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If this election were a Sci-Fi action adventure…which it is, and I were the script writer, I would have to insert something very dramatic into the piece to make it a WOW! I would want every movie goer to walk out going…WOW – DID YOU SEE HOW THEY DID THAT AT the END!!!  WOW!

So, I got to thinking…given all the things seen so far and wanting to pick up the pace so the good guy wins in the end…I would write something like this…(remember this is a Sci-Fi action adventure not real life desires).

The race is rigged, everyone is getting voter fraud sloshed at them left and right.  The GOP is allowing the Canadian to dance his devil jig and get away with every inconceivable voter fraud trick in the book – even committing down right felonies that go ignored. The Hillary is doing the same to Bernie.  It gets so bad that Trump and Sanders are now state by state, knocked out of the primaries through fraud and the winners are Hillary and Cruz.


Then… as the people are angry as hell and in shock….Hillary is indicted and Cruz is found ineligible to run for office by a court judgment.  The people are now dazed and shocked…angry…not sure what the heck is going on. and only comforted by Trump tweets to remain calm.  Not to riot. People are unsure if the Donald was put up to tweeting hope or if he has a plan….they light up social media exchanging ideas on what the Trump might be doing.  Every idea imaginable is being tossed about and tweeted from a law suit to military coupe’, even the kitchen sink is thrown in as a possible idea.


The GOP hold a brokered convention and pull in their secret candidate to replace Cruz.  The Dems do the same.  The people are angry and the scene ends with the people in disarray.


The scene opens and the GOP and Dems are both holding their Conventions on the same day announcing their new candidate pics..

Meanwhile, at the same time, the people are in front of the capital building yelling out in outrage- “WE WANT TRUMP! WE WANT TRUMP!  The dems are also on the capitol lawn they are shouting – “WE WANT BERNIE!  WE WANT BERNIE!”  The convention media coverage is slim because only hundreds are attending.  The media breaks away to the Capital where the real news is breaking.  A never before event where millions as far as the eye can see are gathered,  the shouts have climaxed into a cacophony of blurred sound like HAARP before an earthquake .  Trump tweets -“Be calm. GOP made big mistake. Stay calm.”


Bernie doesn’t tweet but has sent a messenger to the capital. He speaks loudly through a megaphone, “Bernie says, hold it.  He’ll be here after his underwear dries on the radiator.” Bernie crowd goes wild and cheers louder.

Meanwhile the GOP and Dems announce their picks to empty auditoriums.  News is coming in from the reporters at the Capitol of this strange event of what they are terming “voter denial”.

HELICOPTER TRUM150815142257-donald-trump-helicopter-2-large-169

In the distant sky a whirr is heard.  One by one the people begin to look up, the whirring sound grows louder. A speck is seen off in the horizon of the sky.  Suddenly the shouts turn into a deep silence.  In the sky the speck enlarges as it comes closer….it is a helicopter, but not just any helicopter …..as it gets closer the people see it is THE TRUMP COPTER!

Trump supporters go wild and cheer….the Bernie supporters wait silently and watch.  They wonder how long it takes for underwear to dry on the radiator??

The copter rapidly approaches and now hovers over the crowd.  The people jam together like sardines in order to make room for the Trump copter to land.  The copter lands and the people are cheering.  The stair drops down and the first one to walk to the door is none other than….WAIT….DRUM ROLL…..BERNIE SANDERS! (Note the music score is like something out of Braveheart).

The Sanders crowd goes wild, the Trumpers are quiet, then they chatter amongst themselves about this strange thing.  Then the next one to appear is Trump!  The crowd goes wild they cheer and scream, a few fire rockets are released in the air – the sound is deafening like a roar of rolling  thunder!

Assistants quickly put in place a podium and state of the art sound system Wi Fi’d to the copter.  Trump and Bernie go to the podium.  The crowd is silent.


Trump speaks, “Are you ready to make America great again?”  The crowd roars.  “My friend Bernie and I have decided enough is enough.  After talking for a few hours, he has decided that common core sucks and the Trump plan is much better for America. ”  The crowd roars.  “In addition to that, we both agree on many of the same things actually.  There are still some issues we are ironing out, but what is important is that we both agree – to make America great again!” The crowd cheers!  “Now, we have decided to both run third party on an independent ticket together!”  The crowd is hysterical at this point and beyond words….they cheer but the looks on the Bernie supporters faces are mixed?  “I will let Bernie explain our joint third party run.  Bernie….”

Trump steps away from the podium and Bernie steps up.  He waves and the crowd goes wild. “Alright, enuff…enuff already, alright….” Bernie motions with his hands. The crowd is slowly quieted. “I want to say after Trump called and explained his idears…I really liked’em.”  The crowd half cheers….”I liked his idear to take back America!” BERNIE imagesV9M9DE02 The crowd cheers and roars.  “We are runnin on a third party ticket to take back what was stolen from us!”  Crowd cheers, applauds, woots and  shouts. “They stole our run, and now we are runnin together! To take back this corrupt government and make it work for the people!”  The crowd goes wild.  Bernie steps away from the mic.  Trump grabs Bernies shoulder with one hand and shakes his hand with the other.  “Thank you Bernie.”  The crowd goes wild and cheers.

Trump takes the mic.  “So you see, we decided… since we were both treated unfairly and we both had the crowds, the majority – the silent majority and together the voice of all the people!”  Crowd is uncontrollable now and wildly cheering for Trump and Bernie… Trump smiling ….”That we would run together on a third party ticket.” Crowd cheers.  “Bernie has accepted my offer to run as Vice President on my third party Presidential ticket.”  Trumpers cheer wildly….Bernie people sputter. bernie andimages

Bernie hurries to the mic, “Folks…it’s a good deal.  I am going to be next in line…but more important….I am back in the race and we are going to clean up the wall street and banker corruption!”  The people cheer and chants of Bernie and Trump pierce the air. “You are gonna get jobs, and affordable education!” crowd cheers.

The media is in shock, the establishment is afraid….very afraid.  Will they win?


BERNIE 2AF7B12700000578-3180443-image-a-16_1438283853888.jpg

I couldn’t help imagine that “what if” today.  It truly would be a way to knock the establishment game into check mate. You have to agree on that one. Not that it would ever happen….but, you just can’t predict anything at this point.

Dianne Marshall



  1. You know Diane, I was thinking about the same thing ! Something like this would really knock the balls off the corruption in DC ! Just thinking about it makes me smile ! 🙂 America would WIN for sure !!!!


    1. Teresa Garrison says:

      I agree!!!! I’ve been thinking we will have to do this and or write him in but THE crooked electronic voting machines still wouldn’t count our write in votes.. There NEEDS to be a New Law outlawing etc voting machines since the creator has Proven they can easily be Hacked!!!!


  2. terry bement says:

    I must say your thought is what I have been dreaming of since the cheating in Wisc. but my question is, is it not to late for a third party to get onto the ballots of all the states?


  3. Cindi says:

    Wow! I can actually see trump and sanders being booted from their perspective parties! Third party runs may not be out of the question. Trump will have my vote no matter what! I can’t imagine any other candidate turning this country around in short order and working Only for the people! No donor money! No puppet strings! Only Love of Country and making America Great Again!! Only Trump!


  4. Dianne, I actually said this EXACT SAME THING TODAY to my husband. He thought I was crazy until we discussed it further. I don’t think it’s that far off; the two of them have all the people! Bernie could come around to logical and REAL thinking! hahahaha.


  5. 🙂 Dianne – Thank’s for indulging me; great minds think alike ( https://themarshallreport.wordpress.com/2016/03/23/timeless-and-of-biblical-proportions-2016/comment-page-1/#comment-9167 ). As for your conclusion, “Not that it would ever happen….but, you just can’t predict anything at this point.”, there are two other scenarios that just entered my mind. Other Scenario A: A four party race. The Democrat nominee, The Republican nominee, Bernie Sanders, and Donald Trump. Other Scenario B: Roger Stone predicted Trump winning on the first ballot or else Paul Ryan winning on the fourth. However, what about the possibility of Cruz winning on the second (or third) ballot (and Trump running third party) and the U.S. Supreme Court issuing a decision that Cruz in ineligible (or perhaps even better, a 4-4 SCOTUS decision that would leave Cruz’s eligibility status split up in the various Courts throughout the United States)? This could get very interesting. Imagine the RNC begging Trump to reconsider accepting the nomination after all the blank they perpetrated. 🙂 In any event, I believe that a blade of grass can blow in the wind if and only if it is G-d’s will. So let’s pray (and apply due diligence to getting the mission done) – often a situation seems bleak and then … – ONLY TRUMP 2016!!! Let’s not forget, George Washington et al. didn’t have it so easy but they won!!!


  6. Ideas Time says:

    I love the concept. A voice for most people and eliminate the divide and conquer the MSM and the elite depend on to survive. We need to do this and I have been thinking it for a long time now. We could end the dnc and rnc once and for all. One party the party of America. This issue and question may be farther ahead than many know. See this article and the Trump/Sanders Logo. Talk about uniting the people. I say Yes and Wow. Love the what if story. Gave me hope and chills in my arms to think we can do this. Time to take our country back for all Americans.

    Article here about this here. http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index2020.htm http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/jjpp4.jpg Logo here.

    From article: With populist sentiment fueling both Trump and Sanders, SVR political analysts in this report explain, their campaign rallies draw tens-of-thousands of disaffected American voters filled with anger against their nations elite rulers, and whose constituencies are now being observed to be merging—and which should they do, they would destroy both the Democratic and Republican parties.

    Unlike any other American Democratic Party politician too, this report continues, Sanders would, in fact, be acceptable to right-leaning Trump supporters due to his long support of gun rights—which were necessitated by his being a representative from the State of Vermont whose gun laws are nearly nonexistent.

    And to the likelihood of a Trump-Sanders presidential ticket becoming a fact, this report concludes, it now appears a near certainty as both of these populist leaders, of both the left and the right, and no matter how many contests they win, are seeing the outright theft by their political parties of their nominations—Trump’s being done by the theft of the delegates he has won, and Sanders by a system that gives his opponent what are called “super delegates” the American people aren’t even allowed to vote for.


  7. Mketch says:

    I believe it is too late to run 3rd party and get on the ballot on all states. I think I read that last week that missing the deadline would knock Trump out of up to 13 states.


  8. Ideas Time says:

    I have run this idea by several people and they all agree that having no party and just two guys who have the will of the people makes sense.

    The corporate gov exists by playing us against them. We need to come together and hear from both points of view and find the fiscally sound ground that works.

    A good start is to eliminate all odious debt, fraud, waist, the fed, irs who is a Puerto Rico Trust and a division of the IMF, case law revels this and put traitors in jail.

    Restore the organic constitution and the 13th amendment that bars any BAR attorneys and any nobility from gov.

    No more foreign owned corporations masquerading as legitimate govs. If they do not have a public bond they are not a gov, they are a corporation with corporate liability insurance.
    I could spend hours but do not want to ruin the mood. I for one am for a united people of America and a Trump/Sanders Ticket.


    1. I am too. That would represent all aspects of the people. Together they would find a common ground to protect America and restore her. End the outlandish waste and spending, create jobs and stop the downward spiral manipulated by the establishment elite.


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