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You can lie, you can scandalize, you can cheat, you can steal, block off streets and protest – but you can NEVER  stop the TRUTH from rising from the ashes of deceit, hate and corruption!

There is always someone hungry enough to sell out for a buck.  If it’s big bucks there is a line.  We witness this daily, especially in the propaganda news! I’m not just talking the commentators and the pundits, I’m talking the feeble liars in the news like the protestors, the fake battered reporter, the speaker of the house and our own seated president.  Every where we look the nation has gone mad.


In this process we have seen a nation of true Americans rise up and say – “NOT ON MY WATCH!”

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, let me put it this way – A den of wolves approach and an army of citizens have stood in the gap!  They are ready to defend their chicken house so the hungry wolves need to find dinner elsewhere! 

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Just try and tell me about how successful our “FOREIGN POLICY” has been.  Go on – give it a shot!  And I am not talking one of your toxic vaccines!  Your evil plans will be thwarted!

You will stop at nothing to stop Trump and we all know why!  He is not one of you and not in your club nor will he ever be!  Trump is the lifeline of America!

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Dianne Marshall



  1. 😐

    There’s an interesting comment posted “April 1, 2016 at 1:51 am” by “chrystalia99” at

    To quote:

    And LA is why we must educate our voters. The delegates in most states are selected following the primary. ANY registered republican can get on the ballot to be a state delegate, as well as national. The only way we can really protect our delegates is to make sure that all the people elected as delegates to state level are hard line Trump voters. Then at the state convention, those delegates have to either get voted in despite being “green” (by the numbers), or voted in on GOPer standards.

    We also need to work on this, so we have Trump’s back:

    For those with upcoming primaries, you want to look for long time republican volunteers and donors who are voting TRUMP, get them to put in their name for a delegate slot, then get the local precinct chairs to vote them in. I got a state delegate slot and have a decent shot at a national as well, as I have already begun canvassing the PCs in my area collecting votes from PCs attending the state convention.

    The reason you want established republicans with a track record is simple–the national delegates are typically people who have a known track record for voting R, volunteering, serving as PCs, and donating. Each category is “weighted”, so “green” candidates, meaning those who are new to the party, or haven’t done much, can only get chosen if they get enough votes from PCs to score higher than payers.

    In a normal race, voting would be enough. But in this race, we need to go the distance. And that means in the case of delegates, finding old school republicans who are hard core Trumpers to grab those delegate slots to state, and apply for national. And for the rest of us, it means finding out if your precinct captain/committeeman seat is open, and grabbing it now. Simply because if you’re already in it when the seat open up again after the general, you’ll get re-elected by your precinct, unless you have really made your voters angry.

    There will be more information on inner party workings going up on my blog tomorrow. But the situation is quite simple. We must hijack the GOP, and the easiest way to do so, and the ONLY real way to do so, is by taking the precinct slots.

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  2. What we are up against …

    LA (i.e. Louisiana)? (1) “There was a secret meeting in Louisiana of the convention delegation and apparently all the invitations for our delegates must have gotten lost in the mail” – (2) (3) (4) (5) Trump used the word “arcane”in a recent Town Hall

    “Trump’s Threat on Pledge Could Cost Him South Carolina Delegates” — – “How Votes For Trump Could Become Delegates for Someone Else”; – “RNC Lays Groundwork for Nominee Who May Not Be Trump”; – “Ned Ryun: GOP Establishment Has a Plan to Take the Nomination Away from Trump and Cruz”; – “Karl Rove: ‘Fresh face’ might be best GOP nominee”


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