The American Dream…

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She dances in the wind so beautifully, always flowing. .. an orchestration of beauty for all who see her. At times the wind blows against her hard and she tosses left and right, she bends, never breaking. At times she bends so low I fear. It is then that I am compelled to dance toward her somehow feeling I can stop this hard blowing wind. I try, and when I do, It is then that I see I am defenseless, let alone a hero. For the winds blow twice as strong when I dance toward her and thrice a warning they give to me – stand back or you too shall be withered. And as the wind blows, its’ threat is felt.

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Yet, through it all, she dances and never bows to the wind…only bending and then only for a time. For she knows the howling wind is always followed by the sun.

She dances through the storms and as the winds more fiercely blow, the more feverously, yet eloquently she dances. Like a sweet line upon line concerto of song, she reaches her most epic performance against all odds. It is then that the bellowing, almost devastating wind subsides.

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At that moment, as she looks around and takes in a new breath of life, she sings. Her heart and soul ring out in note of her gratitude and in praise for the chance to have danced at all. She is eternally grateful. She has become a living song…free to be and to dance again. This time even stronger with more vigor to dance against a mightier wind, should it ever bellow.

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Dianne Marshall


7 thoughts on “The American Dream…

  1. Kevin Lobb says:

    Ii appreciate patriotic women who see the truth and are able to articulate the truth and weaponize it for our freedom. Trump is the man for the job and the scourging of the political elite.

    Keep on it Dianne, you are doing a great service for America.

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