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Will there be a third party run?  A fresh face from Karl Rove hand picked by the establishment is what I’m talking about.  The fraud and deceit is right in our face and most people are now sick and tired of watching the fake display of how our political process has been nothing more than appointed positions.

Years ago I had a conversation with a few die hard Republican campaign so-called V.I.P.’s.  The rhetoric was YOUR VOTE COUNTS, and the electoral process was very important, along with they vote according to the majority of the people’s vote, bla, bla, bla.  I knew that was all jargon then and today it is exposed for the lie it has always been. In fact the very first election between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson was stolen from Adams by electoral majority, even though he won the popular vote. The V.I.P.’s don’t like to hear that, but it is fact.

The silent majority is coming out in droves in this election so the lie that ‘people just don’t get out and vote’ isn’t working this time around.  Instead, we are supposed to believe that fake polls are the indicator that a losing candidate is now surging ahead, even though no one is attending their rallies in any number to support the phony polls.

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Trump has awakened America and there will be no fresh face that will put the majority of Americans back in slumber mode, nor make them eat the cake they are baking. What they will achieve in their deceit to continue this all out voter fraud and hand picking their candidate at a brokered convention will only be an all out rebellion against the fraudulent system that is now exposed.


A third party run will be taking place on all sides.  The fresh face versus Trump, versus Hillary versus Bernie also running on a third party ticket.  It will definitely be what the NWO had in mind all along.  Which is a total destruction of the election process and their goal of appointing presidents and political members by a member based group.  Just like the United Nations does.  Welcome to the North American Union where leaders are appointed openly and not having to go through the fake political process any more. As Americans united we stand.  As a North American United Union we fall.  This election will determine which one it is!NORTH AMERmqdefault

If the establishment continues to act on their treachery, the outcome will not be what the establishment has in mind.  There is a movement taking place and the silent majority is leading it! The fraud is exposed and out in the open for all to see.

DONALD J. TRUMP IS THE CHOICE OF THE PEOPLE!  The people have spoken and are not going to shut up now!  The RNC can shove their fresh face in Karl Rove’s white board!

karl Rove-Pig-board

Dianne Marshall



  1. WISCONSIN – Tuesday April 5, 2016 – VOTE TRUMP

    Dianne Marshall – YOU ARE SO CORRECT ( https://themarshallreport.wordpress.com/2016/04/03/trump-winning-in-wisconsin-polls/ ). I believe the recent polls that are being used by the msm to allege that Trump is losing to Canadian born Cruz in Wisconsin are at best misleading – for example: just look at the inconsistency ( http://heavy.com/news/2016/04/latest-wisconsin-gop-republican-polls-current-polling-numbers-primary-donald-trump-ted-cruz-john-kasich/ )


    http://redstatewatcher.com/article.asp?id=13476 – “ARG has new poll with Trump LEADING 42-32 over Cruz!”

    Furthermore my comment posted “April 4, 2016 at 12:47 am” at http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2016/04/04/april-4th-2016-presidential-election-open-discussion/comment-page-1/#comment-2355836


    I believe that if G-d have mercy Trump would lose the Wisconsin primary that would mean EGREGIOUS ELECTION FRAUD (# 1) Most of Cruz’s victories have been in caucuses – not primaries (# 2) Wisconsin is an Open Primary ( http://www.thegreenpapers.com/P16/WI-R )

    As for the how? Your focus on Microsoft seems to be confirmed in http://redstatewatcher.com/article.asp?id=13477 “Scott Walker-Paul Ryan colluding to steal Wisconsin election from Donald Trump!”


    May G-d please bless and protect Donald Trump.

    “Full Event: Donald Trump HUGE Rally in Milwaukee, WI w/ Melania (4-4-16)”


    1. Both Democracies and Republics should have integrity. ‘As virtue is necessary in a republic, and in a monarchy honor, so fear is necessary in a despotic government: with regard to virtue, there is no occasion for it, and honor would be extremely dangerous.’— Charles de Montesquieu.


    1. Get political attorney one not owned by the money men amf go after the cheaters from as far back as IA with Dr Carson protesters etc. I am been getting Ryan $$ getting since February


  2. DrRollan says:

    Could the Nov. election be made up of 4 major candidates: Trump, Rubio, Sanders, and Hillary? The winner getting less than 30%.


  3. Wake up, smell the coffee. Any politician that proposes policies thats good for White Americans is bad for the 3 letter people. You think its coincidence the GOP “establishment” is against Trump? Who are the “establishment” anyway? Open your GD eyes people. The most powerful minority in this country is calling the shots. The same people no one is allowed to criticize. You see, Trump is a WASP & he is rich. This is their worst nightmare. They never thought Trump would go this far. The plan was for Jeb Bush or Rubio NWO puppets to have won the nomination. Notice that’s where all the money & positive coverage went. But then, Trump threw a big monkey wrench in their plans. Now, they are paranoid b/c Trump is serious about the border, he’s not a warmonger for Israel and he’s serious about deporting the illegals. He’s not a politician who is part of the NWO CRF Rothschilds Rockafeller club. He is rich enough not to need their shekels, therefore, can’t be controlled. This is dangerous to them. Ask yourselves, why are all these Neocons against Trump? Krauthammer, Kristol, Ben Stein, Pamela Geller, Ben Shapiro, Bernie Goldberg. they are all supposedly conservatives yet they rather support Hilary than Trump. What does that tell you goy? Open your eyes.


  4. What happened this past weekend in Tennessee was a disgrace! We voted for our delegates and they deemed them inappropritate and then changed them to anti- Trump delegates, Here is a letter I emailed to the TNRNC (feedback@tngop.org) . I encourage people who feel their votes are being dienfranchised to do the same with their party chairman. The Establishment is doing everything (legal and illegal) they can to steal the nomination from Trump!

    April 5, 2016
    Dear Chairman Ryan Haynes:

    As a registered Tennessee voter, I am extremely upset at the Tennessee RNC’s delegate process that took place over this past weekend. I believe you cheated your constituents of their part in the political process by not electing the Trump delegates voted on by the people of Tennessee.

    This was my first Presidential election in Tennessee (moved from St Simons Island, Georgia in 2013) and I was surprised when my primary ballot was over 16 pages long. I was able to actually select delegates and they were listed according to their candidate. However, I had no prior knowledge of these delegates other than the candidate they were supporting. I voted for Trump delegates assuming if Trump won, his delegates with the majority of votes in the primary would serve at the convention. At the time I wished I had been able to research the delegates prior to voting, but knew they were Trump backers and voted for both congressional and state delegates (both committed and uncommitted.) I waited in line for over 2 hours to vote and it took me 30 minutes to scroll and select the candidates along with the delegates. Trump won Tennessee and I assumed his delegates selected by the voters would go to Cleveland.

    Now the RNC is saying they put delegates in that weren’t initially Trump delegates???? How in the heck is that fair to the people of Tennessee that voted for Trump AS WELL AS the delegates committed to support him??? We VOTED for these delegates!!!! Many states don’t offer the voter the right to choose their delegates- but Tennessee IS NOT one of those states. So PLEASE explain how you feel you did nothing wrong- saying these delegates are committed to Trump for the 1st two ballots is not an acceptable answer to me since you are essentially taking my vote and throwing it out the window.

    According to an article in the WSJ this morning:

    “(Trump) gets the same number of delegates” that he received in March, Haynes said, adding that “what happened is he put forth a slate of individuals that he wanted to see go under his name, but unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate every one of his requests.”

    Explain to me how you “could not accommodate his requests” when we VOTED on the delegates????? It should not be a matter of accommodation, but simply putting the delegates receiving the most votes for the candidate into the slots. The alternates should also be from the delegates of the winning candidate.

    I am a 50 year-old college educated female and feel you are committing fraud against every Tennessee voter who voted for Trump. It isn’t enough that the “Establishment” is doing everything within their power to bring Trump down- with their Anti-Trump SuperPac’s spending millions and millions of dollars. Since that isn’t enough to stop Trump, the RNC is resorting to tactics such as this.

    I used to be proud to be a Republican! I used to believe in our political process- we don’t have Super delegates like the Democrats, or so I thought. But I now think the Republican Party is even worse than the Democrats. At least the Dems are transparent with their super delegates. Republican voters are just realizing that “the delegates pick the candidate- not the voter”- which a delegate proudly said on cable a few weeks ago.

    And now we realize that the voters in Tennesse do not even actually pick the delegates! If the RNC deems our candidate to not be their choice- they can simply put in delegates for their candidate, and then after two rounds of voting they can switch from Trump to anyone the RNC deems “fit for office”. How WRONG is this??

    Never in my life would I think delegates elected on a ballot and winning would have their place taken away. Delegates for Trump saw this happen in Nashville last weekend. And this Tennessee voter is not happy about it. I will do my best to expose the corruption and elect a candidate who will clean up Washington!

    I believe that even if I wasn’t a Trump supporter, I would not vote for anyone other than the candidate with the most votes going into Cleveland. I believe the RNC is willing to destroy their Party and hand the election to Clinton rather than back their frontrunner. Why? Because Trump is not part of the “Washington Establishment”. He will expose the corruption in Washington, while Hillary will let it continue. Bernie is so popular because many Democrats feel the same way regarding Washington.

    The actions of the Tennessee RNC this weekend were despicable. I wish I had a copy of my ballot to see which delegates I voted for as I had never seen their names prior to the ballot and which delegates are actually on the convention list. It seems we are seeing in state after state (Louisiana, Tennessee, and now Arizona) delegates are being taken from Trump. If he does not have 1237 going into Cleveland I firmly believe the RNC will do ANYTHING to stop him from being the nominee. This was never more evident than tat the Tennessee convention this past weekend. Since the voters actually VOTED for the delegates there should not be any “accommodation” needed. I have not heard on any newscast the admittance the voters actually chose the delegates. I think America has the right to know the sneaky, underhanded tactics the RNC is now doing publically in order to prevent the candidate elected by the people from getting the nomination. The RNC is willing to lose the 2016 election, rather than embracing the people’s choice.

    Never before in history would a John Kasich still be in the race. Who is funding him at this point??? No sane person would throw money at a candidate who has only won his home state. He is getting money to simply stop Trump from getting to 1237. Cruz only talks about how he is the only one between him and Trump who can beat Hillary. What a joke! Even Democrats say Trump could beat Hillary and Ted Cruz is the candidate they would rather run against. The “Establishment” also hates Cruz, so odds are he would not become the nominee in Cleveland either, and in any other election year he would realize he has no path and unite behind Trump.

    This year America (Democrats and Republicans) has decided they want outsiders. Sanders and Trump are whom the respective parties have rallied behind. They are tired of the “Establishment” governing Washington and nothing getting done. A study done recently showed that America is more of an oligarchy, as it is the extremely wealthy who dictate policies rather than the will of the people. This election proves this study to be right on target. We are witnessing the exposure of the corruption- not only in Washington, but also in the political process itself. If the RNC continues on its current path of changing the rules to circumvent the will of the voter, I predict huge problems in Cleveland. I don’t see Trump delegates embracing a new candidate or someone such as Kasich. I see no way for a victory in November unless the candidate going into the convention becomes the nominee. Republican voters are not going to calmly accept the fact their party doesn’t like their choice and changed the rules so their preferred candidate gets the nomination. This would ensure a Democrat in the White House for the next 4-7 years, and also split the Republican party perhaps indefinitely. How is this what is best for the Party? I cannot think of ANY reason this would help and MANY reasons why it would almost destroy the Republican Party as we know it. It makes no sense, unless they are afraid of not having control over Washington…….

    This is exactly why Trump needs to get in the White House and expose Washington’s corruptness. He is not owned by lobbyists and SuperPac’s and will be able to expose the corruption in DC. He is who the majority of Republican voters want- and if America is not an oligarchy- the will of the people should prevail.

    I hope the American voters realize what is happening and that Trump gets the 1237 prior to Cleveland. But with the tactics of the RNC and candidates staying in the race only to take delegates away from Trump, it is looking more unlikely. It just disgusts me that the RNC is willing to lie, cheat, and steal in order to get their nominee. It literally makes me sick to my stomach to know my vote in Tennessee does not really count unless I vote for the candidate the RNC wants me to.


    1. Hank H says:

      The RNC does not care. They are more worried about losing power and Trump exposing the criminal things they have done. I can tell you that Cruz, Ryan or others will lose Florida. The USA elections are rigged. The media will lie for them all day long.

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  5. Hank H says:

    The full on theft by the RNC/GOP-e is on. Romney did the same thing in 2012. This is corrdinated by the Bushes, Romney, RNC and others.

    Cruz and the RNC are for open borders. You will never get rid of ObamaCare with Cruz and the RNC – NEVER.


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