It’s Not About An Election, It Is About The New World Order!




Death threats to Trump have been going on for a while and nothing is being done.  The media perpetuates a narrative that Trump is the one who stirs things up when in truth the establishment pay people to start protests and problems.  How low will they go?

If you refuse to see that evil is at work against good….you may as well just hug the new world order.

There are evil forces at work and many there be that do the bidding for those who are of evil desires.

Dianne Marshall


18 thoughts on “It’s Not About An Election, It Is About The New World Order!

  1. as bad as I’d hate to do it, I would vote for Hillary over Lying Ted Cruz he is such an evil, evil snake. Fortunately, I wont have to. I have every confidence in Donald Trump’s ability to win but if they steal this election from him and us, I will write Trump in, vote everyone out who supports the NWO. How will I know? They’ve exposed themselves. Fully.

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    1. Ida you shouldn’t vote then only true American running is Donald Trump and if you want to see The real America again Vote Trump the rest or the establishment in both parties ,if you vote party just to let you know even the unions are a banding th edemocrat party selling us out to other countries while telling you they have you in their best interest all lies


  2. Hang in there Donald but, keep in mind the evil forces, both Republican and Democtats are out to eliminate you and what you stand for, the American people who are sick and tired of their crap, but you really need to take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your family. God bless!

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  3. If anyone other than Trump wins then we the people lose. Yes they have threatened Donals. If they have threatened me they surely have threatened him. They are not jokers they will try and sanction you one way or another but this is good versus evil and if we lose now we lose possibly forever and we have so much to liive for. I wish everyone the very best and stay safe.

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  4. JP says:

    We the people should not be counting on Trump or any politician especially if an assassination takes place. We need to rally around someone like Patrick Wood to wake the masses still blind and to oppose the NWO rather than fight Soros protestors at rallies.

    What groups are truly focused in solidarity with an objective like this amatuer?


      1. JP says:

        Don’t insult me please. Are you just another blogger who liked to bitch or do you onow of real focused grouos to tap into?


  5. Teresa says:

    People of the Whole world, need to wake up an face facts! We are only passing through this world, and ALL are being tested right now to see if they are going to turn and repent of there wicked ways! We ALL are going to stand before an Holy God. The Lord Jesus Christ which is the ONLY one who died on a cross for all. And rose again. And IS coming back Very. Soon!!!!!
    The Lord is testing ALL with what they say and what they do.
    I am praying for Donald Trump to win election. But right God is allowing ALL to be tested.
    Time is running out! If you don’t believe me look at the Whole world. It has never been this evil, with so much death.
    I pray ALL wake up and see that power or placement today is just vanity. ALL that matter is, is your soul saved today.

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  6. “Black Muslim Lives Mattering”.. the whole “15.00 an hr”.. “Stop Trump at any cost”.. War on women like that of the professional victim Michelle Fields is all part of the Dem and Establishment Republicans plan to keep on keeping on down the same destructive path America has been on while the “powers that be” keep raping and pillaging all the wealth and power from the PEOPLE of this the GREATEST NATION THAT GOD EVER SMILED UPON..

    IT IS OUR DUTY to EXPOSE AND SHUT DOWN these different “movements” AT ANY COST!

    God Bless YOU who are fighting the good fight, and may GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA!

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  7. William says:

    In the clip above “Grand master……” watch the plane as it flies towards the tower, keep your eye on the port [left] wing, it disappears [7:10] before it ‘hits’ the tower, behind that build just to left.? Very strange, as it’s supposed to be IN FRONT of the building?


  8. TOM says:

    Politicians both republican and Democrats have gotten us to this mess we are in.
    It’s time that a non-political person takes the reigns and gives it a shot. Cant do any worse than they did. If he doesn’t do the job well we will try again.. GO TRUMP


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