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Legendary Coach, Bobby Knight  Endorses Donald  J. Trump!

RedState is really desperate to attack individual bloggers for making a so-called mess supporting Trump on the internet.  Translated this means that Trump supporters are a threat to all the big shot establishment propaganda puppets.

I find it interesting that I do not exist as anything but a figment of Prntly’s imagination. More interesting that the Marshall Report is actually  a pro Bernie Sanders site?  I guess I am safe for a while as “imaginary” people don’t usually get placed on a hit list.   Guess Sundance may need to watch his back as they are allowing him full credit for his contributions to the Conservative Tree House.

I find it a complement to be associated as a threat among the likes of truth bearer Roger Stone. The writer of Prntly, however, is somehow out of Macedonia which is a real far stretch but makes it safer for him to be out of state, or is it a her?  Maybe the writer is a Russian spy and doing research for the next 007 flick? It makes about as much sense and truth as the RedState article in the link below.

All in all, thank God for independent writers and a bit of truth and honest opinions from people who support Trump. So far these writers have managed to level the playing field without the big pay that  all  the attackers are receiving. Now what will they say about Bobby Knight?  I’m sure they will try and smear the facts, but they will never fool Trump supporters.knight 2016-04-27T231522Z_1714266404_GF10000398075_RTRMADP_3_USA-ELECTION-TRUMP

TRUMP 2016!!

Dig in your heels the rest are losing!




Read propaganda report here:

Dianne Marshall



  1. Old Patriot says:

    Notice their only readers are Trump haters and I don’t always believe everything I read, you not included. There are just as many sites that are owned by Teddy and Killary. Who cares, we know Trump is pure and honest.

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    1. I get ya Old Patriot. I have never said I was a reporter…this is a blog. An opinion blog based on Trump. I state that in my little page about the blog. I never ever dreamed of being attacked by the big shots. I never thought that I was that important. Guess I made a few truth waves and they are trying hard to iron those out. To think that I actually applauded Mark Levin in a book I authored in 2010??? Does he even know? I guess not. I always thought we were on the same team….now I wonder.


    1. Thank you. At first the articles were shouting I was existing along with the same others, and we were all being paid by Trump to write pro Trump articles. Now …. we are all over the map causing Cruz to lose??? I think that was the idea. Cruz is now supposedly going down because of a few truth bloggers….against the machine of paid conservative writers who have top billing and big names….at least they did before they began to express skewed reports. That says little for Cruz now doesn’t it.


      1. I hope you don’t mind.. I have to ask. You do mean what you say about DJT don’t you? I have really enjoyed your blog, and I think it is beautifully done. I have connected with your writings about Trump, because you have hit on a few points, particularly spiritual ones,that have hit home with me. I am sincerely excited about his candidacy, and I do believe he is the real deal.
        If not, well, I guess you really are a fantastic writer, because you come across as very genuine.

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      2. I am here and I am real. I actually started this blog in October 2015 in order to voice my Trump views. I write for another news page and could not write like I do on The Marshall Report. They could not have a heavy Trump only thing going on. I love what Trump stands for and what he is stepping out to do. What he is fighting is the fight of the ages. I keep him in my prayers. I have prayed for a man as him to raise up the dry bones and he is fulfilling prophecy. Amen.


      3. I have been praying for 18 years myself. I was so encouraged by his foreign policy speech yesterday. I am overwhelmed by God’s mercy. I am constantly reminded of Jonah and Nineveh. God chose to push the pause button on Nineveh’s judgement. Let’s hope that is the case for America too. I love how God chooses to use a vessel like Trump to do his work. It really couldn’t be more perfect.

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  2. I just finished reading the article on ” First, they should change the name to I stopped their articles from my facebook page after I told them that they should stop calling themselves patriotic a while back. These outright lies are terrible! The left and whatever else they are called obviously will stop at NOTHING to put down Trump and all His supporters. Saying that yours is really a Pro Bernie Sanders site in disguise? Then why would you be writing pro-Trump articles? I’m confused?! Desperate attempts, like Cruz & Fiorina, just make some people look downright silly! Be proud of yourself Dianne, you are still on the lefty’s hit list. That means you are definitely on the right road!
    Go Trump! Flee all You Leftist Lunatics because your time has come, and paybacks are HELL!

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    1. Thank you. Thank you….and thank you. Don’t tell anyone that I do exist…they will try and find me. I am just an IMAGINATION right now and hanging out in Macedonia with my ghost writer???? Something like that. LOL>


  3. No Thanks. Not going there. I don’t go into the snake pit. Fell in once. Barely got out.

    What we are seeing is the UNIPARTY’s last breath. With each passing day they know the end is near and it’s almost lights out on their big pay days. They may have to get real jobs.

    TRUMP has taken out ALL 16 of his opponents. The only one he has left is ShrillBillary, provided they haven’t fitted the both of them for their orange pantsuits for Treason and the sale of America.

    Piece of cake. Just like the last 16. Stock up on some TRUMP steaks and wine. This party is just getting started. 😉

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  4. Preponderance of evidence that Wisconsin was rigged ( ) and the disenfranchisement of Colorado voters ( ).

    I was confused when I heard (on Rush) the Canadian born Bush Protege Texas Senator aka the Lyin’ Snake claiming to have won 65,000 votes in Colorado. I was educated by “Alison” who posted “April 27, 2016 at 11:54 am” ( ) “65,000 is the insiders who showed up at caucus locations even though no official vote was allowed (per August rule change). Cruz touts these bodues at the caucus sites as if they were voters. They were not; no official votes were taken, recorded, disseminated, nor correlated to eventual delegates chosen. A body does notequal a vote. 65,000 bodies do not equal 65,000 votes. An officially-cast vote by a legal voter equals a vote. At least that’s the way it was in Colorado until this “election (frayd)” year.” [Sic]

    By the way, Rush in a certain sense is WORSE than Levin and Beck because he so stealth in his falsehood (and any hatred; he claims to be a friend of Trump and even Trump not so long ago cited Rush). ENEMIES WHO PRETEND TO BE FRIENDS. We are learning. Thank G-d for Dianne Marshall, Conservative Treehouse, redstatewatcher, Drudge, Alex Jones, … No wonder the establishment would like to suppress communication.


    1. Can you believe this crap? David this is ridiculous. But…then again…I don’t really exist. Only in the imagination of Prntly in Macedonia. I among many were fooled by the establishment elite’s puppets. The ones who are helpless to save America but always first to say she needs saved. What a basket of lies we have been sold. Or so it now seems. In 2010 I gave acknowledgements in my book, “Sly Foxes, Wolves and Men- Is Marxism Growing In America”, and gave attributes to several of the ones that today I have to say….I am now ashamed of. All but Sarah and Alex Jones. I wrote this…and it is there forever now….in the book written by someone who does not exist except for the imagination of a person in Macedonia…..” Acknowledgement

      I would like to acknowledge all of the people who over the years have been alerting their fellow Americans of new laws, presidential directives and executive orders, government documents, updates on Homeland Security and FEMA operations. Your past work, although your time had not yet come, was not in vain; for today is the day that your diligence shall help to prepare many.

      A great big, “God Bless You!” goes to Glenn Beck whose brave convictions to tell the facts as they really are has helped to alert a nation.

      A special recognition goes to Radio Talk Show host, Alex Jones. Thank you for continuing to dig around in the government tar pits no matter how many times they tried to arrest you; and when they couldn’t, they dismissed you as a conspiracy theorist.

      And a great big thanks to all the people at Fox News and all the conservative radio talk show hosts, foremost Mark Levin, and Rush Limbaugh and a special thank you to Sarah Palin. She has shown true grit in stepping down from governing a state in order to take a stand for a nation.

      But most important of all – thank you fellow Americans for wanting to preserve this country and its’ God given principals, morals and values for your children and your children’s children.

      Dianne Marshall

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  5. All those people you mentioned that seemed to have turned..Levin, Beck.
    I honestly think it is Pharisitical jealousy. Here these guys have been fighting the conservative fight for years. They have taken some punches. In their minds, they have earned a place of respect and honor. Through the course of time, the seed of pride has taken root.
    Now comes Trump. He has been partying, and sinning all these years. Yet he clearly has a supernatural mantle upon him. They are spittin’ mad about it. God is using Trump to expose the Pharisee. He is exposing those who deep down inside were actually in this for themselves. God is using Trump to show us sinners that He (God), can use anyone he wants to, he can redeem a vessel of unrighteousness, and that he often uses the foolish to confound the wise.

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