I keep watching this over and over to see if I saw it correctly.  Each time I don’t know whether to laugh or act surprised.  I admit I chuckled and I was not surprised.  Watch as Carly introduces the Cruz cult and falls straight down….Ted ignores it and keeps waving and smiling to the crowd of 50 while Heidi looks like she is not sure whether to keep waving or help the old goose.  So she keeps waving.

I hope they make a new song on the bus to commemorate this.

Dianne Marshall



  1. Beverly Pepper says:

    Just like the debate when Ben Carson didn’t hear his name called & Donald Trump stood by him while the others walked by (including Cruz), shows who is truly loyal & cares about people! Thanks Diane!

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  2. bkarma7 says:

    Carly Fiorina seals the deal for me; she is on tape addressing a group, talking about how the Ottoman Empire was the greatest society that ever was on the Earth! She’s fine with a Moselem president? If Ted likes her, he’s scraping the bottom of the barrel! Her best attribute is being a failed executive of Hewlett Packard. This woman, cruelly snubbed by nature with that hideous face, could become president if Ted becomes unable to fulfill his duties; unacceptable in my eyes! I was about 97% sure I would vote for Trump, but now 100% sure! I’m all in for Trump!

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  3. It looks as though they had one of those things where you pull a lever and a drop opens up! Ted probably stepped on the lever and said “let her rip!” and down she went. I do hope she didn’t get hurt though.

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  4. This completely astonishes me while being very telling at the same time. The lack of concern or compassion is rather gobsmacking. At least Heidi looks toward her as if she might consider doing something but then quickly returns to waving, and watch Cruz… he barely gives her a second glance and continues gladhanding and smiling at people. WTHI?! If there were any more astonishing display of total arrogance, self-absorption, and lack of concern for anyone other than oneself, I can’t imagine what that would be.
    Who doesn’t stop what they’re doing and assist someone who has fallen?! What total jerks!


  5. Shela says:

    They have all fallen. Carly literally, the rest in all their doing. I read that a broker convention is Cruz only path & then someone else ( not Cruz ) picks VP.
    What are they doing ? Going around drumming up 50 people to pretend to be president and VP. Pretending is the only way they can be president and VP Go for it! Hope she wasn’t hurt but at the end of the day was God telling Cruz something? I looked over his tweeters home page. He says God told him this God told him that……
    Maybe he’s not paying attention? Just a thought….

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  6. Cats4Trump says:

    Really it’s almost slapstick and would be funny except she could have gotten hurt. It is quite telling, however, as most people have noticed, they both glanced at her and decided to keep gladhanding and waving. Pathetic. It would have shown a bit more character to stop and haul her up to stand with them. Cripes.


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