cruz rally

It is really revealing how everyone is betting that the D.C. Madam list caller that Attorney Montgomery Blair Sibley is in dire need to release ASAP, due to the presidential election of 2016, happens to be the name of  Ted Cruz.

Why on earth would a majority opinion lean toward the culprit being Ted?  Could it be that his wife Heidi  filed for divorce in 2005 on the grounds of infidelity?  Could it be that divorce was also considered again in 2011 with the same concerns?  What could it possibly be?  Heaven forbid if Ted ever really did copulate with a rat….I doubt he has…so who then was he copulating with?


Whether or not his name, Hillary’s name, or whoever’s name is on the list with their phone number…..it is interesting how all eyes are on Cruz.

I  am wondering which of the seven mountains this might knock him off of if it is indeed found to be Ted?

Meanwhile the Cruz camp is quiet, Ted is not going after the Enquire, and Madison’s list has revealed other incriminating factors.  So, what makes this any big deal, after all men will play.  Perhaps because the man named Ted has ran his campaign on morals, values and even condemned the entire state of New York City for having none of worth.  Perhaps it is because he holds the Bible high and declares his pious holier  than thou self being to the world at large?  Or is it because he has been anointed by a Seven Mountains Dominionism Pastor to rule society in God’s name?  You can’t make this crap up.

cruz 1458922765-1458922731_tmp_tedcruzcoverscandal

For those drinking  Kool-Aid, nothing will change whether he did or did not copulate even with rats.  Yet, since we are known by the company we keep….and rats are among his most closest establishment donor base….it is fair to suspect some copulation of sorts.  Even if used as an adjective to describe such underhanded cheating, stealing and lying campaign tactics. It is what it is.

Dianne Marshall

DC Madam’s attorney threatens to capsize presidential race with damning list of names



  1. Name says:

    I can’t imagine Cruz wanting to have sex with anyone. Sex with Heidi might have required a ‘turkey baster’ and was mutually intended only to create little political props.
    Ted Cruz is in love with only himself.

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  2. The Trump Factor says:

    The fact that he won’t sue The Enquirer speaks volumes. Since when does a DC lawyer not sue an entity for defamation? The Dems will have a field day with this smack. Best we deal with it now. Besides, Donald Trump is the safer vote, regardless. Trump is scandal free, and donor free, and has dedicated himself to OUR best interests.

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  3. sandra fabbri nash says:

    Looking forward to this better than ever Reality Show…We all know its Cruz. Teddy boy won’t answer questions blames Trump, but won’t go after the National Enquirer for slander. His wife had a breakdown, filed for divorce or separation in 2011 hmm could infidelity be the reason. I am all for this lawyer releasing the info. However he might want to just protect himself. Maybe he should just do it and stop threatening to do it. You see Italians have a saying…you never tell people what you are going to do…you just do it.

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  4. There was a mention of a love child with Amanda Carpenter born May 28, 2013, a boy named Harry. Amanda Carpenter’s sister in law said that Amanda Carpenter would meet Cruz for the weekends. Someone tried to scrub Google about the love child but there are a couple of mentions on Twitter also. Google giving name and date of birth of child. Sister in law said her brother still loved her. If this is all true then it will come out to the public one of these days!


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