“We don’t take sides (in this race), regardless of what you may think or read,” stated Reince Priebus.

Hello Priebus!  Did you just do the Jedi thingy?  What will be next?  Telling disgruntled voters to “Move along now, this is not the candidate you want?”


Trump Force is strong in America. Trump needs to tell the dark side – You’re FIRED!

Dianne Marshall

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  1. Renate Andersch says:

    love it, thanks for your daily great reports.

    On Sun, Apr 3, 2016 at 10:05 PM, THE MARSHALL REPORT wrote:

    > Dianne Marshall posted: ““We don’t take sides (in this race), regardless > of what you may think or read,” stated Reince Priebus. Hello Priebus! Did > you just do the Jedi thingy? What will be next? Telling disgruntled > voters to “Move along now, this is not the candidate you want” >


  2. Leigh says:

    I am also tired of this election. I have defended Trump ad nauseum.( I post on a site, 83,000) and have been censored twice (suspended 3 days) and now for how long I do not know. The administrators claim it is breaking rules, but it is a nitpick, that I did not fully document something or put in IMHO enough. No one else gets this scrutiny. The other was I quoted Vincente Fox about …the f—–g wall, etc. without saying it and only quoting, etc. Anyway, all the administrators seem to be pro-Cruz and anti-Trump, and are surely sick of my defense!! So much for the first amendment!! I fought global education(UNESCO ed./Goals 2000akaNo child left behind,aka,race to the top/now common core renamed college and career readiness/Soviet Polytechnic ed.) for 7 years when my 11 yr. old was shown a soft porn film in good touch/bad touch class along with pro-homosexual propaganda!! This has been a LLLOONNNGG war, and I feel Trump’s pain (on a smaller scale as the demonization surely came) . These weasels in the press(MSM), the GOPe, and the Salem Media(Epperson/pro-cruzbots) Townhall, Hotair, Redstate, etc. etc. along with Beck/Mercer/blaze/Barton cabal are throwing their own brethren in the toilet at the altar of the “annointed”(by his alcoholic and philandering dad), and by Beck”he fulfills Mormon prophecy”. These people sometimes make me more mad than the GOPe or MSM!! Keep it up though,!!


    1. Keep standing, speaking out and you are absolutely right – Cruz bots can be so mean and nasty. Liars or those who believe liars and fight for lies to be force fed in others mouths as truth are truly sickening. There in lies the problem.


  3. Donald Trump is destined to be our president…His power of mind and strength is exactly what we need. No one, and I mean NO ONE..can compare to Donald Trump. Our country is going down real fast and he’s the only person who can fix it all. He’s honest and says what he means and means what he says…There will be millions of saddened hearts if he is not elected due to the corruption surrounding him. He’s so powerful and this frightens the enemies against him. Everyone vote for a treasure you’ll never find again.


  4. Cutit says:

    I agree with you 100%. His opponents the “Anti Trump” are so afraid of Trump because he is the only who is bold enough to point out the deterioration of this country in the hands of the incompetent of government leaders. Also the Super Pacs, Special Interest Grp., and the Lobbyist are part of a major corruptions in taking millions of dollars from the donors of the collected donations to fund the candidate they choose. They are so corrupt. Trump is funding his own campaign and can’t be bought nor be influenced by these groups. Therefore they can’t funneled that funds to Trump, so they have to funnel the funds to support even to loosing candidate like Jeb Bush, Rubio and Kasich to justify to continue collecting donations. In spite of their anti Trump efforts, Trump continue to rise on the top. No matter how they maligned Trump, his supporters remained loyal to him, I’m one of those supporters. President Trump 2016 all the way to the White House!


  5. Jerry Luke says:

    Donald Trump is definitely the answer for America. I really believe he’ll help the entire world come back together. I believe God raised him up for this purpose this is why the GOP or a better term Satan is trying to bring him down. Let’s have a turn out in Ohio in July that will shock the world. I am praying for millions of people to show up at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland Ohio in support of Donald Trump.


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