Hillary recently updated the Trump on Cyber walls being more significant than border walls.  I say only in her dreams!  For a cyber wall stops unwanted communications in an internet capacity…..wish we had a cyber wall ready made for the media digital news!  Who agrees here?

Meanwhile borders are invaded, drug cartels and other undesirables come across the border, hide out in sanctuary cities and Americans are surprised about the crime stats?  I say, stop the illegal influx from all nations, deport criminals and those who attribute nothing… and then start from there.  Either a person can finish a citizenship they have been trying to complete for five or more years or they have been bamboozled.  I say all who have been in the process of trying to be a citizen  should be expedited and all who have cheated it, ignored it…well….do what is lawful on that one.

dan Trump-eyeing

Trump makes sense and he is along the lines of what is law.  He is not reinventing the law…he is merely enforcing the law.  Yes walls are necessary for stopping the invasion…not for citizens…but for NON CITIZENS.  Yes.  That is what it is all about.

Dianne Marshall




  1. Natalie Kwong says:

    I can see your perspective of all of the benefits building a wall between our country, the United States, and Mexico. It would certainly help prevent drugs coming across the border from Mexico, along with illegal immigrants. However, would building a wall really fix the big issue of immigration? Mexican immigrants are coming to America to escape the poverty of Mexico. If Trump has Mexico pay for the wall, which he estimates will cost $8 to $12 billion dollars, it will cause Mexico’s economic stability to decline even more because of the debt. Thus, the wall may solve some problems, but also create problems elsewhere in Mexico. Additionally, according to Pew Research, 49% of illegal immigrants are Mexicans and that number has been declining recently in the years. Jorge Ramos, a news anchor of Univision and Fusion, reports that almost 40% of illegal immigrants come to America to plane and stay when their visas expire. Building a wall would not simply get rid the immigration issue altogether, but may remove a small portion while also adding more problems. I agree that something has to be done with the illegal immigrants, but I do not agree that building a wall and deporting is the way to do that. As a daughter of an immigrant, I feel personally connected to this issue and wish that there will be a solution that benefits both our country and the immigrants seeking a better life, but come to America with little opportunities and fearing deportation. I think about how fortunate I am to have opportunities for my future while others that do deserve a future, do not. I may not have a solid standpoint on the immigration controversy yet, but I do know that building a wall is not the answer. Building a wall and deportation would not only prevent the drugs and criminals from crossing over, but also all of the immigrants who want to come here and work hard and contribute to society, just like my father did and has.


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