Did George Soros say WORLD CRISIS?

soros-636565George Soros said, “All we need is the right world crisis and the nations will accept our new world order.”

Are you awake yet? Have you had enough of the false flags at home and around the world? Are you tired of the Soros funded activist groups playing havoc in our streets?  Well I have news for Soros – this New World Order of yours stinks! How about creating a new world order where people want to flock to it? An order upheld with divine principles and order so grand that all have a sustainable development with complete God given morals and values? How about that Soros?


Instead we now have ongoing world terrorism, the Bush doctrine of “you are either for us or against us” so we can blow up anything, anywhere in the world, and “Islamist Refugees full of ISIS” flooding into sovereign nations creating Jihad havoc. America is slated to receive it’s lions share by September. Who knows how many we have already?

What you and your ilk have proposed and pushed is so bad and evil that even you know the only way the world’s nations will accept it is by creating a world crisis that just may wipe out half the population off the face of the world map! Ground zero and starting over is not an option Soros!

Dianne Marshall


11 thoughts on “Did George Soros say WORLD CRISIS?

  1. He IS the anti-Christ…..what an EVIL EVIL man…wonder how he sleeps at night. He is all the historical bad dudes all wrapped up in one. What a lonely unsatisfying life he must have. Probably still a virgin.

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  2. Brandon says:

    Notice how you NEVER hear any media talk about him? He causes death and upheaval wherever he goes and I hope Putin gets his sorry ass some day.


  3. jim says:

    WOW I THINK THIS WORLD IS IN DEEP SHIT..BUT I TRUST IN OUR GOD AN HE WILL TAKE THE GOOD PEOPLE AN OFF HE WILL GO WITH THEM AN WARE THEY GO NO BODY WILL NO EXCEPT CHRIST AN THE GOOD PEOP[LE HE TOOK WITH HIM AN WHEN ALL THE PEOPLE AN GOD ARRIVE THERE THEN ALL MAY NO WARE THERE AT..IT IS ASHAME THAT LIFE HAS TO BE DELT WITH LIKE THIS BUT I DO BELIEVE IT ALL SO HAS TO DO WITH OVER POPULATION AN IF SOME THING ISNT DONE…WE JUST ALL ARNT GOING 2 FIT IN OR ON THIS EArth cuz u think about it.all the people that don’t work an that is cuz some don’t want 2 but then there is many that want a job but their just not out thare no more.o yea there is some jobs but u have to really work ur ass off 2 make it an with a family it just eats u up an tears u down cuz u just r getting no ware an it gets real depressing..well I don’t no what else to say but take care an do all u can to love one an other cause like the bible says.GOD is coming an we don’t no when but if u think about it it just dosent look good with all the stuff that is going on in this world today..so I say GOD is watching an he is getting plenty 2 watch an I will tell u that GOD will not let people suffer when it begins 2 get worse..look I could explain my self much more but u all c the big picture an have ur own thoughts..just go with ur heart an just think an u will relize that there is some heavy shit being prepared 2 happen between some countrys an with isis an the talley ban an all the other terrorist an the things there doing an getting away with,at least they think there getting away with it but that is only till there all rounded up which I daubt that they will all b caught.but yea this is just a real mess today an the drugs that r out there is just making this even worse cuz most of ur peeps who love trouble love drugs 2 an the 2 go 2gether hand in hand..so all I’m gonna say is good luck 2 all an GOD BLESS all an LORD please just watch over every body an try to get through to all that u mean business an u r not going to tolerate any more then u think u can an then please bring peace 2 the world or do what u have 2 do dear GOD an I will all ways love u our dear FATHER of all..


  4. Isis were invented by the NWO to be “Boogymen” so that by comparison, your “everyday muslim” would seem tame…that allows them to be welcomed by the organization of “species failures” we call democrats and progressives….I.E….they are obsessed with gay rights, allowing all the illegals stay, collect welfare, food stamps and refunds on taxes they never paid, and though illegal, crowd our children of their schools…..but the kumbaya POSs could give a shit about Americans….so, as “species failures” they invite danger that subjects everyone else to beheadings, riots, rapes, violent behavior, child molesting etc. etc…..which, will, ant the last minute cause a REAL war, and that’s what this frog faced officious intermeddler of a satan worshipper wants….hell, HE won’t have to live through it all….he’s about to expire…he just wants to go out in flames


  5. James Plummer says:

    Where are the Aaron Burrs when we need them most; that is, one with a true & steady aim?

    Was not the True & Living God (& not the false god allah, Lib’tards) ) about 80% of America worships on Sundays pleased when the young shepherd boy David took out the giant Philistine some call Goliath?

    Would not our True & Living God be pleased to turn a few David’s loose on some world leaders with even some of that scum in Washington D. C. ?

    The god’less Demon’crats will take America to hell with them unless we don’t send them there first! 🔫🔫⛪️⛪️

    God is a God of wrath & Obama & his Red thugs are flirting with that wrath that not even the Secret Service can protect them from.

    In 2008 many of us tried to warn the voters of Obama, but now this socio’path has been turned loose on our republic for about 8 years & only a visually impaired would not be able to see the intended damage that POS had done to a country his actions indicate that he truly hates. I wish nothing but ill will on anyone who hurts America & Obama fits that criteria.


  6. peggy colton says:

    many everyday people see the truth about ( soros ).forget liberal democrats,they are brain dead about politics.i have been warning about ( soros ) often lately.dianne marshall,can see so clearly,about this psycopath ( soros ).he is a danger to people everywhere in the world.especially america….he aligns himself with liberal dems.because he knows how gullible and stupid they are..hillary is just him.she would never associate herself.with mexicans ,african americans…etc.except,when she is pandering for votes…beware of this dangerous evil, (soros ) our very way of life is in danger…one world order…what does that mean?the world had better find out……………………and quick,


  7. Richard Willis says:

    This A$$ is real trouble. He has been instrumental in meddling in other country’s business too. I am so surprised some organization in authority aren’t giving this A$$ the business. He’s been a problem in this country for quite some time.


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