Trump -The Man America Needs!


Trump is the leader America has been without for a very long time and the one the people who see truth are carrying high on their shoulders!  Please listen to the pastor speak out in Cleveland in the video below.  Without a doubt, he reminds each one just who Trump is and why he is the one man who can unite the people and bring America back to its’ greatness – it is because Trump is a man who stands for all nationalities, he looks at people with heart and sees what they need.  He doesn’t look at what’s in it for me.  He’s in this to give back so others can have the America he loves along with future generations.

Dianne Marshall

Also listen to Testimonials in Boca Raton…truth from people who have sound reasons why there needs to be a wall and what Rubio has really done to disgrace and harm constituents in Florida.


3 thoughts on “Trump -The Man America Needs!

  1. 😐


    “Donald Trump Shows Kindness To A Little Girl With Bone Disease” –

    On Thursday 3/10/16, I received an invitation from the Trump Volunteer Team to volunteer for the call center and to report on Monday 3/14/16 with government-issued ID … So I did. However, the NDA also had a clause about not demeaning or disparaging Trump et al. publicly [during the relationship and thereafter]. Although this is understandable with all the horrific falsehood against Trump, I decline to sign away my freedom of speech. THAT BEING SAID, TRUMP (WHO IS SELF FUNDING) IS OUR ONLY HOPE TO SAVE OUR COUNTRY (TRADE, IMMIGRATION, SECOND AMENDMENT, ETC.) AND I INTEND TO CONTINUE TO RELENTLESSLY SUPPORT TRUMP ALBEIT AS AN INDIVIDUAL. btw: Kudos to Malzberg for PROVING that TRUMP’S BEHAVIOR WAS JUST LIKE RONALD REAGAN ( ) (and CRUZ, KASICH, RUBIO, ET AL. ARE CLEARLY JUST LIKE SHARPTON ( )).


  2. Joyce Oak says:

    This is the first time I have commented on you posts. Thank you for taking the time everyday to keep us informed. I have saved all of your posts, for future reference. Thanks!!


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