The latest poll states 7 percent will go along with the Priebus GOP totalitarian system that eliminates the nasty thing called “citizens right to vote”.   93 percent will NOT GO ALONG WITH WHO THE PRIEBUS GOP TOTALITARIANS CHERRY PICK!

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Trump is correct there will be hell to pay in July if they continue with their underhanded fraud.  Priebus stated that no body cares about who they vote for…..what a revelation of the demonic possession he  has undertaken.  Or maybe he’s just paid well to say such Marxist rhetoric?

Whether Trump manages to wrangle his delegates out from the clutches of the  establishment elite in empty suits or whether he runs as an independent republican, Trump will have the majority vote of the people and the GOP will have a handful of well fed idiots at their convention along with scorched propaganda news media.  The real Americans and a few honest reporters will be at the GRAND STAND STADIUM somewhere USA at the most historic TRUMP CONVENTION TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN EVER!

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I wonder who he will announce as his running mate?  It is time America to stand up and don’t let the 7 percent get in the way of the most historic movement in American history!


Dianne Marshall




  1. Shela says:

    Who would of guessed when Donald Trump announced he was running for president all this cheating, stealing, underhanded voters fraud would be revealed. Media is totally biased against Trump. It has truly been a eye-opening for all Americans. This too was meant to be. It was time for American to know. It will be interesting to see what the days ahead bring b/c it’s not close to being over.

    Wonder why we can’t post articles on Facebook or Twitter anymore? I have tried to post several articles from The Marshall Report on Twitter the last week and they don’t post. Is someone afraid of people getting truth. Trying to keep people in the dark like it was before Social Media. That’s how this has gone on so long. People only had Main Stream Media and News Papers who as we now see report as they are told to report. What the Washington Elite desire. Would you have ever thought this would happen in America. People being stopped from speaking, writing and sharing. Our Bill of Rights and our Constitution seem to mean nothing unless Washington wants to use it to their benefits. Folks I’m telling you this is our last chance. There will NEVER be another Donald Trump. All the other canididate that ran like Jeb Bush had/has plenty of money. He could have been self funding. They are all of the “Good ole’ boys club” one Party. There is no Republican and Democratic Parties anymore. I am no longer Republican. I am now Independent. It seems to me to join up with a crooked party like the Republican Party would be a sin. I know many can’t change till after this election. I happen to live in a State that in the Primary election I can vote Republican, Democratic or Independent. Nobody will have the guts or brass to stand up against such a mighty force ever again. Donald Trump is standing up to Washington Cartal, Media, GOP, RNC, DNC, Renice Goveners, Senators a very small percentage of the American people. And he’s winnings! Donald Trump is spending his own money, taking all this abuse for ME for YOU for America. Please people Stand Up for what is Right! Stand Up for America! Vote Donald Trump! If they keep trying to steal it from him Stand Up for StopTheSteal.

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    1. Cindi says:

      Wow! Social media is squashing the first amendment now!!! Maybe the people should close their Twitter and Facebook accts!! That would speak Volumes to these small minds!!!


  2. Cindi says:

    Donal Trump Will absolutely be The Next President of the United States!! I don’t care what party affiliation he is!! He Has My Vote!! After the convention, reince priebus and what’s left of his motley crew can put their tails between their legs and go the hell home!! We the people Have had it with them!!


  3. Janet Jenkins says:

    Can anyone give a good reason how it benefits Trump to run for president, especially when he’s spending millions of his own money? He’s had a really good life without having to deal with the political and media abuse he’s now putting up with. Trump, for years, has watched our nation lose it’s values and it’s prosperity. He feels, with his vast financial successes, common sense values, resources and experience, he may be able to turn our country back around. The politicians haven’t seemed to care to do so.
    However, there’s a young Cruz on video laughingly saying his goal is “to rule the world”. Even though he’s goofing off, there have been other indications of his ambition to be president. No mention of doing it for altruistic reasons.

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  4. Gimmesometruth says:

    I don’t know if Donald would get permission to use it, but whenever he’s talking about Hillary, he should play Queen’s ” Killer Queen” in the background.


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