I can only say – the Cruz supporters (most of them) are very viciously cruel and mean for being God loving evangelicals.  Cruz endorsee Beck has even gone so far as leading the evil charge calling Americans who want to make America great again as Nazi’s following their candidate Hitler. All the while – Cruz supporters swallow the tainted drink passed around  with glazed over eyes and chant in support of all the evil rhetoric.

Yet, on Friday March 11th 2016 when Cruz came out and rallied around the bused in rioters disrupting the Trump rally and denying the first amendment rights of others – blaming Trump for George Soros and Bill Ayers organized thugs and political mayhem….many Cruz supporters threw down the tainted snake oil and denounced his pathetic campaign.  I guess that was the straw that broke the camel’s back.


You see, most people have not followed the election very close.  They have not listened to the rally’s and town hall speeches – they have been watching the liar news.  Many have not been informed of the truth and have been fed the lies.  Once the lies crossed the lines into the obvious dissention zone – it was exposed that Ted is indeed a liar who will stoop at anything to deceive. They woke up and said – NO MORE CRUZ!

For you see, America has watched the riots, the busloads, the Black Lives Matter, Black Panthers, and Occupy movement for years.  They watched them operate on Wall Street, in Ferguson, in Baltimore, in public displays of destroying other peoples freedoms of speech and even watched Black Lives Matter disrupt other people’s right to enjoy a dinner or lunch in public restaurant dining places. They watched the same group block Chicago Christmas shoppers on Michigan Avenue last December.  None of that had anything to do with Trump or Trump supporters.

soros-ferg “Daddy Warbucks” of Drugs and Death – CFR member George Soros

“Council on Foreign Relations members are focusing psycho -political operations (psyops) at the American public. The psycho-political operations are designed to undermine our confidence and destroy our determination to fight. The psycho-political operations forget the family, loyalty to our nation and our faiths. Two of the psycho-political operatives are abortion, and legalization of drugs. Council on Foreign Relations member George Soros is helping to finance both operations.

Council on Foreign Relations members ‘the Special Group’ and on the ‘Secret Team’ help plan and co-ordinate the operations”. Read full story:

Americans  know the drill.  It was a poor time for all the other candidates to try and blame one man and his ALL AMERICAN supporters for the bought and paid for organized extreme left groups doing the bidding of their masters.  The same masters that are also donating to the campaigns of the same candidates who foolishly shouted the same rhetoric.  May they all rest in peace.

Dianne Marshall



  1. – ‘Grieving Mom Responds To John Kasich’s Amnesty-In-100 Days Pledge … ‘

    “Donald Trump just hit a critical threshold for the GOP nomination — one that his opponents might not” —

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  2. As I sit hear being reminded that “His mama was a beauty operator / Sister could sew and spin / My daddy was a postman and owned a cotton gin / just watchin’ all the money comin’ in ” , honestly I lose track between Katchit and “Lil Marco”. John Katchit teaching us a lesson on civility is rich , a lesson I am sure he learned as a managing partner for Lehman brothers as he explained to all those clients and customers who were irate , when Lehman brothers collapsed and he had to explain to all his clients , who lost there money and were asking him or yelling at him “John how could you do this to me?” and he told them he didn’t like there tone. Unbelievable Ohio. SMH .Katchit voted for NAFTA before he was against it. Lol. Katchit is for TPP. Katchit is for Common Core. Prior to New Hampshire , Katchit said he thought he was running in the wrong party ( Democrat) ,with all due respect , he probably got confused because usually George Soros only is known to contribute to left leaning candidates. Last time I researched Katchit has not returned the $212,000.00 to Soros , but what do I know I am a Low information DIE HARD TRUMP SUPPORTER. With friends like Soros , who needs enemies. I guess that negates inviting the Clintons to a wedding.Lol. This morning DRUDGE lead was Trump at 53% nationally , Trump could have all 2432 delegates and republicans would try to find a way to invalidate Donald J Trump’s delegate count , so in the scheme of things Ohio just shows why they gave us John Boner all those years , and I pity the place. It must be hard , but you got yourself a winner now John Katchit Even ESPN said the city of Cleveland was cursed (not my words ESPN – and I can’t stand that liberal media group) It has been a long time in all things winning , cept’ for the Buckeyes , but even a squirrel get’s lucky and finds a nut. Ohio celebrate your governor’s victory tonight , because just as Clinton needs a foil , in Sanders , the same can be said with Donald J Trump. Shadow boxing is boring , I know from personal experience. You can not stop the Trump Train , I hope you can catch it , come November. we will see you in your affirmative action designated republican convention

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