Idiot Cruz thinks he is such a good debater he can debate American Trump supporters. He has no clue that Trump speak is our speak. Good old honest truth!
CRUZ 854081161001_4874760079001_Cruz--Trump-Supporter
Cruz went with the press into the Trump crowd…bad idea.  The scene went south as fast as Cruz opened his liar mouth!
Cruz, “America is a better place…..pause….(preparing for his punch line)”
“Without you!” whips out the Trump supporter! 
It’s about time people use Cruz pauses and poses for slam dunks like this guy did!  It is time to speak up and tell Ted to shut up or make him talk English and not theatrical Shakespeare!
Dianne Marshall


  1. I saw it happen and just loved the Trump Supporters. They Nailed Cruz. First thing out of his mouth was a lie. He’ll never learn and BTW.
    Good Christians don’t lie. It was amazing. Io see him lie bald faced


  2. Cindi says:

    America doesn’t want Cruz in our faces anymore!! We’re punching back and Cruz is gonna be beaten and bloodied when all is said and done! This Trump hero is a champ!!


  3. NORA BERNABE says:



  4. As his political career fads away, Cruz would find work as an actor. His total persona makes the perfect “bad guy” character. Too bad for him that he can’t see that. Then again, if he did and stayed in the race, he would still be “lying Ted”–just consciously.

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  5. nwcountry says:

    You go Dianne!! I was so happy to find your site. I’m one of those “bury your head in the sand” Americans that has spent my life enjoying whatever creature-comforts I could get hold of. Never paid any attention to “what was happening” in the world. “Oh, it’s too horrible to look at, I’m just not going to watch” kind of attitude. Taking no responsibility, that was me. I have changed, and for the good I pray, because I am paying attention now, and I am going to help, any way I can, if only to make a good decision on who to vote for in our country’s leadership. Trump is my choice, even with as little education as I have about the things that I’ve ignored, I know in my heart Trump is America’s best hope now.


  6. Like Lou Dobbs said last night, that Pro Trump Guy will be able to take this clip and go into any bar in this country and at least get 1 free drink!
    I loved it because it just proved more of who Cruz is, and that he has already sold his own soul to be President and probably would sell Rafael’s also; although it’s too late, he has sold his own!


  7. I’ve gotta hand it to Cruz. At least he has the stamina to go into a crowd of Trump supporters and try to make his case, which is more than I can say about any of the others, but this time, Americans are better informed, moreso than previous elections. Trump pretty much explained it quite adequately, I might add. I guess we could kinda call it a political science degree from Trump University. Or at least a good graduation in the subject of “Politics for Dummies” like me.


  8. I looked at the entire thing. Having read a good deal about Karl Rove and George W. Bush’s dirty campaign tactics I believe the entire thing was staged. Yes, it look at the beginning as if the “Trump supporters” got the best of Cruz but if you watch the entire thing it looks staged. Notice the dark sunglasses? No one else has on sunglasses. Notice the signs don’t look exactly right? Maybe its just me but I don’t believe Cruz would have the balls to address actual Trump supporters. Regardless of authenticity or not, it back fired since most people don’t watch the whole thing and the news stations aren’t playing it.

    I honestly believe Ted Cruz is the Bush/Clinton CIA crime family surrogate meant to help get Jeb elected but once that failed he became THE candidate. I worry for Mr. Trump’s safety every day. I believe these people will stop at nothing to maintain control and to keep their secrets from being known. Who can forget Jeb saying to Mr. Trump that he’d never be president? He said he guaranteed it.

    Also, I’ve been thinking about the Bush/Clinton CIA crime family connection to Ted Cruz’s father. By all accounts both JFK Jr. and his mother believed George H. W. Bush was involved in JFK’s murder. There are tapes where Jackie says it a few months after the assassination. She mentions Bush, Nixon and LBJ. Could JFK’s magazine “George” have been a veiled threat to the Bush’s? I posted that question on my Twitter feed. Supposedly, he had planned to run for the Senate and it was the same seat Hillary ran for and got. She’d had NEVER gotten that senate seat had JFK Jr. ran.


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