Larry Wayne Lindsey Delegate Vote Nullified Because He Voted For Trump!


larry Trump-supporter-e1460326174902-736x330Colorado delegate,  Larry Wayne Lindsey,  Douglas County GOP,  threatened and denied his right to vote for Trump.  This is what the GOP snakes have been doing any where they can.  This is a disgrace.  So while the media shouts Cruz has a good ground game…the truth is the GOP itself is corrupt and committing voter fraud left and right!  What the GOP calls a ground game is the same thing our legal system calls a felony!

The GOP has brought about their own destruction. I agree with Mr. Lindsey – the hell with the republican party it is corrupt!  Full story here:

So, America take note of what is really going on.  Liars and thieves are being exposed and we the people are not happy.  Trust me….American’s are  done with the democrats too!

larry gop-registration-colorado-575x323
Lifetime republican Larry Lindsey is done with the GOP!  He calmly explains the corruption of how he was not allowed to vote as a delegate unless he voted the way his county GOP told him to vote.  Larry  speaks of his shame for the GOP as he burns his Republican paper!

America’s ground game against the GOP is just beginning.  Trump supporters are not going to let the establishment pin heads commit their fraud on the American people.

Dianne Marshall


9 thoughts on “Larry Wayne Lindsey Delegate Vote Nullified Because He Voted For Trump!

  1. Ramos says:

    I am NOT happy at all that our vote as a people DOESN’T COUNT and that the election are based on delegates. I am also unhappy because there is not a faur system. The system is not uniform, it sucks. Are vote as a people is not even good to select in November our president but when the country needs money then we as a people (middle class) are good. Then they remember us, nailing us with taxes all over, YES, for that our vote as a people count, to please all their needs and throw money away left & right for programs that doesnt work and to help other countries corupted. SHAME ON USA. EVEN the Bible tell us to take care of your house first.


  2. Keith A Ogren says:

    An Open letter to Donald Trump

    Voters are tired of all the convoluted and self-serving rules that both parties have for their primaries. It seems like the entire system is set up so that the party bosses can determine who wins their party’s nomination. As you said as recently as 4/11/16, “We all know both parties are corrupt to the core.”

    Mr. Trump, if you calculate that it would be close to impossible to get to the required 1273 delegates to win the nomination on the first ballet and given the fact that the Republican bosses are working hard to deny you the nomination on the second ballet, you could announce a Nuclear Option as you would have nothing to lose.

    That Nuclear Option being, that if elected, you as not only the President of the United States but also as head of the Republican Party, would abolish the entire concept of delegates in the Republican primaries. That would reinforce your position as an outsider, anti-establishment candidate who wants to bring fairness back into the political system, so that every person’s vote has a right to be counted.

    You could also get rid of the early primary States like Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. If Iowa wasn’t the first primary State, farm subsidies and ethanol subsidies would be all but extinct. All primaries could happen on the same day or at least the early primary States should be rotated, to give the other State the same importance as the existing three today to make the system fairer.

    You also might think about announcing that you would work diligently to amend the Constitution to eliminate the Electoral College. The Electoral College might have made sense 229 years ago, but in 2016 and beyond, it has outlived its usefulness.

    Voters and previously non-voters in both Republican and Democrat parties could be invigorated by such a bold and refreshing move, bringing new and additional voters to your campaign.

    Also if Bernie Sanders does not win because of Super Delegates, his supporters will be very angry. You could encourage Burnie’s constituency to vote for you, as a protest against the corrupt system in the Democrat party that denied their candidate the nomination.

    If you eliminated the delegate system for the Republican party primaries, it would make it difficult for the Democrats not to reform their system.

    Donald, you are possibly the only person who could change the system, because the party bosses won’t give up power on their own and every other candidate needs this corrupt system to get elected.


    1. you clearly lost it when you said get rid of the electoral college now i know you`re a bias liberal working for groups in the DNC….You people kill me , think you so smart to think because you have one issue we need to start changing the constitution,i guess you`d like it we use the popular,it fits in with your reasons for immigration and starting race wars around the country JUST for minority voting in the big cities….my law would be NO one here as a illegal or a legal immigrant,.. CAN NOT VOTE for at least 10 yrs of occupation!!!!


  3. Stuart says:

    I hope by now you’ve learned what actually happened, how he failed to show to the assembly he was elected to attend, and how he makes the rest of us who voted for Trump at State look stupid. Great fiction piece to fuel your propaganda!


  4. Kimberly says:

    Larry is not expected to make it through the night…Fly high and may God’s arms enfold you🙏 We will keep up the good fight….God Bless Larry..


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