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Written by John Miranda

It is time to address the never ending main False Narrative theme being put out by our mainstream media against Donald John Trump: 

That Trump is a racist has already been debunked yet our false propaganda mainstream media will not drop this issue…

Mr. Trump has received endorsements from prominent African American leaders such as Dr. Ben Carson and Herman Cain. 

He has been endorsed by the Conservative Black Republicans Committee and the National Black Ministers Association. TRUMP Y2015120101088-650

Numerous African American sports stars such as Herschel Walker & Mike Tyson have also given Mr. Trump their endorsement.

Donald Trump has clearly been endorsed by more prominent African Americans then all of the other Republican candidates combined.

Looking upon who has given Trump the best introduction at a rally my vote would go to Pastor Darrell Scott. Guess what? He is also an African American.

TRUMP Screen-Shot-2015-11-30-at-4_24_59-PM-e1448918851541

That organizations funded by George Soros can gather up a 100 or 200 protesters needs to be understood:

1) Soros is recruiting these ‘protesters’ from areas where unemployment is through the roof and paying them $10-15 dollars an hour. This is a fact.

2) Due to the false narrative being portrayed of Mr. Trump by our mainstream media it is obviously easy to entice those who are unemployed that still believe the lies that mainstream media puts out.


The true insanity of all of this of course is the fact that Trump Policy Plans upon trade and immigration would generate more jobs in African American communities than any other candidate…

The USA is not upon the verge of a race war because of Donald Trump as our false propaganda mainstream media would have us all believe.

See through the lies & deception and understand why so much attention is being given to these few hundred PAID agitators that George Soros has managed to splash out upon our tv screens primarily via CNN & FOX…

Soros is a globalist who is for the TPP, the creation of the North American Union & indeed the NWO.

All things that Donald John Trump opposes.TRUMP AAAAuntitled

A vote for Trump is a vote for a strong sovereign USA. A vote against Trump is a vote for George Soros.  

John Miranda



  1. Pam Devendorf says:

    Thank you for the Fair Appraisal of Donald Trump. If those that were so deep in sucking off the teet of the establishment only KNEW how FAST and DEEP that same establishment is preparing to stick that knife, they would take the money and stick it to THEM FIRST!! These pissed off self righteous mis guided mobs will suffer the same fate….if not worse, as all of us because the “bribed ones” will have to be silenced first to get the rest to think about going along with them. Pawns, just Pawns. Sad but true. They better wise up and get on the side of Real American Freedom….the kind that money can’t buy, or the clock will run out….The United States of America that all of our Ancestors took part in… the growth and building…through Sweat & Blood….Wrong & Right….will all have been done in vain. The NWO won’t CARE if we feel slighted or inferior! They won’t CARE who our Ancestors were or what they lived through and stood for! So WHY the subservient posturing to the ones that are going to take full responsibility for your demise?!?! Wake the fluck up!! Nobody’s having Fun here! This is absofukingloutely UNBELIEVABLE. Again….Thank you for standing by Truth….

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  2. 😐

    ‘Tucson Border Patrol Union: Trump Is The Only Candidate Supporting Our Mission And Our Agents’ — ; “Arizona Mom Who Lost Son to Illegal Immigrant Explains Why She Endorsed Donald Trump Over Ted Cruz” — ; “The Mask Is Officially Off – How Ted Cruz Is Funded By Biggest DC Insiders…” — ; “Kasich Would Consider Nominating Garland for Supreme Court” — ;

    Satan’s forces are trying to blacklist “Trump endorsers”; we need to counter by supporting our team mates and not forgetting our adversaries – ; “Utah Speaker of the House Greg Hughes endorsed Donald Trump” — ; Trump endorsed by Retired General Robert C. Oaks – ;

    Summary of Trump related events of March 19, 2016 – (Some notes: (1) The protesters against Trump included: NYC Solidarity with Palestine and Students for Justice in Palestine; (2) Trump’s sister received a threatening letter. (3) Dad tells kids: “look at [Veterans for Trump] in the eye… we’re gonna be fighting against them… KKK”) (4) “Black Pro Trump Protester: Blacks Are Out Of Jobs Due To Mexican Immigration, ‘Trump For President!’” (5) Trump reportedly meeting with Congressional Republicans ahead of AIPAC speech).

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  3. “Alex Jones discusses a new scandal surrounding Republican frontrunner Donald Trump that will severely damage the establishment.” (Published on Mar 18, 2016)

    Jeanine Pirro and Katrina Pierson (Published on Mar 19, 2016) –


  4. “Woman charged for slapping police horse at KC Trump protest” (March 19, 2016) — ; “Every Republican Presidential Candidate Is Hitler: The “Big Lie” has been around for over fifty years.” — ; “Trump under attack by 187 organizations directly funded by George Soros” — ; I’m very concerned but “[a]ccording to new chart, Trump should be able to lock things up by June” — ; “New poll shows Ted Cruz with a big lead in Utah” — – IS THIS POLL A SET UP? (Note: (1); (2) )


  5. It was said Trump paid people to be at his announcement rally. It’s unproven yet this was enough to dismiss his supporters as frauds and castigate him similarly. Considering the fact that he routinely gets 20 to 30 thousand people to attend his rallies — more than all other candidates combined in either party including the traitor and socialist, its’ safe to say he is not paying anybody for their attendance.


    1. Donald Trump in the press conference discussed the incident that took place at Tucson (approximately 56:15 of (“Donald Trump Press Conference at The Old Post Office in DC (3-21-16)”)). Among other things Trump mentioned, to his understanding, the supporter had a very fine record in the Air Force. This is an African American supporter who has a great family who was subjected to protester abuse.

      Donald Trump previously discussed the provocative situation against the Trump supporter … and reiterated that violence is NOT condoned (approximately 15:20 of (“Donald Trump FULL Speech at Palm Beach County GOP Lincoln Day dinner (3-20-16)”)).

      Also, in approximately 5:25 of (“Black cop tells the TRUTH about Trump rallies””Published on Mar 20, 2016”) Officer Brandon Tatum apparently said that ‘I don’t know if he [the anti-Trump protester] spit on this guy [the Trump supporter (if he actually was a Trump supporter)] or hit him … he assaulted someone and he lost the battle’; however, at – – it states “*I’d like to add that after further investigation the protester that was punched did not provoke the other male, according to authorities. I don’t need to state the obvious regarding my stance on assault.”

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  6. Shela says:

    Thanks, I was rescued by this message. I was being arracked by a Cruz nut on tweeter. At first I didn’t even know I was in the middle of a serious attack. when i realized it I tried to graciously & nicely say everyone I understand is passionate about their candidate however, maybe the right man comes with a personality different than what you prefer but it’s the very right one to do the job that needs doing. Put aside the personality and think of the platforms. beliefs the individual is running on, and is this person truthful, trustworthy can we put the most important weapon we have besides prayer on fighting for this person. Our Vote! Wow! You would have thought I had ask this person to drink acid. The attack against me was relentless. A unknown person the head of a Veteran for Trump site must of been able to read what was happening. He privately messaged me this very message. I read it and knew it was his way of helping me out of the situation I was trying to graciously get out of.
    After reading this very article he sent me privately once again I tried to graciously get away from this person. No longer trying to get the person to read or study the candidates just trying to say goodbye. Not happening! This person reminded me of Cruz and Rubio in the last debate with Donald Trump purposely positioned between them both tarring at a leg. Just at the right moment i recieved and read this article making me aware the only recourse I had was to say blessing to you and block the person. Which I promptly did.
    These people need to wake up and understand they are the very ones who voted Obama in office to begin with.
    My honest advice to a person not being ugly. Advice I would take and seriously do if I had voted “Obama” in either of the last two elections. I would look at each candidate with a open mind and ask myself this question. Is this the person who has the same desires, dreams, plans for the United States of America that I desire & dream for once again. Those dreams, desires being the Constution Of The United States and our Bill Of Rights. Is this person 💯 percent for America. If not they need to go fight for other nationalities in their country and let the individual that’s 💯 percent for U.S.A be the leader of this country. This is America not Mexico, Canada, or the Middle East. If you come here come legally with the whole hearted desire to become an American. Not just to get our free benefits and bring your messed up world here.
    Dianne, I know you have given up sleep, your personal life just naming two things we all can see you’ve sacrificed to do your part to get Donald John Trump elected and save the U.S.A.
    I personally Thank You your articles are much appreciated.

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