Anti-Trump Packs Should Be Called “Down With The Will Of The People” Packs!


Attention to all~  we the people are hearing all sort of rhetoric.  Words that make no sense, only nonsense.  We are hearing lie upon lie, upon lie.  What is worse is we are witnessing from their own parties the anti rhetoric.  For the GOP we hear the “Never Trump”.  From the democratic party we hear “Never Bernie”.


I ask you all…have you heard Trump or Bernie ever shout a “NEVER” campaign about any of their competition?  NO!

This should speak volumes to all.

I am for Trump, but, what I see taking place with both party lines is sickening to say the least.  For both lines are disgusting and full of deceit.  Both are corrupt and working a corrupt set of rules designed to deceive the popular vote.  Both democrats and republicans!

The Biblical scripture in Revelations rings out in my ears this election.  The call to “COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE!”

The question is….will you?

Dianne Marshall


18 thoughts on “Anti-Trump Packs Should Be Called “Down With The Will Of The People” Packs!

  1. terry bement says:

    I think it is time for the media to call out these people who hide behind these PACs and call out the people who fund them, likeSoros Joe Ricketts, Paul Singer et al Why they feel they need to tell we the people who we need and don’t need. Are they afraid they might lose their easy life? they ONLY have a billion or two each.

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  2. Donald Trump needs to be very careful. Believe me, he has known this all along. I think that is why he decided to run for President. Don’t worry. He has the brains and with the American people backing him up, we will prevail. After all, we have God on our side.

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  3. David says:

    Hello Dianne,
    You are a rare and wonderful treasure.
    Thank you for this site. I am a newbie and have been following you for only a couple of months. I have gone back and read your past posts.
    You have given a voice to the millions of America Loving Souls that cry out for help. America has been decline for decades. Most of the decline is due elected officials that have goals that are very detrimental to the American Dream. They worship the false God of money and power at the expense of our Nation (Republic) and all true Americans.
    And you are absolutely correct that Donald J. Trump is a gift sent to reclaim and restore America to the greatness for which it was created.
    Thank you & God Bless you,
    PS: Trump Will Make America Great Again!


  4. Susan Sapp says:

    Astounding that the Governor of Virginia has signed an Executive Order allowing 206,000 ex-felons to vote for Hillary?? She is tickled pink with him and I find it nauseating. If you have Twitter, please do your part and rebuke him at @governorVA.

    We are the soldiers and the laws of this nation need to be upheld. Please do your part and tweet your disgust with him for changing things to make our beloved state of Virginia a shoe-in for Hillary. Disgusting.


  5. The will of we, the people will not be denied without consequences. The Cleveland Police are getting prepared for massive demonstrations of support for Donald Trump, and they fear a bloodbath, which won’t happen unless the Anti-Trump forces show up, and you can bet they’ll be there in full force. History will repeat itself, just like it did with the Democrats in Chicago in 1968. The Cleveland Police overwhelmingly support Donald Trump. We need to wake up in this country.


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