TRUMP SUPPORTERS ARE MAKING A BOLD STATEMENT IN THE LAND OF LINCOLN!  Trump is the one they want and they are tired of a bankrupt state and no jobs in sight!  They know the only one who can fix this broken mess is a man who understands how business works and knows how to create real jobs!  Trade deals that create opportunities for jobs to leave America  with nothing in return but more unemployed workers are not fair trade deals for America!

As far as Missouri goes Trump and Cruz are neck to neck.  It looks like this is one state that all the votes will have to be counted to see who the winner will be. It is neck to neck.

The movement is deep and wide and it is taking place across the entire nation! Florida was another great win!  A big thank you to Sarah Palin, Chris Christy and Pam Bundy, Attorney General of Florida who gave their support and great endorsements for Trump yesterday before todays vote in Florida!

Meanwhile the media is perplexed about why Cruz isn’t winning more of the evangelical conservative voters?  I have to let them all know the answer.  It is because evangelical conservative voters do not like liars who bear false witness, and they don’t like a cheater or those who commit voter fraud!   Cruz is done.

Trump is on the way to the WHITE HOUSE!!!

Dianne Marshall




  1. Beverly Pepper says:

    Hi , love your blog. We’re down here in Florida celebrating the Donald’s win! Btw, our AG is Pam Bondi who was at Trump townhall on Monday. Thanks again for you blog and A+ investigating! God bless!


  2. Quoting “Katherine McCoun March 16, 2016 at 12:22 am” ( )

    Great night tonight! Mr. Trump is over half way there! But over 500 to go!!! Be part of the Winning team – please join in and help Mr. Trump Make America Great Again. By my addition, I think there are 492 delegates in the below primaries through early May. Celebrate tonight and tomorrow reset our focus on our new goals.

    Next TuesdayMarch 22nd
    Arizona, 58 delegates, Winner Take All, closed primary
    Utah, 40 delegates, proportional, closed primary

    April 1 – North Dakota 28 delegates, unbound, closed

    April 5 – Wisconsin, 42 delegates, open primary

    April 19 – New York, 95 delegates, proportional, closed

    April 26 – 172 total delegates in all: Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island

    May 3 – Indiana, 57 delegates, open primary

    After these, 273 left in other May/June 7 primaries and 172 in CA on June 7.

    Looks like the GOPe will make us work for each victory v. bowing to the the voter’s choice and bowing it. They are going to make the primary a battle until the end. Not a wise strategy for a GOP in the fall but Mr. Trump can battle Hillary and Cruz/Kasich at the same time.

    Please join the campaign team as a volunteer in your state or from any state. The phone calls can happen from anywhere to anywhere! If you want to see even better results please help. We must have HUGE numbers to beat the GOPe/RNC machine, the Dems, the MSM and fraud from whatever direction it comes!


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