Ryan No One Cares Who You Support – You Are Not Getting Re-elected!

RYAN paul-ryan

Ryan’s opinion is moot at this point.  He is not going to keep his seat in the House and the gavel will be passed on to another!

His present actions as Speaker of The House have been sorry for sure.  We The People did not in a majority want him but the weasels in congress appointed him anyway.  Nothing ever last long that has been done against the majority.  At least it never has a re-election factor.  Unless a lot of cheating and lying is involved.  But, even then in the end that is always exposed as well.

trump 12784435_1058106024241361_1629458791_n

So will someone please tell Ryan that no one cares about who he can or cannot support.  Especially now when the majority CAN NOT AND WILL NOT support RYAN.

Meanwhile the Trump Train has left the station and the next few stops will be YUGE!~!

Dianne Marshall


15 thoughts on “Ryan No One Cares Who You Support – You Are Not Getting Re-elected!

  1. People want all 545 gone and replaced with honorable men -for the people,by the people. The “Constitution” for the unite d states of America is the supreme law of the “Land” not admiralty law of the sea! Roll back to the 13th amendment-the “original” 13th amendment.

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  2. tj says:

    Ms. Marshall,

    loving your blog …you deserve to be linked on Drudge!

    ryan’s about as relevant as his pal – usa families jobs & capital exporter – willard. legends, both… in their own minds.

    please feel free to do a piece on ryan’s ‘successor’… maybe some could help out – if he’s a true Trump populist…

    thanks for your efforts,

    Vaya con Dios

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  3. Cindi says:

    You know Dianne, I’m So Sick and Tired of The Paul Ryan’s and the Bushes and the Rinos of the Republican Party who’s worlds revolve around them!! If it weren’t for Donald Trump so many of us would still be thinking these same people were on our side!! ‘Anyone who isn’t with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters’. Matthew 12:30. Think the rinos are scattering!!

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  4. Ron Bass says:

    Ex Governor Brewer was on Fox saying she is supporting Sen. John McCain. There is something wrong with that picture. McCain is a Rino just like Ryan and needs to be retired in the next election.


    1. I agree. If she said that something is up. Maybe Ward has some skeletons? Or maybe McCain sold her some buffalo wings? Like I will endorse Trump if you endorse me? He did say he supported his nomination???


  5. terry bement says:

    So glad Palin is going after Ryan by backing his challenger in Nov. I’m sure Trump is backing her up, even though he says she is a free agent. I don’t like Ryans self serving attitude.

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  6. Kathryn J Hernandez says:

    Ryan crawled far out on a limb…Trump needs to saw it off. Or words to that affect from the greatest political writer of our time, Pat Buchanan. #RatFinkRyan


  7. Navyvet says:

    I’d love to see Ryno get the heave ho along with a bunch of the GOPe do nothings. I guess we are going to have to settle for getting these sleazebags primaried (is that a word?) out and then early next year form a conservative based party and let the Rats and Washingmoney Insiders (GOP’s) flounder in their corruption.


  8. Connie says:



    1. Trump explained he is in an audit and he will release his returns when that is complete. You never let your taxes out when they are not complete…that is what an audit is when it is done before you even file. Geeze..media lies and hype make for interesting conversation but no facts for truth.


  9. Trump has the support of the American people, republicans, independents and democrats, watch out to all those liberal zealots and RINOs. They will lose! Our country is in deep trouble due to Obama’s failed policies. We need a real businessman who knows how to balance books and make money, not someone like Paul Ryan who never had a real job in his life. He may get Cantored in his own district.
    Bye Bye Paulie….


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