Betty Better reminds us all at a time as this one important scripture…we thank her for it is written and it is true:


Psalms 2:1-4 (NKJV)

1 Why do the nations rage,
And the people plot a vain thing?
2 The kings of the earth set themselves,
And the rulers take counsel together,
Against the Lord and against His Anointed, saying,
3 “Let us break Their bonds in pieces
And cast away Their cords from us.”
4 He who sits in the heavens shall laugh;
The Lord shall hold them in derision.

We stand in faith for righteousness to prevail over evil. Trump is just a man, but a man that has the backing of the anointing. We continue to stand in the gap and pray for him and our nation.
Trump 2016

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  1. Media has not covered huge outcry of fraud voting!.Trumps name is left off ballad sheets? queues are so long because polling stations not open? reports from early morning about fake online voting websites, that’s just a few of the complaints made by Trump supporters. Media, GOP and all who is behind this relentless ANTI TRUMP smear campaign has left supporters out in cold!. We are bewildered the public believe the lies and propaganda from Cruz campaign and media. Trump supporters are a mixture of culture and background we are not racist we peaceful we want our vote to count. Parties on both sides have bombarded the country and world with vile negative coverage. Reporters have put Trump under so much pressure and deliberately ask controversial questions that no other candidate had to answers. We will fight on for Trump to be President of USA because we believe and trust Trump will make America great again.

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  2. Cindi says:

    I pray every day God guide Donald Trump to victory in every state and ultimately to the White House. May this country be blessed once again in truth, peace, justice, prosperity and love.

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  3. Perry Haynes says:

    Shame on you for repeating this rumor. You stand behind the Holy Bible and then gossip about others. Hippocrite, Viper, doer of evil!


  4. Leigh says: gives a good perspective of the Wisconsin race (Trump knew this state was very much like Iowa, and he may not win). Anyway, those pushing third party:: How does one expect to win third party without Cruz supporter votes, etc?? It seems the chances are that the establishment may want Trump to run third party, so Hillary will definitely win? What is the dynamic, the chances, etc??? I just want to know ,as I have been an avid Trump supporter for many months! IMHO , I was suspended from asamom because of my support(because I had NO suspension for 4-5 years prior to many anti-Trump administrators!!!) They used nitpicking rules, and did not suspend ANY Cruz supporters!! Sad, about supression of free speech in America!!!


    1. a ranch hand says:

      If Trump is not the republican nominee, I will simply ‘write-in’ his name, on the ballot, for the general election.


    2. Perhaps Ted Cruz is a “Conservative” (whatever the blank that means), but I also believe that Cruz is an unethical Globalist who is controlled by special interests. However, Trump is both a Nationalist and a ‘Common Sense Conservative’ who seems to be his own man and is a decent person – a mentsch. In particular, U.S. Trade Deficits (and all that implies) are a critical issue. I previously didn’t shut the door on Cruz if he would legitimately receive the most votes and delegates. However, after Wisconsin, which I believe was clearly rigged, I BELIEVE THAT IT’S IMPOSSIBLE FOR ANY CANDIDATE OTHER THAN (OUR HERO AND HOPE) DONALD TRUMP TO LEGITIMATELY RECEIVE MORE VOTES AND DELEGATES. Even if it would be Hillary against Cruz (and Trump would refuse to run third party), I still would refuse to support Cruz as the lesser of two evils BECAUSE THE GREATER EVIL IS TO REWARD (IN ANY WAY) THE BLATANT SCAM WHICH INCLUDES RIGGED ELECTIONS. It’s also a GREAT EVIL TO PLAY ALONG WITH THE TWO PARTY MONOPOLY WHEN BOTH PARTIES ARE DETRIMENTAL TO THE WELL BEING OF MOST U.S. CITIZENS. Also I do NOT trust that Cruz would nominate to SCOTUS someone who genuinely believes in following the original meaning when such a nominee would almost certainly hold that someone born in Canada (when his father was apparently not a U.S. citizen) is not a NATURAL born citizen. Indeed, as Trump points out, Cruz pushed the nomination of Roberts. Finally a Trump / Sanders ticket could siphon enough votes to win.


  5. If Trump himself does not make a big public stink about the voting fraud, then I think that he is part of the whole “game.” His message of “Make America Great Again” is meaningless if he is playing a crisis acting role of bending over.


  6. Ideas Time says:

    If we can not fix this problem, we loose.

    Trump needs to get a handle on this major problem or he will face it in the general election they intend to rig just like the state ones are now.

    Why Hillary will likely be your next President: Electronic election fraud, hacking of system exposed 100%


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