place surrounded by water or he will live on a large body of water. It will take 2 more years for Ryan to come to terms with what he has done to our people and our nation and will want to get involved in humanitarian work. He will come down with a serious disease by 2020 and become housebound.

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    1. Wow….that is one giant heap on him. I can see him having a big back lash starting before he was voted by congress as speaker of the house. It began with his smart alec mouth of “It will be my way or the high way”, followed by the cry of the people -“NO RYAN – NO RYAN!~” Which was only followed with a huge ignoring of the house by voting him in. Back lash continued as he grew a beard and became one with open borders to Syrian refugees….back lash continued on with his support of bad trade deals, then his coupe with the GOP to be the anointed nominee….which back lash continued until his mouth against the true nominee Trump became foolish. It is just beginning….the guy is going down fast as Palin and the teaparty are in the midst of their major back lash and now the voice of all Trump supporters are well into their backlash against boy Ryan. I believe he will not win his seat again and indeed hide out.

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