How Are You Going To Feel Tonight With The Trump Win?

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I for one am going to smile and shout – “GO TRUMP GO!”  I will also be correcting the liars on main stream media when they announce the votes.  I will also be able to see through the voter fraud, the lies and the slimy Cruz and Kasich junk.

I will high five Trump and the people who voted for him.  It does not matter to me how the GOP and the paid media slam him….for who else has stadium’s full of record crowds cheering for any other candidate?  Only

Trump rally texas 2

Truth is in the real world and what real people are saying…not in propaganda and liar candidates who are lucky to get 200 people showing up for an event….imagine a stadium with 200 people?  How pathetic right?  Right!


Dianne Marshall


14 thoughts on “How Are You Going To Feel Tonight With The Trump Win?

  1. Cindi says:

    Donald Trump Is the answer to our country’s prayer!! Only Trump can restore this country to truth, prosperity, hope, goodness, peace and love! How Blessed are we!! Thank you Dear Lord for sending us Donald J Trump!!!

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  2. 🙂 Trump won in the past six states with approximately 54% – 65 % of the vote in each state!!! 🙂 (Cruz in third place in like 5 of 6 states?) Ted Cruz claimed that he and Trump are the only two with a chance to receive the nomination? What would that mean now? Trump by honestly winning it and Bush protege Canadian born Globalist Lyin’ Cruz by stealing it?


  3. Magic-Man-In-The-Sky-No-Thanks! says:

    The Whole World needs Donald Trump. Western Civilization needs Donald Trump. He is our last hope for sanity against Islam.


  4. Matriarchal societies have always failed and did not produce a viable populace. Our nation is now going to leave the wanna-be matriarchs behind as a patriarch has FINALLY risen. We Americans deserve this upcoming election. It’s been a long time coming.


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