Cruz Is Losing It In More Ways Than One!

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Cruz is now snapping at the media and his TONE is very bad. Yelling at Hannity will not turn a lie into the truth Ted, so own your voter fraud and admit to the people that you have no papers proving you are a U.S. citizen, then go back to Canada and reapply for your birthright. Your delegate scam with the GOP has not only put you in last place, it has all but destroyed the so-called republican party.  I say SHOVE THE GOP!  It is nothing more than an establishment propaganda smoke and mirror that has cracked wide open.  All the sharp little slivers are stabbing good honest Americans in the face!

So what’s next?  Will the GOP simply make a new rule stating that Cruz gets double delegates for every lie he tells about the front runner?  It sure looks like they already made that rule.  What a crock!

Cruz your smile is turning into a slit and your snake tongue is poking out.  The world has watched in disbelief at the mockery you have turned both the constitution and the will of the people into.  I hear people in other nations shouting – “Trump was right!” on many issues!  I have never heard anyone say Cruz was right on anything.

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The world knows Ted is a liar and a deceitful whining man who cheats and frauds the people.  They have no respect for him and laugh at his fake speeches and horribly bad acting poses.  It is so pathetic that vile Ted can only muster 50 or so people at an event and we are supposed to buy into the lie that the people  have voted for him unanimously in states where they don’t even want to listen to him talk.  It’s called fraud by denying others the right to vote.  The GOP will not get away with their evil acts.  Trump has the movement across America – the people shout “TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP!”

Dianne Marshall


16 thoughts on “Cruz Is Losing It In More Ways Than One!

  1. Ideas Time says:

    No worries, Lyin’ snake oil Cruz is finished.

    We have his fake reality and will expose him as a the fraud he is.

    My guess is that most Americans do not know what is going on, because the listen to MSN Liars.

    The Trump train has left the station and, get on board with saving America or get left on the wrong side of the tracks.

    Dump him and let’s focus on taking out another fraud, Crooked Hillary before it is to late. Make America great again by shutting down the fraud fed and irs, both privately owned scams.

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  2. Gregory says:

    Delegate selection doesn’t represent the will of the people! We the people have voted by the millions, Ted Cruz it’s clear enough to see your the loser! Donald Trump won the nomination and the American voters see it!!! Ted Cruz has no path and can’t reach 1237!!! GET OUT OF THE CONTEST LYING TED! Try to steal this nomination by manipulating delegates Ted Cruz and we the people will make you history!!

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  3. peppermintfarm says:

    Even though the Republican party wants you to believe this delegate stealing is “par for the course” it is not in the Constitution but made up rules by the GOP. So NOT having a primary is not Constitutional. The delegates only are of importance in the general election and nowhere does it say it the Constitution that States are allowed to delete their primaries as is being done in several states.

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  4. Gayle T says:

    I actually thought Donald Trump had stopped with his perpetual rhetoric when he gave his comments after winning in his home state!! His new campaign gurus evidently didn’t influence his language, for he is back at it again!!


    1. To be a watchman and awake the people to realize that we have parties that have not been fair to the people is a noble and courageous thing to do. The majority of Americans are appalled in learning that the electoral system has been the fraud most have thought. Every time people have complained they were told to shut up this is how it works. Well, the people have said enough. They are tired of candidates being picked by establishment bullies. The system is broken and has been all along. The people are demanding fairness. I say to Trump- shout out for all the people! Our voices will be heard.

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  5. Shela says:

    Dianne, I watched a must see according to others it was a interview Between RNC Chairman Renince with Greta Van Fox News. Watching Renince body facial language plus he did not say one word promoting Senator Ted Cruz. His time as being the “Canada star” for RNC is just about over. He couldn’t take Trump down. No one can. get along with him , he created a Jim Jones atmosphere in his Team. Everyone knows he’s lying to the team, cheating telling lies on other candidates., to the American people. Stealing votes. A couple of workers that had worked on several different campaigns for 25 ys. Said he couldn’t deal with all the lying cheating & stealing anymore. He went to work on another campaign right away.
    When ask how the other workers with good morals
    Could work there either. His reply was Ted Cruz ran his campaign headquarters like a Jim Jones. No matter the lies, stealing, cheating, along with the lies he told the people was ok with the Lord. The Lord understood about politics. He also told them the end ( being elected for president ) It is all ultimately for the good of the USA. The workers are trance like.
    It seems the Establishment is about ready to throw him under a bus. He’s getting to be like Glenn Beck Ted Cruz is having public meltdowns.
    When Greta kept pressing for the presidential nominee . Renice kept saying every time Greta kept asking he said and this is a quote “The nominee will be someone that’s running.” He said that repeatly as Greta kept asking pushing him to get a name of who he alluded to. When interview was over you felt like it was John Kasich . Was he trying to throw the people off balance? With these lying, stealing, cheating & Blantinly changingng rules as they go you can never trust them. I’m fin sly finished This Time! 💕🇺🇸Donald J. Trump 2016🇺🇸 🚂💨💨💨💨

    Renince was trying to say with out saying it was John Kashis. We all know that is impossible without a whol lot of stealing of delegates. I got more to say but I will end, don’t want to Lose anyone’s attention.
    Thank you for reading. Blessing In Christ Jesus

    Our hope. Jesus uses people, these people are cracked flower pots. Then they are put on the potters wheel to fix the cracks. Donald Trump has added a man to his Team to lead Donald into fixing and smoothing over the rough places. All God needs is a willing vessel decated to Him.
    🇺🇸 Vote: Donald J. Trump 2016. 🚂💨💨💨💨

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  7. Shela says:

    Don’t underestimate The Donald! It ain’t over till the fat lady sings. He might have hired him a potter to smooth out the rough spots but Donald is his own man. You gotta let Donald be Donald. Ain’t NOBODY gonna control Donald J. Trump. If this new potter can smooth out the rough places for Donald to makes speeches to Congress , Senators, dignitaries that will be good. With his voters & home folks let Donald be Donald. He’s got us this far geing Donald. It’s the Bushes, Al Gore, Mittens Romney, Clinton’s, Paul Ryan All those politicians that are Trump haters.
    I ask you…..
    Has all their political correctness and perfect speech done a thing to bring back jobs, build a wall, get good healthcare, stop illegal immigration, or deport illegals. This fancy talking politicans that’s all they do is fancy talk with every verb, noun, adjective, in the right place. That’s all they have done out fancy talk each other. I’ll take some like Donald J. Trump warts and all. 🇺🇸 Donald j. Trump 2016 🇺🇸 🚂💨💨💨

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  8. Frank O'Pinion says:

    Cruz is the last resort to continue the usurpation of the office of the POTUS by Obama. Jindal and Rubio, both ineligible candidates, got eliminated with minimal effort.

    Cruz is persistent though. His New World disOrder puppet masters are doing everything they can to nullify the natural born Citizenship requirement without a Constitutional Amendment or without firing a shot.

    Cruz should be investigated for the possibility of not even being a ‘plain vanilla’ U.S. citizen. There is a possibility that Cruz has usurped the U.S. Senate.

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  9. Before 911 all you needed to go to Canada was your driver’s license and or your birth certificate or other valid ID. To come back to the US it was the same. for traveling with children you had to have their birth certs. I know as I used to cross over into Canada from NY with my children visiting Niagra Falls and driving down the Canadian side of the river back to Buffalo. When friends of mine were going up for the week they invited my daughter, so I had to give a nototized letter of permission plus her birth certificate.
    All Mrs Cruz had to provide were her ID from when she was an American along with Ted’s birth certificate, even though it was Canadian, it was sufficient to prove she was his mother and she would have been allowed over with him with no problem.
    It was rumored that she didnt get married til she went to Canada which would have presented a problem with her old ID so she may have used her non-Cruz ID to return to the states. I had been perplexed by rumors of her having Ted out of wedlock and that she married his father later on in Texas, but that could have just been to start a new paper trail as they were listed as married in Canada on the election board registration and to avoid having to provide accurate documentation, which she apparently didnt have since she renounced her US citizenship when her husband became a Canadian, that she technically brought Ted to the USA as an illegal immigrant and not as a citizen, having given up her citizenship before he was born, meant he was not entitled to be a citizen based on where she was born.
    Under the US Constitution, the only job requiring one to be Natural Born is the office of the President of the USA. Every other job can be Naturalized Citizen – that is an immigrant who becomes a citizen by act of law instead of Natural Born.
    Our forefathers wrote this plainly into the US Constitution to protect our nation from foreign governments weaseling their way into power.
    Since Ted was a child, it was not his fault, however once he became a lawyer, he studied the Constitution and found out for himself that he was NOT eligible to run for President. He even said so when he attempted to gain the Senate’s ear on why Obama should be impeached, declaring he was not eligible. Having fallen on deaf ears, Ted was not liked well in the Senate and he decided to use the same method he believed used by Obama in sealing his own records so that others could not prove he had no US citizenship.
    The question of dual citizenship came up, under the assumption he was an American,having spend most of his life in America, so that when he ran for the Senate it became known he had a Canadian citizenship .
    Last year still under that misconception, it was leaked out that the Democrats would challenge his citizenship if he won the nomination for President so Donald Trump began telling him to get his paperwork in order, since it was common knowledge Ted renounced his Canadian citizenship in 2014.
    This didnt go well with many and Trump took alot of heat for it.Ted tried many times to deflect from the issue and was even willing to have a liberal judge say he could run for President though it would have to be declared state by state.
    Ted’s father, knew Lee Harvey Oswald and the reporter/lawyer that discovered this and made it public was found dead right after the Indiana Primary, presumably suicide but those who knew him are certain it was not.They believe it was retaliation.
    Trump didnt say that Cruz father had anything to do with JFK assasination, only that Cruz Dad had a relationship with Oswald. The rest was media spin and conclusions spoken as if said by Trump. Again he took alot of heat for that as well.
    It is curious that Cruz Dad was supposed to be registered for the US Draft as an asylum seeker, however right after JFK’s assassination, he fled to Canada as did many other draft dodgers and didnt come back til he became a Canadian citizen which exempted him from the draft.
    Ted Cruz also , had we had a draft , could have used his Canadian citizenship as a way to avoid any draft as well.
    Funny that he would mock Trump not being in the military when he had his own get out of the miltary card free til 2014.


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