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Wow….Karma or something else?  Beck continues to drop, fall, shred apart in the paper shredder of his own making.  All for  trashing a good man named Trump, all those that support him and laying his hands to the plow of a Canadian named Cruz who isn’t even eligible to be in the senate…however the powers that have usurped over the years allow ineligibles to forge their path and be whatever they are granted to be right?  Wrong!  All that is stopping!  The people are awake and they are shouting – “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”

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There indeed is a new thing on the horizon and it won’t be stopped by a lying media nor social media propaganda.  What is happening is the people are laughing at the lies and now pointing millions of fingers and the wolves will have no bones to gnaw but their own!

Dianne Marshall



  1. I’ve never been a fan, and from what I have seen of this snake this year and last, I’m glad I never fell in his pit. I have NO RESPECT for anyone who puts him on their show, or on their Crooked Cruz Campaign.

    I’ve never understood what anyone saw in him. It apparently took less than 6 years for The Crooked Crazy One to pi$$ away all of his ill gotten gain$.

    “Similarly, said these sources, declining traffic for and have also resulted in dropping ad revenue”

    This is why I don’t go to these sites, for any reason. When you don’t give them traffic THEY DIE of their own accord. I would bet that any traffic they do have is manipulated and possibly paid traffic.

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