It appears that these days the foresight and the hindsight of the GOP is very muddled up, as if no one has considered the outcome of their ideas in real time – only in theory. They continue to shoot from the hip changing what isn’t working then back tracking, erasing here and there then declaring a new rule while modifying old rules to suit their mischief. All the while denying MANY delegates their right to vote for Trump, then trying to cover it up by shouting Trump has a weak ground game!


Trump’s ground game is solid. It’s called running an honest campaign and winning the popular vote. We the people believed delegates were to vote in the favor of the candidate chosen by the people. Not a candidate chosen by a handful of party leaders. If this is the case….why are any candidates wasting their time running for office?   Why don’t the party thugs just go straight to their convention and pick their candidate? I’m sure it’s because the people would scream voter fraud!!!!  Well, that is what is taking place. Corruption and fraud and the people are starting to scream!

pilate-wash-his-hands copy

Isn’t it time to stop those who create confusion and fraud at the expense of others then wash their hands of any wrong doing in the manner of Pontius Pilate? Well, just as the hands never washed clean for Pilate, neither will the hands of the democratic or the GOP parties come clean either. Why? Because they are scarred with wrong doing, they knew better and did it anyway?  Scrub away Priebus….scrub away.

Dianne Marshall




  1. Too bad..that’s why Trump will lose..the game is rigged to defeat a candidate who is an outsider..he should have hired people to play the game the way it’s set up..whining and squeeling don’t win crooked elections.


    1. It is how evil works…cheat, steal, lie and deceive….yet, remember it is always those who do what is right in God’s eyes who win in the end. Those who follow evil shall perish. Always. sooner or later. Eyes are opening and once you see the fraud….the cheat….and the years of lies – unlawful is still unlawful regardless of how many years they have gotten away with it. No more! As far as whining and squeeling – heck we are shouting – and it is way past the time to shout out that this is all rigged and a big sham!


    2. says:

      The Tree of Liberty needs to watered wih blood. Calling the process out, for what is rigged , is not whining and squealing , if it looks like a pig , whines like a pig and squeals like a pig , that would be the mug of candidate cruz. Is cruz still whining and blaming Trump for his affairs. Is cruz still blaming Trump for forcing him to reverse all his positions that the junior senator once held ( TPP/imigration on and on)., is cruz still blaming Trump for making the jr. senator seal his background records. Cruz is not only unelectable , but his nomination and any other Rino guarantees the final nail in the GOPe coffin. The republicans can only win POTUS with crossover and expanding the political tent , and Trump. If they don’t see this then I have to say I and many more will never vote Republican again and I will make certain down ballot , from local dog catcher on up #never republican.Burnt too many times by these charlatans. And as a sidenote , cruz losing the NE will be last of his worries , because the scandals are about to bear fruit for Rafael, buthe knows that , for Iis about to reap what seed he has sown. It is going to be a beautful spectacle. Lol Trump2016 p.s. embarassed to say I have been a low information registered republican for 48 yearrs.


  2. Cindi says:

    Love this Dianne!! The GOP are the most dishonest and corrupt bunch of liars! Nothing but a den of thieves looking to steal the election away from we the people! Won’t happen!! Not over my dead body and millions of other dead bodies!! Trump 2016!

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  3. Trump and Sanders need to run on their own ticket—-Winner is President who chooses the other for Vice President. THAT’LL send a 10.00 shock wave straight to the hill top and Soro’s face.

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