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Screw the front runner Donald J. Trump out of his elected by the people for the people position and it’s all over.  The GOP party will be very lonely….why?  Because on the day that you do the unthinkable and steal the votes from the people to anoint your fresh face there will be a voice so loud you will hear it.  That VOICE SHALL FOREVER RING IN YOUR EARS for on that day – THE NEW AMERICAN PARTY SHALL BE BORN and its’ FRONT RUNNER SHALL BE DONALD J. TRUMP!

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Guess what else….on the day that you boldly act to do such a despicable thing, that will be the day a party runs on a third ticket.  But, might I add, that THIRD TICKET PARTY WILL BE THE GOP!!  For from that day forth….THE AMERICAN PARTY shall burst forth throughout the land so loudly….the GOP shall be reduced to a handful of pompous puppets and an establishment full of  feeble puppet masters scratching their heads with very few followers left in their tent.

That is all that needs to be said.  Please take heed and proceed wisely.  The American party will make their own rules too and adjust them accordingly!

Dianne Marshall



    1. Corey Kiser says:

      We know Wisconsin’s did their best and were robbed by the GOP Establishment. Remember what the gentleman in Florida said about how he used to rig the voter machines? He said that if their is a major difference between what the polls were showing and what the election outcome is then you can be 100% sure the machines had been tampered with and no one would be any the wiser. Trump has 5-12 thousand at his rallies and Cruz has 3-5 hundred at his rallies, Cruz wins by a landslide? This is very bad when neither Trump or Cruz was more than 10 pts up at any given time in the election. 24 hrs ago all of the polls showed Trump up by 10 pts. Tonight he lost by 20 pts. How is it mathematically possible to have a 30 pt swing in less than 24 hrs? It’s called voter fraud. Machines should be outlawed, they are too easy to manipulate. Everyone should go back to hand ballots. The GOP Establishment is on thin ice with its base. It is not good if they arrange a Brokered Convention, They would have purposely split the party and hand the Presidency over to Hillary. I’m sure Trump will remain positive and start fresh in the morning. Today was a very sad day for Lady Liberty. Trump/Giuliani 2016!!!!


  1. I unsubscribed to all of their emails wanting money a few years back and pretty much gave up on them anyway. All you have to do is look at some of those that they’ve put up, like McCain ( a loser, never had a chance ), Romney, ( whose heart wasn’t really in it ), and on back to Bob Dole, really??


  2. DrRollan says:

    Kasich or Cruz? “Insanity: voting same thing over and over again expecting different results.” Vote Trump 4 Change!


  3. Ideas Time says:

    I was going to comment on the voting theft in WI today. I see someone already attached the link to the story. I have been warning people for weeks now that this would happen. They people will stop and nothing to stop Trump. I hope Trump can get the goods on these rigged elections and voting machines and do something about it.

    I hope you too can reach out to the Trump camp and do a report on this story. Love you site and visit it everyday and spread you link around the internet. If we can’t stop the voting fraud, we are all just spinning our wheels.


    A project of the Committee To Restore America’s Greatness


  4. Hard to believe people are so stupid Cruz is all New World Order Their was a Church service on PC a week ago that they had him on the platform declaring him annointed of God to be president Some strange thing about a 7 mountain domion belief they come up with


  5. Kaite says:

    I had a really rotten day today, prepping for taxes and then smashing my three middle fingers between two closing garage door panels. Yeow! I stayed away from the internet all day, instead being industrious while in pain. Kept myself very occupied.
    So when I checked the election results, I expected better than I saw. Again. Stolen. Smugly. This is just too much!!!
    But, you are correct! The American Party! I have been Republican my entire adult life, and now I, like so many others, am disgusted with their attitude and actions. Sneer at me? Me leave! Not looking back. Saw behind the curtain. Ugly, very.
    So I do feel better. Still in pain, still really peeved, but better.
    They will rue the day.
    I promise.


  6. How can you teach the next generation of children how to be good and honest when those in government that represent this generation are all liars and thieves. They should be a shame of themselves. I hope there is Karma but also hope God can save us. The terrorist are real but just as frighten is the fact that we trusted the government to protect us. Instead they are continuing to put our lives at risk. We the People want total change and instead of embracing our wishes as elected officials you are ignoring us. The cheating is unbelievable. Why are the laws not for everyone? Why should any of us continue to obey you? There are no words to express my total disappointment, as a citizen in this USA I had hoped that decency would have won out and caring for WE THE PEOPLE actually ment you care. What a disgrace our current congress and senate and GOP and President are and your children will suffer as much as ours. MaryC.


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