Lying Cruz Sent Out Emails To Support Him…Shussh….it’s a secret?

cruz rally

Only Lying Cruz could send out an email explaining his campaign strategy to lie about getting out of the race in order to somehow win it.  And only an idiot would believe that by sending it out to millions with a disclaimer not to tell anyone would keep his secret.

The man is a deranged lunatic.  Pure and simple.  Does anyone really want a crazy Cuban Canadian and illegal alien running their country?  Heck no! Let the man go back to Canada if he can get his papers back and run there.  Or let him run to Cuba and be whatever he was meant to be there.  The only thing he has been here in the USA is a stumbling block and a liar.

See full report here:

trump    12541044_10156511308270725_327461541227727965_n

If you have not noticed the media is having stage two of their “hash tag never Donald” campaign.  It is sickening and thank God no one is listening to the lies.  We know the drill and all they are doing is making Americans what to slap a few faces.  Believe me…that is all they are accomplishing.

Forever Donald J. Trump!  Let’s make America great again!

Dianne Marshall

By the way, Cruz the sleeze ball was losing anyway…all he tried to do was steal the delegate votes of which he is still buried deep into that one commitment.


8 thoughts on “Lying Cruz Sent Out Emails To Support Him…Shussh….it’s a secret?

  1. karilynn57 says:

    Cruz looks so weird….like a cross between a marionette puppet and an alien…..weird……Heidi must be repulsed to share a bed with him——or maybe she doesn’t. Uck.

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  2. Cindi says:

    Cruz is the walking dead and the Never Trump folks are dying fast!! Only one alive and well and winning is Donald Trump!! God always watches out for his own!!

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  3. I got those emails incessantly. (When I would block the sender, I would just get the same email from a different email address). Yeah, nothing says “secret” like a email bomb!? I guess the cruz campaign really DOES think that the average AMERICAN voter (i.e. TRUMP supporter) is just that stupid! How insulting. I was hoping that since the Canadian liar “dropped out”, that the emails would stop. Now? I’m not so sure.


  4. tj says:

    it’s their grossly ‘amoral’ training: & therefore – lawyers make terrible ‘representatives’ – unless one happens to be the really BIG money.

    the new: President Trump Party ought to ban outright anyone who has ever gotten a ‘law degree’ – from running for elective office.

    let the neocon / nwo / clintonian dems keep um.’

    Vaya con Dios

    ps. Ms. Marshall – if you would – a pro 2nd amendment / NRA piece would be nice…

    if the haters don’t like the law of the land – which they have sworn to uphold – let um’ get a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT to change it.

    & let’s encourage the hypocrites to LEAD by EXAMPLE for a change – by voluntary retiring their guns & armed security.

    do as we say, not as we do libs – what unbelievable hypocrisy…

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