Have You Had Enough Of This Cruz Sham Yet?

Slimy Cruz caught bribing or is he just secretly giving the guy some folded up money to go and get him a latte?

This is the most disgusting display of dirty underhanded bribery ever!  And now in our face at events.  Does anyone in America really want an openly in your face liar and con man to continue to be in the senate, let alone president?

It’s time to bring corruption charges against this Canadian!

Dianne Marshall



9 thoughts on “Have You Had Enough Of This Cruz Sham Yet?

  1. Cruz is not an American citizen, he is Canadian and it is time that he be removed from the Senate and the Campaign for the Presidency. He is a Phony, a Liar, a Cheat and a Deceiver to the American People. Remove him and arrest him for Voter Fraud. God Bless America

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  2. Grams says:

    I think it’s a stretch to say he is paying off a delegate. How does anyone know who this man even is? I am NOT a Cruz fan, but we need to stick to facts…..not speculation. AND, if delegates were being paid, it would not be by Ted himself. It would be handled by someone working for him in a private manner.


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