Fishing For Media Coverage With Kid Bait…

Carly “angry bird” Fiorina…..shows teeth as she sings about delicious Cruz kids? carly 09b4a1aaa55d29bf4b361545711bdc44So are we going to take the kid bait?  I thought kids were off the table?  Why is Carly now singing to them?  Are we to believe that Carly is so excited about being the Cruz V.P. so she can be on the bus with the girls and get to play?  Get to see them more? Oh my head hurts.  Of course the Cruz camp knew people would be tempted to talk about this ridiculous scene.  That is why they put it in their script!

Does anyone really care?  The truth is liar Cruz and his delegate snatching days are over and the only thing he can do now is act so off the wall that the media will have no choice but to cover his pathetic antics.  So far the media has been laughing and I must say…..loudly.

Dianne Marshall

3 thoughts on “Fishing For Media Coverage With Kid Bait…

  1. Did anyone notice how Cruz’s girls, well the older girl, reacts to him giving her a kiss on the cheek? She squirms and tries to get him away by moving her head. This is the second time I saw this. In another video he was standing in a line and she was right across from him. Now in this video I did not realize that this was his daughter. His eyes look over and he sees the camera is on him and he leans over and tries to give her a kiss and she pushes him away but he forces his kiss on her cheek and she obviously is repelled by it. I thought she was a stranger because of the way she acted. What is wrong with this picture, or with his relationship with his daughter? Am I the only one who has seen this?


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