The Ghosts of D.C. Past Is Coming Forth…

People walk past the U.S. Capitol dome in the hours before Obama delivers the State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress in Washington

What we do know about the D.C. Madam trial (that received little press coverage) was that among her reported clients of the time were Senator John McCain, Senator Vitter, former AIDS Czar Randall Tobias (this led to his resignation from his position), Dick Morris, military strategist Harlan Ullman who  was the strategist behind “shock and awe”, Vice President Cheney, and Sam Donaldson. This all unsurprisingly resulted in a bizarre May 1st 2008 suicide hanging?  Might I add there was conveniently NO INVESTIGATION into the so-called suicide.

The story vanished from the headlines as quickly as Palfrey was hanged.

cruz dc madamuntitled

Who else was on the list, and who was insignificant then, but very significant now?  Time is ticking away and it is appearing that one woman’s death will not have been in vain.

“On May 1, 2008, Deborah Jeane Palfrey, known in the mainstream press as the DC Madam, was reported to have hanged herself in a shed in the back yard of her mothers home. A suicide note was found. Palfrey’s note used a number of clichés, strangely including modern day lynching, a darkly ironic reference to her impending manner of death, and also apparently referring to the extremely selective enforcement – they tried to destroy her life, while sparing all of the politically powerful elite who used her services – that found her guilty in federal court of racketeering and money laundering in connection with her operation of an escort service that catered to Washington insiders.” (See link below)


“Even the establishment media mouthpiece The Washington Post conceded that, “There would have been book deals, movies, forgiveness, and VIP tickets to charity balls,” upon Palfrey’s release. Palfrey KNEW that Hollywood movies and book deals were waiting to transform her into a MULTI-MILLIONAIRE for telling all. Palfrey would have probably spent two years in a virtual country club in exchange for living a life of luxury and never having to work another day for the rest of her life upon release, and SHE KNEW THAT!.”

Read more here:

So….perhaps the ghosts of Washington past are finally catching up with many, many guilty parties?

Dianne Marshall

21 thoughts on “The Ghosts of D.C. Past Is Coming Forth…

  1. Reblogged this on jmilamdeal and commented:
    Who knows what may be disclosed by her former attorney, if he lives? He may have an unfortunate accident like so many others that would have done something about the corruption in Washington, we’ll soon see.


  2. Dave Johnson says:

    Thank you Dianne for the excellent website. Another reason for the PTB to allow “exposing” the “hookers” that Cruz used, was because when Wayne Madsen exposed the gay lifestyle of Rubio, he “accidentally” exposed that Cruz was also gay because of his involvement with the New York “Lavender Mafia”. Those people only involve themselves with like minded souls.

    Also, if you look close at the pictures of Heidi Cruz, you will see that “she” is actually a man.

    Heidi Cruz is a man. Just like Michelle. Forensic examination proves it.

    On a man’s hand, the ring finger is always longer than the index finger.

    On a woman’s hand, the ring finger is shorter than the index finger.

    Check these out. Heidi is a man. Chin of a man. Arms of man. Check the shoulder width.

    Hope this helps

    The Investigator

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  3. doubledenvy says:

    Can someone tell me where I can apply for a C.C.P. , concealed chalk permit, I want to be able to stealthly write , TRUMP 2016 / 2020 at U of N Reno

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      1. doubledenvy says:

        Hooyah back RP: A lot has changed , too much public and media exposure of Seal Program in the recent years. 40 years ago the only people that new were the participants of the program. I remember the occasional reunions with our families , even then all were tight lipped and then as the beach bar b que preceded and more adult beverages were consumed inevitably one would say something , maybe embellish it and those who believed that ” Loose Lips Sink Ships” , would immediately get offended , and a fight would ensue. Kinda’ like a love/ Fight Club. In fact , my wife would say when we were driving up the coast to every reunion bar b que ” Honey , will you not drink and get in a fight tonight , with my kids in the back seat chiming yeah, Dad , don’t get in a fight with your brothers” Oh how times have changed , I miss those days. Now , back to my safe zone , cleaning my new Tacticle 556 ,going to the range. Hooyah RP


  4. MOST IMPORTANT WAKE UP REMINDER: TED CRUZ’S CONNECTION TO GIFT-BASKETS-GATE (ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION) ((1) (2) Thank You Sarah Palin (approximately 8:48 of (“• Sarah Palin advocates for Donald Trump in Wisconsin • 4/01/16 •”)))!!!


  5. I’m quoting “facebkwallflower” “April 3, 2016 at 12:57 am” ( ):

    Sharing great comment from over at Gatewaypundit.

    “Scott • 7 hours ago
    As a Cruz supporter who is migrating toward Trump more everyday, I may have just had my final straw crush me regarding Cruz. I’m surprised that Gateway hasn’t reported this.

    Apparently, Ted Cruz has announced that former senator Phil Graham is going to be his chief economic advisor.

    Excuse me while I finish vomiting.

    And I’m back. For those of you who are not aficionados of Wall Street shenanigans and their DC enablers, Graham spearheaded the elimination of Glass Steagal at the end of the Clinton administration with the full support and encouragement of Robert Rubin, then Secretary Of Treasury. Glass Steagal separated investment activities at large banks from banking.

    This taxpayer guaranteed cookie jar enabled banks to make trillions of dollars of sketchy bets that ultimately resulted in the crash and bailout of 2008.

    For their efforts, Rubin was made Vice Chairman of Citi, paying him hundreds of millions, and Graham was paid off by HSBC.

    This assh@le is individually more responsible than anyone in the world for the sh$t show that is the US economy today.

    Just threw up again. I can’t stop. Anyway, for Ted Cruz to pick this man to be his economic advisor is akin to Truman choosing Himler to look after the needs of interned Jews after WW II.

    Somebody please do some reporting out there!

    As of now, I am no longer a Cruz guy.”

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