Politics Have Become Episodes Of The OK Coral!

Written by Alan Elnickf

All the hub bub about Colorado. I think it is great that Cruz got the votes the way that he did. We Trump supporters get in a bit of a tizzy about it, but, look at the bright side, everybody gets to see the reality of Rafael Cruz playing the way no one wants the game to be played. It is precisely what has everyone up in arms. The establishment does not want its gravy train to end and what happened in Colorado merely shows they are in the death throes, if only because they now need to resort to such tactics. They cannot win the popular will, so they do what they can to thwart it. They are playing their version of hardball. As I have said before, we need to play Tombstone, and Cleveland is the OK Corral. Got it?


18 thoughts on “Politics Have Become Episodes Of The OK Coral!

  1. Cindi says:

    Absolutely Dianne! Donald Trump’s coming and Hells coming with him!! The people in this country have had enough!! Establishment be on notice! We’re pissed!!!

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  2. What a time in life this is. Who’d a thunk these politicians would play so dirty. As I understand tho, it’s the big big big money dudes who are placing their money on someone who’s not winning—-they don’t like it so they’re forcing this corruption which is probably why many are now finding excuses to bot be in Cleveland….they KNOW what’s coming down the pike!

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    1. BlueSky says:

      Interesting thought,Kathy. It has struck me odd when ever Little Rubio was referred to as ‘too young’ by the other candidates, the MSM, other politicians but, Cruz was never mentioned in that same way. I would think to myself, “Rubio’s 44 and Lyin’Ted is 45 why is NOBODY saying that he is ‘too young’ as well?” I have followed this drama for months and ne’er a word about Cruz being ‘too young’. This lack of comparison didn’t sit right with me. Their resumes as young Cuban first term freshman senators, no experience, overly ambitious, no major accomplishments are pert near identical. Why is one ‘too young’, needs to get experience under his belt, then comeback in a few years and the other not? Does not compute!
      I also, mused to myself, “Hell, for being one year apart Lyin’ Ted sure looks like Methuselah compared to Foam Boy. Could be that all that whopper tellin’ has aged Lyin’ Ted ala Dorian Gray. Cruz could pass for 55 years old! Could his age make a difference as to the timetable of being a Canadian citizen? I love a good ‘what if ‘. I think your stab at wondering what is sealed is good sleuthing and brainstorming!

      I sense that it is something more nefarious ,some kinda irreconcilable gigantic “HALT” to becoming president.


  3. The Heretic says:

    It has to be said that the Establishment are the ones that underhandedly disenfranchised the Colorado voters and changed the rules. Well, Cruz’ campaign is being funded and run by the establishment. So I guess that he has an in to all the dirty tricks that they are going to play. What a contemptible and dishonest man.

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  4. New Jersey ALJ Jeff S. Masin issued an initial decision (dated April 12, 2016) taking the position Canadian born Cruz is a natural born Citizen ( http://media.philly.com/documents/Judge's+ruling+Ted+Cruz+to+remain+on+NJ+ballot.pdf ). (Note: https://cdrkerchner.wordpress.com/ )

    “GOP Icon Phyllis Schlafly Says She Faces Coup Over Trump Endorsement” — http://talkingpointsmemo.com/livewire/phyllis-schlafly-eagle-forum-plotting-coup (BTW: It seems that one of the people who turned on the 91 year old Phyllis Schlafly is her Cruz bot daughter)

    At approximately 41:32 of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MU8rjdl8fWI (“AJ Show (FULL VIDEO Commercial Free) Tuesday 4/12/16: Roger Stone: Election Update, Jerome Corsi”), Alex Jones stated “Cruz is dangerous. He’s probably got a 170 IQ but a lot of psychos have the highest IQs. I think Ted Cruz is a psychopath. … And he has got the operatives trying to steal Eagle forum and to shut it down – trying to mug the oldest living conservative [Phyllis Schlafly] and mug the voters of Colorado and South Dakota and other areas and mug the voters of Texas …”

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    1. phil fan says:

      Would be nice wouldn’t it? However I believe NOTHING outta the RNC/GOPe/uniparty frauds so…I’ll believe it when Trump is the Pub nominee


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