Written by Geoff Ross  

Dear Douglas County Colorado GOP Republicans,
Chairman: Tanne Blackburn,
Vice Chair: Brad Wann

It has come to my attention that you allegedly removed Mr. Larry Wayne Lindsey as a delegate from the Colorado GOP delegate list because he voted for Mr. Trump.
Mr. Lindsey has been a GOP delegate in Douglas County for 15 years and a life long member of the Republican Party and now you allegedly censor and denied him access to the delegate vote and also replaced him because of his vote for Trump.

Now I am not sure what kind of Soviet style Marxist agenda you are running in Douglas County Colorado but I would say by the time my E mail leaves my home in Navarre Florida it will be in the in box of about 500,000 people across this nation after its re forwarded etc..

I used to work for Fox News Radio as a political commentator and I am going to give you the opportunity to tell us why a 15 year GOP delegate was removed from his position, in effect nullifying his vote for Mr. Trump because of his political beliefs.
He tells us that he was replaced by someone that will vote YOUR way.
Now Colorado is divided into 64 counties. Mr. Trump won looks like 37 of these counties (57.8%) and Mr. Cruz won looks like 24 counties (42.2%) . Yet Trump only got 6 delegate votes and Cruz 33.

I excluded Kasich as he was not even negligible in this state. Very interesting.
Do you have a problem with math in the Colorado GOP or are you guys running a Ponzi scheme like Hillary Clinton ? Just asking not accusing.
Perhaps you are using Jeb Bush Common Core math to add up the delegates. Maybe its called voter fraud. Who knows.

But now I will send this E mail out and copy Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and a few other folks and perhaps you would like to discuss it.

I am now headed out to eat breakfast with Mr. Gary O’Neil a world famous veteran and retired Army Ranger and Mr. Ricki DiSantis a former CEO on Wall Street and a World Trade Center Survivor from 9/11. I will bring this up with them also.

Perhaps the Sheriff in Douglas County should take a look into this so I am copying him in the E mail plus the three Republican members of the FEC in Washington DC also.

Copy to:
Director of Pubic Affairs Douglas County Colorado Wendy Mannita Holmes
Douglas County Sheriff
Douglas County County Commissioners
Mr. Trumps Chief Policy Advisor
Bill O’Reilly
Sean Hannity
Brigitte Gabrielle
Governor Rick Scott
FEC Washington DC
Senior Chief Geoff Ross
Surface Warfare Air Warfare
United States Navy retired
Navarre Florida
Former Fox News Radio Political Commentator
Senior Chief Ross USN retired discussing events with Mr. Sean Hannity

‪#‎Trumpalltheway‬!! Go ‪#‎Trump

Read full report here:


      1. Hank H says:

        Fidel and Cuba run elections like this. Ted Cruz-Bush probably feels at home. Voters having their votes stolen or not even counted by the GO-PEE and RNC. Criminals.

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    1. VoteforTruth says:

      Donald Trump did not get ANY delegates from Colorado because the GOP Headquarters changed the rules. How can THEY change the rules at the last minute?

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    2. Trump won the Colorado republican primary and Ted Cruz and The GOP out and out stole the election from the people of Colorado. This election fraud scheme was perpetrated first and foremost against the ”Free Agency” of the people of Colorado and equally so against Donald J.Trump.


      1. Jan Larson says:

        There was not primary for the Republicans in Colorado. The voters were denied their vote. The states GOP decided in the infamous wisdom to let the delegates make the vote at the national convention. The reason for this is they would not be bound to their states primary results. They could do just this – get all delegates for Cruz. This is so underhanded.


  1. Barbara Shaffer says:

    Mr trumps delegates are being taken away from him all across these states, and not only that their rigging the machines for his votes to go to Cruz! Huge Fraud going on everywhere against Mr Trump and we the American People know!!

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  2. Michelle says:

    Colorado should be investigated — They are a bunch of criminals it is a Federal Crime to rig elections!!!! And this is the worse kind without a single vote the crooked Delegates gave Cruz all of them!!!! We the people must fight back and not allow these criminals to take away our freedoms and rights as American! Share this with everyone you know so hopefully it gets to the right people!!!! This must stop or we are all doomed! I am also sharing this on all my Groups I belong to on Facebook and Twitter!…/colorado-douglas-county…/…

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  3. Looks like voter fraud to me. These Colorado republicans are dirty criminals with no morals at all. We knew Cruz had no morals for being such a “Christian”. This should be a federal offense and these republicans jailed. They were elected to office “by the people” and should their delegates vote “for the people” not for some crooked agenda of their own. The people voted them into office and can surely vote them OUT.

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    1. Hank H says:

      Knowing what Romney did in 2012 and the make up of people in Colorado. My guess is this is a lot more Mormon than Christian in Colorado. Romney is an expert in vote theft except he lost by design to Obama.
      The GOP and Cruz-Bush are totally corrupt.


    2. Why no name the criminals? The financial international banking elite who usurped US Sivereignty in the fraudulent 1913 Federal Reserve system which is neither federal nor a reserve, but is privately owned. They print our money and lend it back to us at interest and then use that fraudulently earned profit to subvert our political system and our rights: Gildman Sacks and Mercer who back Cruz; Soros who backs Kascich; and the Rothschiles and Rockefellers – all Masonic Socialistits and atheistic Jews and their Gentile Masonic allies.

      They are in bed with the radical Islamic Masons of Saudi Arabia and Turkey and Iran which are financed by our CIA. The enemies within are entrenched. They would destroy Israelies and Christians alike to establish their Masonic utopia on earth. Do your research and face the truth. Their is no better disenfectant than the sunlight of truth.


  4. AWCheney says:

    To all Republicans, look to your State Party and its leadership…are they also this corrupt? If this happens in enough states to take away the desires of the grassroots, the Republican Party will die an ignoble death! This will truly prove that our nation has become totally corrupt and its leadership now more resembles a Communist Cabal than the Constitutional Democratic Republic which inspired people from around the world to seek freedom from the tyranny of their own governments. It would seem that they have now brought that tyranny to us. It really won’t matter WHO the Republican candidate will be…it will matter HOW that candidate wins.


  5. BlueSky says:

    Well, shut my mouth and slap my knee someone is shouting, “Foul Play” from the rooftops. I suppose he is one of those archaic believers in, “No taxation without representation”. Bully for you, Mr Ross!


  6. Laurie Logue says:

    The corruption continues. What needs to be done to stop this? Seems as though our country can no longer abide by the rules in a civil and fair manner.

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  7. Now I am thinking that there is no reason whatsoever for we the American people to vote in this election because they have already decided that our votes don’t count. Is this America or are we a third world country who needs supervision in our elections. I am 77 years old always voted Republican & am now wishing we had an Independent Party. This is repulsive..

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  8. Dianne thanks for this post that really needed to inform our nation of the dirty tricks played against our Donald Trump. Now, today in New Jersey there is a manatory hearing pertaining to issues described regarding Ted Cruz. I think legal. He is out of standing with 7 or 8 states in that the claim is he is not a natural born citizen to run for office however he did sign that he is in the States. Another issue is the claim that he involved with on going ballot and machines in voter fraud during elections to gain votes not earned. (Example, Wi.) I will try and keep an eye out on this and follow up today if you can. Interesting.

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  9. This is an attempt for a “takeover” by the Washinton Regime! Time for emergency intervention for the protection of our country and its citizens! Arrest Hilory clinton, empeach Obama and clean out Congress! One of our Supreme Court justices dead under supicious circumstances. Something needs to be done!

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  10. I agree that Trump should hold a couple of Rallies in CO, in order to give the people in that state an opportunity to publicly display how upset they are that this happened, and to give an opportunity for the GOP Leadership to address the issues publicly. They won’t but their silence will only further condemn their actions as Un-Constitutional!!!
    Millions of Americans have been disenfranchised as a result of the actions of the Republican Party Leadership!!!! And, THAT is a Criminal Offense!!!

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  11. asnowrose says:

    Dianne I found this on facebook Women for Donald Trump. Maybe it needs to be looked into. I can’t find anything googling it, but if it is true, isn’t it illegal for a Super Pac to pay for delegates?

    Janine Young Wren
    12 hrs
    OMG, it’s getting worse by the minute…I have to go to sleep but had to share this quote with you from one of my other Trump groups on why Cruz is stealing Trump’s delegates: Here is what I read: “The RNC is the problem here. They are charging each delegate $5,000 to be eligible as a delegate to attend the convention, 70% of delegates can’t afford that plus expenses= $10,000, so superPACS are offering to cover their expenses if they endorse Cruz. You all get the corruption going on here created by RNC? Why do delegates have to pay the RNC $5,000? Why is the RNC Like · Reply · 1 · 5 mins
    Cindi Osbun
    Cindi Osbun They are getting a LOT OF LETTERS from their members who, like myself, are refusing to pay them a DIME until they play nice and accept our choice, Donald Trump, for the nominee… they are desperate and are gouging the delegates….and going after the big money, which are of course, the powerful ones, who are sponsoring the traitors in our government, turning them all against the people who they work FOR.”

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  12. There are about one million something registered Republican voter’s in Colorado who’s voices are not heard because of the way this so called caucus is set up, only 3, 900 delegates are selected. How unfair and un-American is that to all the other registered voter’s in the state? Maybe those people would have like Trump for their choice. Who comes up with these rules? Is the entire state informed of this often before the new rules go into effect? Do they even get a vote on these rules or is it just done and that’s that’s? I would like to know how the rest of the voter’s feel about this and if they had a say in how these rules came about.

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  13. The guy probably got their late, missed check in, and his delegate slot was given to an alternate. I happened to me two years ago. I felt foolish, but after lobbying for an exception to the rules, realized it was my own fault, went home and got my Saturday back.

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    1. Billy says:

      Well, what actually happened, is this guy was elected a delegate at the precinct caucus on March 1, but skipped the county convention, so he was never elected as a delegate to the state convention. You kind of have to show up each step of the way for your vote to count.


  14. joe says:

    I’m told my vote for Trump in FL doesn’t count. The RNC will decide who the Republican nominee is going to be. I was born in a country ruled by a dictatorship. I came to the US because I thought this country was a democracy. I was wrong. Just like in the old days back in the sixties in the country I came from the people are being told to sit down and their votes don’t count. Very well I will sit down and sit the general election out as well.

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  15. Colorado is the Tip of the Iceberg> America’s 2-party System is a BALD ASS FRAUD no diff than a 1-party system since 100% of vote goes to the SYSTEM. Ross Perot proved it already since he got 20% of vote but ZERO votes in Electoral College SYSTEM, Its like ol’ Joe Stalin said “Its NOT the vote that counts, its who counts the votes” Wake up America & realize you’re country is a BIG LIE

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  16. Ramos says:

    The system is not even a system. I want to be able that my vote count on the primaries and also in November. I do not want that somebidy else think or decide what is good for me or my country. I CALL THIS FREEDOM….REAL DEMOCRACY…


  17. Folks: I am hearing that folks don’t understand how the delegate system, rules, votes work. Each Sunday I provide on face book a block talk radio show that is free. From 9:00 pm/est. It is in support of Trump and these hosts have on face book many years talking about elections, etc. Our medias don’t tell us what we need to know. Please watch for the Rex Christi and Trog radio show on Sundays. This is the only way in America you will have insight into what is going on with our elections. The program has the weekly archives to go and draw up a MP3 or what ever you may like. Don’t miss the next week show. Send in your post cards this week and make those calls for New York.


  18. surlycurmudgen says:

    I have not paid much attention to any of the Cruz stories due to this irrefutable fact, CRUZ IS NOT CONSTITUTIONALLY ELIGIBLE FOR THE OFFICE OF PRESIDENT OR VICE PRESIDENT. He is not a natural born citizen.


  19. wanda says:

    The elections this year are a Big fat Fixed joke. The big wig blow hards have had it all decided for quite a while now. Its Corrupt folks. they lie, and cheat. that’s the only way they know how to play. The outsiders have brought the corruption out in the open for us all to see. We the people have NO SAY. They allow us to think we do, but this election has brought it all out in plain sight. Democracy my a$$.


  20. So far, No arrest have been indicated and to put iceing on a cake the NJ Judge has determined that Cruz is a National Born Citizen by some reason that is likely dreamed up to stand on ballot in NJ and also to qualify for President. However the person opposing is going to carry this through other States. So, do we take the NJ judge ruling or what goes now?? More of the same on the way folks!!!!!!!!!!!


  21. Tom Jones says:

    If you’re against Trump you are either a terrorist or your employer is a terrorist; as is the case for the news media employee’s.
    Similar to the evening of 911 when George W Bush said ” THE ONLY ONE WHO COULD HAVE DONE THIS IS OSAMA BIN LADEN” and “IF YOUR NOT WITH US YOU ARE A TERRORIST”!

    Colorado GOP take the FU train back to Saudi Arabia..


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