D.C. Madam Drum Roll Is Sounding…


Looks like things are progressing forward for Montgomery Blair Sibley and his D.C. Madam list…..he has released no names yet…but get ready for the drum roll has started!




Now for the biggie – http://montgomeryblairsibley.com/library/EMotionStatusCoference.pdf

Dianne Marshall


5 thoughts on “D.C. Madam Drum Roll Is Sounding…

  1. Cindi says:

    Thank God for The Marshall report Dianne!!! After listening to trump bashing on all the news channels and conservative talk radio, you are such a breath of fresh air and truth!! Never seen such deplorable behavior in a human being as in Cruz! Just sickening! I have no doubt his name is in that black book of the DC Madame! Hope he’s exposed ASAP!! 🙏

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  2. I cant wait until this scumbag goes tumbling down!!! He is such a lying, cheating, corrupt person. I just hope the mainstream media is able to receive it and it is not blocked from “We The People”….they want to censor what we receive. I could never have imagined that our Country would end up like it is now. We need DONALD J. TRUMP to be elected our next President!


  3. BlueSky says:

    As drum roll crescendos, a booming dreamy radio announcer voice overrides the drums. (as I salivate) The words spill out with a baritone delivery, ” And first name and number in the little black book is , a client favorite in Madam’s records , I give you Ted Cruz.” Ten more drums join in drum roll at frenetic speed, oscillating at a graduated pitch . OK, at this point I will me throw in confetti and balloons pouring down everywhere because I am now in a frenzy. I am allowed to do this,after all, it is MY imagination controlling the narrative.

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