I quit watching the liar news.  I don’t want any chance to hear the whining voice of lying Cruz.

Meanwhile,  the Beck Train is out selling strong snake oil shouting that Cruz is some sort of prophetic saint.  A prophetic saint who lies, cheats and steals in order to win whatever states he is trying to win.  All at the expense of others like Carson.  What I see in this is another one sent by the ruler of the darkness of this world.  The father of lies. It makes one wonder what other Mormon’s think of having liar Cruz being anointed by Beck?  Not my problem.  But then again….when people follow those whose minds are full of self imagination….many things are believed.

Let Beck go about claiming whatever he claims. The white horse prophecy is the latest  from Glenn.  I doubt if my Lord would anoint a liar to do any of his work.  But, that is just my opinion.

Could he have foreseen the civil war?  Or could he just have foreseen evil? Or was he just rambling his own words based on the knowledge of Revelations in God’s word?  Who knows….but, one thing is certain…when we research Maroni it connects to MARON which is an incantation name used for treasure seeking, and in fact, Moroni, maroni, and Maron have been used interchangeably by Smith. Moroni, if you recall appeared after a failed treasure excursion when Joseph prayed that night seeking some sort of messenger. But the messenger he sought was supposed to help him get treasure.

It wasn’t until much later that Moroni became an Angel instead of a treasure Guardian. There are also many easily googled sites showing the history of Moroni.  An evil omen and witchcraft. Yes, Joseph was a seer who was paid to seek treasure before he became a prophet.  A craft he perfected and was sought with money to perform.  It is what it is.

Please see other interesting cartel things that took place in Utah.

Dianne Marshall






  1. Alan Barnard says:

    You fight the false narratives about Donald Trump … then advertise hideous false narratives about the “Mormon” Church. Why? Glen Beck has definitely lost his mind, but he does not speak for the Church in ANY capacity, and he certainly does not speak for me. Let’s be fair. A. Barnard


  2. :

    Hooray For the Blacklist! Revelation “The Man” Was Either Lying Then or They’re Lying Now

    Yippee! We’re blacklisted! Patriots who’ve had enough of Washington DC hypocrisy and t’aint gonna take it anymore are now officially “blacklisted” and “targeted” (*note: you are not allowed to use those politically incorrect words, you racist gun clingers; only the chosen ones are allowed).

    The so-called “conservative” Professional Political Class has united against me and others for supporting our party’s frontrunner and refusing to join their ‪#‎NeverTrump‬ campaign that will ultimately elect Hillary Clinton. The self-appointed kingmakers don’t even hide the fact their efforts to destroy our winning candidate, while disrespecting the will of the people, ultimately bolsters the liberal left and fuels the insider’s shared gravy train that they all suck from. Many have actually promised to stop at nothing to thwart the electorate’s choice for a successful commonsense conservative who’s in perfect position to bust up the Washington cabal and return our government back to We the People.
    Want to join me on their blacklist? Sign here! Want a bumpersticker proclaiming it loud and proud? Make one, then send me one for my truck, eh?

    In setting aside “real life” this morning, I took a minute to google news of the day and saw this blacklist. It immediately reminded me why millions of Americans across party lines are coalescing to reject Washington DC’s politics-as-usual.

    The political establishment collecting names to brand us blacklisted are exactly this – as spoken by William F. Buckley: “Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.” Obviously the same is true with our own party’s elitist political bullies who claim to be the only keepers of the conservative flame ignited by Buckley, Goldwater and Reagan.

    This Primary election has sifted out the self-appointed movers and shakers in the GOP who are up to no good, thanks to Donald Trump’s campaign exposing unprincipled politicos’ true agenda. For as much as these politicians, pundits, consultants, and “conservative” media types rant, rave and pontificate, there’s no denying they really don’t care who wins elections as long as they keep their perks, titles, ratings, and invites to their pal’s preachin’-to-the-choir venues.

    More Americans now find out these folks are really good at using and abusing their audiences and supporters. I know personally that when it benefited their elections, their fundraisers, their poll numbers, careers and connections, they sure agreed with my conservative politics. For nearly a decade they’ve requested my endorsement, my social media shout-outs, my pro bono consulting and advice, and as much in-person support as my time allowed me to give them. They were either lying then, or they’re lying now about my judgment creds. I’ve never asked any of them for anything in return (they can all testify to that) except their integrity to shine. You’d think that at least in my respecting their right to endorse whichever Presidential candidate they choose, they’d reciprocate and simply respect my right to endorse a commonsense conservative Republican who just happens to not be top of their list.

    … Here are some old friends who now relegate others and me to their blacklist:

    – a “conservative commentator” who thought I was a “really terrific lady” when we jointly supported gubernatorial candidates… not so much anymore.…/on-the-road-with-nikki-haley-sar…/

    – the leader of a DC pro-life advocacy group who has raised money with my name, likeness and personal efforts for years – so far as having my portrait in their lobby – now condemns me for supporting a candidate who saw the light and passionately joined our fight for LIFE years ago and has campaigned to shut down government in order to defund Planned Parenthood. This, despite the fact the condemning group’s President and CEO was once a pro-choice activist herself.…/…/05/13/AR2010051305127.html

    – Rallying a group of young conservative DC staffers when I travelled across the country to support their bosses’ efforts to defund Obamacare. Since I’m supporting a Republican candidate promising to do away with Obamacare, some of these same staffers are now hell-bent on blacklisting me, and have even gone so far as accusing me of “trashing the constitution” and lying – accusing me of being paid for my endorsements! They know better but spew the lies anyway. Some of these young folks started out bright and talented, but they’re corrupted by power in Washington. Still, I’ll hold out hope for them and echo the words of Mr. Buckley once again: “I won’t insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just said.” (Oh – and to one of those staffers-turned-talking-head, Amanda, who now helps lead this charge against me, Dr. Ben Carson, Gov. Rick Scott, Gov. Jan Brewer, Phyllis Schlafly, Sen. Jeff Sessions, Matt Drudge, Ted Nugent, Jerry Falwell, Jr., Willie Robertson, and other red-blooded hard-core Conservatives, I meant what I said when you brought your kids all the way to meet me that day not long ago – they really are cute.)

    So the clever DC herd that’s created the cutesie social media hashtag (because Twitter handles are just so doggone intimidating and powerful in battle, I guess?) are attempting to thwart the will of the people and the power of electorate with their #NeverTrump ammo. Well, kiddos, quick history lesson – our founders had their own hard copy kind of hashtag. It looked like ‪#‎WeThePeople‬. And #WeThePeople are turning out by the millions, smashing voter participation records to fight against exactly the sort of hypocritical elitist games you are playing with our Republic. #WeThePeople will be in Cleveland this summer for the GOP Convention to make sure your haughtiness doesn’t drive you to follow through on your asinine threats to do something untoward and silence the voice of #WeThePeople. True Conservatives and Independents who are in this for a reason, not a season… who don’t look at elections as “just business”… who sacrifice precious time and resources away from our families and jobs in order to help others, well, we’ll continue to stand united against the Left with our nominee, despite your ironclad commitment now to see him fall, which leads to Hillary’s victory.

    In all graciousness, you’re invited to take the DC bubble blinders off and see that in order to form a more perfect Union and save our country #WeThePeople have needed another revolution. You’re encouraged to drop out of that professional political class and rise up on the right side with us. All it takes is finally recognizing that in the needed revolution, we’ve found a revolutionary.

    If nothing else, remember the words of the prophetic Andrew Breitbart as I shout a hearty “AMEN” and encourage others to join me on the blacklist, for it is a badge of honor:

    “I don’t care who our candidate is and I haven’t since the beginning of this. I haven’t! Ask not what the candidate can do for you, ask what you can do for the candidate! … When I walk through CPAC or I travel the United States to meet people in the Tea Party who care – black, white, gay, and straight – anyone that’s willing to stand next to me to fight the progressive left, I will be in that bunker. And if you’re not in that bunker because you’re not satisfied with a certain candidate, more than shame on you! You’re on the other side!” – Andrew Breitbart, CPAC 2012

    “Blacklist” info here –…/gop-smart-set-plots-blacklist-o…/

    Listen to Andrew Breitbart’s call for unity, in his own words:

    … [ ]


  3. An attempt to communicate with a fanatical #NeverTrump blogger : By the way, this blogger stated (in ) “Trump is an extremely dangerous man and so are his supporters”.

    This reminds me of Top Gun – “I am dangerous” –

    Am I also blacklisted? I guess there’s no where to go but up 🙂


  4. I cannot figure out what White Christians are about. There is this thing called the internet that could be used for contacting people about stopping the abuses going on in the world, truly making a difference and helping their fellow man. But what do they do instead? Tear their fellows apart, while pointing out how those fellows are tearing other people apart. and how that’s a bad thing when “they” do it.
    Maybe it’s professional jealousy? After generations of claiming it to be “white man;s burden” to show the light of civilization to all those savages (i.e. non-whites) throughout the world, they simply need to be a part of it? This seems likely. Despite the fact that all the perpetrators of the supposed wrongs they point out are doing nothing more than expressing opinions, this is talked about and yakked about ad nauseum while true crimes go unpunished. Like terrorists living amongst us Or torturers in the police Or what happened in Flint, Michigan. Or the fact that though aluminum and mercury have been shown to cause brain damage but we have to inject them into our babies because otherwise the Rockefeller Foundation might lose some of the guaranteed income from the forced vaccination programs, along with formaldehyde, viruses and aborted human fetal tissue because… just vaccinate already, what are ya, anti-American!?!
    None of the people doing any of these things live overseas. You claim to be a Democracy, so you must be voting for police to be torturing people of color and jailing them for crimes they didn’t commit while the cops who do this go free, giving the children of Flint lifelong neurological damage while increasing the profits of the billion dollar corporations who dumped the lead into the water around Flint, and giving your own children lifelong health issues to help out the Rockefellers because lord knows how much THEY’RE hurtin’. After all, if you didn’t want these things you vote for in your Democracy, you’d stop them, right? That’s what Democracy is, the will of the majority. If you wanted to actually help your fellow man and keep him safe from corporate greed, you could do this immediately. Immediately.
    “We must allow corporations to pollute”, so we have been told, because the thinking has been that if we don’t, they will move away and take jobs with them. Really? ALL of the managers and CEOs AND their families will up and move to Canada? Mexico? Or even some third world country just for the privilege to continue polluting because NOT polluting is too far beneath their élite blue-blooded sensibilities to even consider? And this WON’T open the door for some more responsible company to set up business locally? They will all move away? Even the oil and mining companies? How does one frack for oil in Oklahoma or mine in North Dakota without being in Oklahoma or North Dakota exactly? (I’m still trying to wrap my head around that one).
    So, as is shown, the only excuse for ever having allowed any corporation to pollute never existed. Flint could have been avoided, and the next similar disasters can, but that requires majority will. That would require not passively accepting all the BS spewed by those who happen to have jobs in offices designated as governmental and instead do what the first non-Viking White Americans intended, keep yourselves out from this tyranny of central authority. This wouldn’t take much brains – I just undid the entire premise upon which one of their long-held practices stands in under ten sentences, but it would take some courage. Real courage. Not the kind that allows one to safely shout at someone who isn’t going to read what you write anyway from a blog, but the courage to actually stand up and make the people you are attacking accountable. But the problem is, this would require active participation of White Christians. Their burden was empty rhetoric to justify their intent to treat others as less than human. Their God who justified the slaughter of anyone who did not worship as they did was empty rhetoric to justify killing others deemed less than human. All of a sudden now some of them are claiming to be offended by those that Cruz and Trump point to as being less than human while ignoring the Blacks being held in for-hire prisons for crimes their white fellows are celebrating the legalization of while making no attempt to free those still being held for these “crimes”, drone strikes and bombs are falling on innocents overseas and others being held under torture in Guantanamo.
    And I’m to believe that these are all less important than what Trump and Cruz are saying because you regard THOSE people as human?


    1. One can not blame Trump for man’s corruption or the evil devised by others. God watches and he gives a nod of approval from time to time to those he chooses and sends. I do believe Trump has been given that nod.


  5. – “Trump thanks Latina supporter; now mounting backlash threatens her business”. It’s also interesting that they are concerned that there may be rioting if the nomination is stolen. Notice they are not concerned about stealing the nomination – only about rioting. How concerned were they about rioting in Chicago? Some of us like to laugh it off, but when establishment “conservatives” say they want to blacklist us it doesn’t sound very civil. What should we do?

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