Trump is fighting the entire New World Order all by himself with the help of us. We are in the battle of the end of days…it will not be easy but it will be won. The Bible is sure of this. Stand strong, remain among the living and never lose heart. Amen.

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The enemy laughs as he believes he is winning over God’s true chosen….let the enemy laugh.  God is not mocked and we must stand strong, bold and go forth.  We will know when the time is come to do the next thing for God never leaves his people without a leader, nor without understanding the purpose.  Remember God’s ways are not man’s ways….all things work together to those who love the Lord.  Always.

Be ready to answer the call and do not hesitate.  Evil is among us all.

Dianne Marshall

P.S. WE ARE all in this together…and together we are strong. We must be strong for Trump – yes yell if we have too – express our tone of anger…that is human. It is okay…then we come together and we fight the good fight. The Bible calls it a fight…and a fight is not a party. Let’s get braced for the fight. Amen.



  1. Your post above couldn’t have been better timed, because right now, I’m very discouraged. I’m not too sure at the moment, that we’re going to have much of a country left to rescue if Trump isn’t the nominee, and/or if he loses in November. This loss is extremely difficult to take, but I’m still hanging in there. It ain’t over till it’s over, and it’s far from over. Thanks for the encouragement, Dianne. I have a hunch that I’m not the only one that feels this way. A very nice “pick-me-up”

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    1. You inspired me to write a P.S. to the blog….”WE ARE all in this together…and together we are strong. We must be strong for Trump – yes yell if we have too – express our tone of anger…that is human. It is okay…then we come together and we fight the good fight. The Bible calls it a fight…and a fight is not a party. Let’s get braced for the fight. Amen.”

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  2. Susan Sapp says:

    Thank you Dianne! Please invite all in Wisconsin who know there was fraud, to come forward. Trump is fighting a dark horse and we’ve seen it elsewhere … why would he stop with Wisconsin?

    I pray that all Trump supporters will turn their activity to FINDING THE WRONG, not alienating those in Wisconsin who did the right thing.

    My prayer is that the cancer will be exposed today and that America will be strong enough to focus their energy on Donald Trump, his campaign and exercising its right to file charges against those who would slow this great white horse, the only one capable of finding the disease.

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    1. I don’t blame any of the states that lost to Cruz. We know you guys were robbed. My state hasn’t had a primary yet, but I would go out of my flippin’ mind if my vote switched to that servant -of -Satan Ted Cruz!


  3. This comment is truly uplifting because last night was a “downer”. I was temporarily discouraged, now I’m angry and ready to continue on. I truly think that God is giving us Donald Trump to save America. Donald Trump may not be the perfect Christian , but God always brings perfection from imperfection and it speaks volumes to me that so many evil people are fighting against him. I kow we are on the right path, we must not stop!

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    1. Susie says:

      Donald Trump may not be the perfect Christian, but is a very good man. I can feel his goodness. He is so special. Conversely, I can feel the evil that is Ted Cruz. It is so obvious.

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      1. The establishment elite is behind this mess. And it is a mess. The season four of “House of Cards” is being lived out as the GOP reality show right before our eyes. Guess that series was our warning of things to come.


  4. Trump is NOT of the anointing. The Holy Spirit speaks Loud and Clear when it speaks. “I came not to unite but as a division. To divide mothers and daughters fathers and sons. Along Sword will cut you to your most inward parts.” It is saying to Not get involved with “World Politics” if you are truly my disciples. A minister MUST remain neutral to all conflicts.The politicians will do whatever is necessary in order to make “Caesar’s Thing’s” work for Caesar. A True disciple must remain focused on the Word of God for ALL his decisions. The divisions must take place in order for refining to take place. The Holy Spirit clearly speaks thru the True Anointed Ones when it says: “If you are Truly my disciples, follow my example. A servant is not above his master. If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also.” But it also gives Warning. “Do not put your trust in nobles in which No salvation belongs.” …Basically, in my own words, To not get overly involved in the affairs of the world. As His followers, we are clearly taught right from wrong. If you do right you will ultimately succeed. If you are doing wrong, it will Most Definitely catch up to you in God’s Own Appointed Time frame. Trust in the One True God. …As for Mister Trump, as far as men go, I personally hope he does win the election. I like what I can see as far as what is to be seen by my own “eyes”.(common sense) A man can be easily understood by the Family he shapes. Everyone has mistakes in their past. What he/she does in order to rectify them is what is important. I find a Lovely spirited wife as well as children (although grown) following in his footsteps. A perfectly fine example to draw a glimpse into the man who is Trump. …But as a servant of The One True God, I look Only to God for deliverance and direction. In closing, If God wills it, he will indeed use Donald Trump in order to accomplish His works. I don’t wish to speak ill of any of the other candidates , so I won’t use names. But there are some who are just plain EVIL. If God chooses to allow it. So be it! I will remain faithful irregardless…….Michael Z Archangel

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  5. Diane Ezzell says:

    Yes we are fighting the fight! People need to understand what now is happening for sure! We need to get this out more to the public some people just don’t realize it’s a fight for God and our country! God is giving us at this time one more choice!


  6. Nellis Monreal says:

    Thnx for your words of wisdom. I am angry at this nasty world system. I’m fed up with hierarchy mental status that think they can and will do as they please. I have to remind myself, ” Vengeance Belongs to the Lord.”


  7. JKLH says:

    This Nation, the foundation and founders were inspired by God. And what is going on is what our forefather’s warned us! I believe he gave us the will to take on this fight! We were non vocal of these evils that took God and Jesus Christ out of our Country. And it is about time we bring it back to save our Country and our souls!!


  8. What makes a good leader? A super businessman… we live in a super country United States of America.. Donald Trump knows what to do knows what to say and how to do it… that is why he is so successful what he does he makes him a super businessman president of the United States of America 2016


  9. Remember, all those who are disheartened, Almighty God is on the throne and is STILL in charge. He allows some things to divide between good and evil, to see who will stand and who will fall or fall apart! Having studied the Bible for 25 years 5 days a week with a 65 year Bible scholar who spoke 5 languages, I learned the Bible in depth and learned things I had NEVER learned in any physical churches I had ever attended. All the things happening today are talked of in the Bible as events in the end days. The muslims are satan’s locust army spoken of in Revelation exhibiting all 4 stages of the locust. These times are hard and are perilous and that is why it is so important to understand God’s word in depth and as it was written as then it gives understanding of what is happening and what is to come, which gives comfort and actual joy in the worst of times. But, there is one that is coming who will make obama look like a boy scout and if you are not learned in God’s word, you WILL be deceived, just as MANY were deceived in 2008 when a new, “miracle worker” who delivered promises of hope and “change” appeared form nowhere onto the scene. Another will appear in the near future promising all these things and more, but if you are not filled with God’s word and light, you WILL be deceived again! The past 8 years has been a test and a time of opportunity for enlightenment. Some have learned, many have not and are doomed to make the same mistake again, this time at the cost of their soul!

    Trying to study God’s word yourself is good, but it is like trying to teach yourself to fly without the benefit of a flight instructor, one who has spent MANY years in the art and can guide and correct, define things. Studying with a “one verse Charley” is probably worse. That is a preacher who pulls one or two verses out of the Good Book and spends the entire sermon on them, teaching no one anything and you leave church feeling emptier and more confused than when you arrived. He probably actually knows less than you do. Where i got my in-depth knowledge that gives me so much Bible smarts, peace and joy in my heart in these awful times is a little Church out of Gravette, Ak. called Shepard’s Chapel, started many years ago by Arnold Murray and his son who later joined him in the Bible lessons, Dennis Murray. It is televised 5 days a week on cable TV, you will have to look in your guide to find the channel and time. If you have Dish, it is on 24 hours a day on channel 256. They have a toll free number which is: 800-643-4645. I promise you it will help you through these bad times!


  10. nancy hill says:

    Gail you need to rightly divide the bible to understand it correctly the old test is written to god’s chosen people the Jews and the new test is written to the gentiles, that’s where the confusion comes in most Christians think the whole bible is written to them. Romans – Philmon is for us written by the apostle Paul. Believe in the death, burial & resurrection of Jesus Christ the gospel and God promises you salvation. KJV Corthians I 15:1-4


  11. I am glade to see more Bibicaly people behind Mr. Trump. I’m glade to see someone is bringing the fact what others running for president really want other than line their pockets. That is the fact of a One World Order, but their One World Order doesn’t include The ONE TRUE LIVING GOD that sent his Only Son, Jesus Christ. Mr. Obama agenda is for us all to be under Islam laws, the Clintons and Mr. And Mrs.Cruz are in the foot steps of Obama for the same. The media backs this in my opinion is why they won’t report real news and manipulates the people. The media lied and hid Obama’s background. We need Mr. Trump and I believe God put Mr.Trump in the position to help the USA. For many generations men and women have fought and died for our Freedom and rights. Now, all strangers illegals , haters of America come, Our Rights and Freedom have been stolen from us! My father fought in World War II, he fought for what was right, moral, and Godly! Not for the rights of killers, murders, burning flags, all the bad cussing nasty foul mouth language and using God name in vain! So common little children talk it. We need a strong leader. A President that is willing, able, can talk to other leaders of other countries. Trump is the man for this job. It isn’t going to be an easy job! There is a lot of cleaning up needed in Washington and this country. Thank you for being a supporter for Trump


    1. The Holy Spirit is a great Bible teacher. 20 years ago, I started walking with the Lord, but couldn’t go to church because my husband wasn’t on the same page yet. I had two little children. Could see all of the NWO stuff clear as day. I was scared to death. My hubby wanted to send the kids to public school, and if we went to church, it would be Catholic, because otherwise, his mom’s feelings would be hurt. My sister told me that I didn’t need to be afraid. She told me to listen to the Bible teaching on the radio (J. Vernon McGee), and just get to know Jesus. “Just get snuggy into him, and he will take care of everything”. You can guess how the story goes. Anyone who knows Him does. Hubby came to Jesus within a year. Both boys are grown men and love the Lord. We had so much fun the first time, we have two little girls that I have the privelage of homeschooling. What a joy it is to serve and love such a gracious and faithful God!


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