Finally Found! The Roots of the Seven Mountains Mandate

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I’ve been wondering for a very long time where the teaching of the “Seven Mountains” came from. Because I first heard it from the original NAR group – Peter Wagner, Chuck Pierce and Cindy Jacobs I thought maybe it was Peter Wagner.  Over the last few years I’ve watched Lance Wallnau become quite a well-known teacher on this topic although I have never sat and listened to him for very long. So, while I have been aware of this  – prophecy-mandate-movement-doctrine – I’ve never understood exactly from where it originated. And you know me, I like to know the roots of stuff.

This end times “take dominion over the earth” is taught by a large group all over the world, namely the NAR, and you have heard it referred to as domininon theology or kingdom now theology. Even after all my reading and research I continued to wonder where the…

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3 thoughts on “Finally Found! The Roots of the Seven Mountains Mandate

  1. Ashley Crawford says:

    Thank you, thank you so much for posting this. About 1 month ago I heard Lance Wallanau on periscope and I thought he sounded pretty knowledgable. I had never heard of him, so I liked his FB page. I saw some of his post and was curious about this 7 mountain teaching. What very little I could find on it didn’t seem right. I first noticed it wasn’t biblical. Then I noticed you could go on a cruise with him and his wife to “learn” all about how to function in your job better, I guess so you could function in the 7 mountain theology better? It just didn’t seem right. I felt a check in my spirit. I prayed about it and have been looking into it. I too feel that Jesus does not need a formula to win souls to Christ! We are the light of the world and we are his church. Thank you for bringing this to light! I believe the Holy Spirit will give us the understanding and power, and God will give us what we need! We don’t have to conspire, just go where we are called, He will provide it as we need it! This has been a blessing, glad I’m not off in my thinking! Jesus is Lord! Amen!


  2. Shela says:

    Peter Wagner and his groupie are always coming up with money making schemes. About 15-20 yrs. ago his followers had a group they called the Prophetic Round Table. I didn’t research much into it b/c real early it seemed like a Buch of Crap. The jest was this group Bill Bright, Peter Wagner, Jim Goude , Cindy Jacobs, John Dawson, Dick Eastman, Jack Hayford, John & Paula Sandford. Others their names are on the tip of my brain but won’t come up right now. You would know the names b/c they been traveling to conferences usually (pastors only) and writing books for yrs. seems this group were called by God as prophets. They were to be the prophet over a certain number of churches in certain areas. End results, they would be the prophet of all the USA churches. ( dominion?) most likely we are talking about Full Gospel, Charismatic, Penacostals Churches. They went to big mega churches. One of the men who worked with Benny Hinn built a church in my town. I went for 6 month. They been here 17 yrs. & have rebuilt twice. It turned into a super mega church. “WHY” b/c they handle sin a little to recklessly. A form of religion. People want religion. But they also want sin and they don’t want no guilt for it. Anyway back to my point. Peter Wagner came to my church at that time. I knew what he was trotting b/c I had a book by him on prayer and had looked him up on Internet. Some of what he wrote about was weird stuff I had never heard of and I been a Christian in church 30 yrs. so when I heard he was coming to speak to the church I thought that odd. He likes big dogs. I chuckled to myself b/c our Pastor was not gonna let some Prophet call the shots or be the visionary for our church. Don’t let nobody fool you. My thoughts were our pastor ain’t sharing the wealth his wife is high dollar lady. I don’t know if he’s still trotting the Prophetic Round Table or not. I can say this my pastor did not want a prophet (his services) to tell him what direction the church needed to go in. My guess is no other church did either. Funny my best friend goes to small church 75-100 people. The prophet didn’t come calling on her church. 🙂 I no longer go there but heard through grapevine they built again bigger. People love church and sin and a man who says he’s hearing from God that They are ok they are going to heaven, their a good man. The people love him! Anyway sorry for the rant….
    I am not a bit suprised to hear ole’ Peter and group are trying to sale what the Cruz’s bought into. His dad might have been on the Prophetic Round Table don’t remember b/c he was not a book writer. I am a lover of books and reading. 7 Mountain Dominions? Hump!


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