Cruz Drops Out Of The Race? Sorta…He Is Still In It For The Movement?


Regardless of what lying Ted has said, he is out.  Way out.  He spent the entire day ousting and lying about Trump all the way to ending his race for the Presidency….well sorta….he continued to talk about his movement that he would not stop moving…or something like that.  And Carly was congratulated for her being a good running mate…all for less than a week???  I scratched my head on that one.

All in all it was good to hear he was finished.  But, the movement he started will rage on and on and on???  That is what I don’t really trust.  As far as I recall the only movement that was robust and going forward was the movement to elect Trump and make America Great Again! I am not ready to turn the page on Cruz.  Lying Cruz isn’t bowing all the way out and I am still on guard.  Just for the record, he is not one to trust, for his word is worthless. Remember he is “Lying Ted”.


I am with the Trump movement….and going forward with great stride!  Thank you Indiana for making Trump the number one in your state!  America is waiting for the next phase and so are the rest of the little people of the free  world! Trump will do all that he has set out to do and all that he has proclaimed.  For that I am grateful.

It is up to us to bring our guy home!  Vote Trump and let’s get rid of the idea of Hillary!  We are on the Trump Train and it has now left the station!

We can’t stop to blink….run all the way to the finish line and then some!

Dianne Marshall


8 thoughts on “Cruz Drops Out Of The Race? Sorta…He Is Still In It For The Movement?

  1. Cindi says:

    Trump Train is moving fast forward with folks jumping on nonstop!! Everybody loves a winner and Donald Trump is our winner!!! Cruz is dead and Hillary is dead on arrival!!!

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  2. Fox Grimaldi says:

    Now is the time for the Trump Security Forces to be ever more vigilant. Anyone that has studied The “Art of War” by Sun Tzu, will understand that Cruz bowing out at this time is the beginning of an undercover movement that will very well include an attempt to murder Trump, so that Cruz can step in to claim that he, Cruz is the predestined saviour of America. It will likely involve a false flag attempt to mend fences so as to get opperatives close to the Trump camp where the nefarious deed will be attempted. We must remember that the father of Ted Cruz was involved with Lee Harvey Oswald and the assasination of John F. Kennedy (JFK). Those that know JFK, also know that he, JFK was the last Conservative Democrat that ran for the office of President. JFK was an NRA Life Member (as was Richard Nixon), and he JFK was also against sending American soldiers into Vietnam. Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ), was likely directly involved in the murder of JFK. The connection is that Johnson sent Americans into Vietnam, after claiming that he would not to do so during his election bid against Barry Goldwater of Arizona. I voted for JFK, and also LBJ because I believed that LBJ was going to continue the JFK legacy. That lying bastard (LBJ) taught me a valuable lesson, and I never voted for another DemonCrap ever since. Blessings!

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  3. Rafael is a snake, and I don’t trust him at all either. He is planning something very ugly and dirty, and I hope Mr. Trump watches his back closely, and he NEVER lets him or any of his operatives anywhere near him. Look out Mr. Trump; it ain’t over till it’s over. Don’t forget, Rafael believes he should be the king of all of us. And you could see the hatred in his eyes and on his face. He is one creepy son of a gun.

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