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What the Cruz and Kasich super PAC attack ads against Trump are failing to realize is the true backlash these are having.  The Trump voter watching such lies is not going to change their minds, instead it is making them as sick and mad as though the ads were against a family member or close friend. You can’t attack Americans daily and not have them say ENOUGH!

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American people are sick of the feeble lies and ridiculous propaganda ranging from twit headed journalists claiming they were battered to Cruz blaming Trump for his own infidelity.  The side shows have cost the networks ratings, and most people have tuned them all out.

People are sick of watching voter fraud and establishment goons funding organized hate groups to go to Trump events, yell lies and block streets.

There is no GOP.  There is only establishment candidates versus Trump.  The back bone of America is behind Trump.  The huge crossover into the republican party is only  a crossover to support Trump.  They know it, we all know it – call it what it is.  It is a Trump surge!   The fraud games are going to end one way or the other.  The voice of the people SHALL be heard.

So  establishment play YOUR games.  In the end, the people will  counter punch exposing all the nakedness of the ones who do evil.  So, don’t act surprised when A HUGE BACKLASH that never took place before in political history REARS IT’S HEAD IN AN OUTPOURING MANIFESTATION OF PEOPLE SHOUTING ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! THE EARTH WILL LITERALLY SHAKE!

Dianne Marshall


8 thoughts on “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  1. Cynthia Dodge says:

    We, the voters, will NOT be fooled into the corrupt games that George Soros is paying for – It simply proves how deep some pockets are for payoffs !! Trump all the way !!!

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  2. There you have it: “Trump win…is better for me”. Is better for Dan Pena good for America and the world?

    Trump will rock the world?
    Wanting to punch Putin is a sign of respect and power?
    Might is right? Well, Pena did serve in the military, so the biggest gun (dick) wins, huh?

    America has the biggest self esteem, so why the paranoia, all military bases and covert ops?

    Nope, there is an underlying truth which Americans hide…that is the basis of the schizophrenic attitude to amoral, criminal oligarchs.

    Thanks for posting this anyway, I can now add Dan Pena to my psycopath list! Billy boy Gates and Warren Buffet are aleady on the list.


  3. cats4trump says:

    I live in a small community with a weekly newspaper that used to run fairly conservative editorials. Now every week, and I mean every week, is a new anti-Trump diatribe, usually a National Review article or some such drivel. It’s so maddening. They should just quit it and realize that people who support Trump are not going to be swayed by it, we’ve already done our homework and we’re not looking back. Enough is enough, but they won’t quit, so we’ll just dig in for the long haul. TRUMP 2016!


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