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Cruz spoke with forked tongue and crooked finger pointing at Trump and Trump supporters.  Everything he said he and Beck have done.  The literal playing out of evil acts have been done by Cruz and his campaign….not Trump and Trump supporters.

I for one have encountered my share of Cruz trolls and evil lies against myself and my work based on nothing more than envious trolling people who happen to support Cruz. Like attracts like….and so, I am so proud to be attracted to the man called Donald John Trump and Trump supporters.  If you can stomach Ted’s whiny nasal voice, timed like a Shakespeare play…obviously robotically memorized just for a time as this….listen to his liar video below.  The man doesn’t understand that each liar speech he gives makes him look even more evil and more nasty.

Today I had a person tell me that they thought I might have been over the top calling Cruz out, but now she sees the evil. She said today that I was right.  It seems she learned a list of shocking things that mounted up over the past week, and especially the last 24 hours.  Among those things was a friend of hers from Canada whose daughter and boyfriend cut their Chicago trip short after being pressured by Cruz people over the past week to help start a riot at the Trump rally.  They were offered a lot of money.  They turned it down but continued to be pressured. They finally said, let’s get out of here.  It’s time to go home.  They think things have gone crazy in America.

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Beware of trolls…they are all the same. Their smiles are fake. No matter how they appear, their goal is to harm.

When the establishment realizes the people aren’t going to allow the lies and corruption anymore and the people begin to stand up together, they try every trick in the book to shut them up and put them back in line.  This time it is different.  The people have had enough, they know the games, the lies, the broken promises and they are watching all the deceit, and hearing all the rhetoric smears.  But instead of shutting up and staying politically correct, the people are exposing every evil deed and lie as fast as it is being done.

The candidates and media who fuel the fire and poke and prod at the innocent while fueling the “Ferguson bus riot arrivals” sponsored by left progressive activists and funded by the likes of George Soros are all one and the same.  They are anti-American and self absorbed with gaining their own personal “precious” just like Gollum in Lord of the Rings.

The establishment are turning all their dogs loose in hopes to create chaos.  Meanwhile Americans keep learning more, watching the deceit and exposing all the nakedness the foolish puppets and puppet masters used to be able to hide.  They can not hide their evil acts any longer.  Law and order will prevail.  It is the will of the people to put an end to the corruption.  I hear the rattling of pots and pans….just like Iceland.  My hope is that it won’t come to that.  Time will tell.

Stay strong my fellow good people of America. We shall prevail.  Truth will rise up and wave like a banner in their faces and the liars shall all reap what they have sown.

Dianne Marshall





  1. 😐

    IS CRUZ A DECEITFUL PRETENDER…OR DOES HE JUST THINK PEOPLE ARE STUPID? Low info voters, Misinformed voters, Corrupt voters, Brain dead Voters, Voters fanatically engaged (‘Don’t confuse me with the facts’) to the point of being oblivious . Keep in mind the msm (and some so called ‘Conservatives’) are helping Cruz and the rest of the establishment. The question is whether or not Trump will be able to avoid a brokered convention. (Note: Mitt Romney has filed to run for President” — (Note: Romney may run in California etc.) ; “Draft Speaker Ryan PAC files with FEC” – )

    29 delegates – Wyoming – ; 19 delegates – DC – ; Virgin Islands – ; Guam –

    “”@JaredWyand: Let’s be clear.. #NeverTrump is about “Never someone we don’t own” You either play into it & let them win or vote Trump.”

    BTW: A comment I made about the debate – “I think a huge Freudian slip that Cruz made was …”


  2. ; :

    Jan Morgan
    March 11 at 11:32pm ·

    I have officially withdrawn my endorsement and support for Ted Cruz.

    His decision to blame Trump for the violence and actions of paid, liberal thugs/ protestors in Chicago is unconscionable.

    Ted Cruz should have used this opportunity to take a stand for free speech.

    Instead, he sides with the protestors and lies about Trump saying he encourages violence. (never mind the fact that his own right hand campaign buddy, Glenn Beck was investigated by Secret Service for joking on air about repeatedly stabbing Trump) (thats different of course)

    This is the most outrageous and desperate thing I have seen a candidate do in this race.

    I have made a grave mistake by misreading this man and his character.

    This was the final straw in a week of issues I have had with Cruz and his decisions.

    Donald Trump will win this nomination in spite of the establishment GOP, in spite of their new boy, Cruz, their old boy, Romney… And, I predict if the GOP establishment tries to jack with the people’s choice, Trump will pull out, run 3rd party, and will still win the general election.

    Call me enraged tonight.
    I can not believe I fell for this act.

    ( with: Scottie Nell Semler Hughes, Annie Morgan, Barry Kaplan, Anthony Wynn, Grant Yarbrough,Ken Crow, Tim Selaty Sr., Tom Trento, Jane Witherell, Tom Wilkins) :

    TED CRUZ blaming TRUMP for the violent actions of thugs (suggesting Trump’s speech is provocative) ….. is like blaming a RAPE VICTIM for the violent actions of her rapist (because her dress is provocative.)

    Ted Cruz,…. the last time I checked, censoring speech, justifying violence over offensive speech, and covering women is burkas, are ALL ELEMENTS OF SHARIA LAW…. not CONSTITUTIONAL LAW.

    Your politically correct debate comments on Islam combined with your Sharia Law leaning attitude toward free speech are just two of MANY reasons I have dumped the cruzer and am checking out the Trump Train.


  3. Love your blog!
    I am so disgusted with Cruz and Rubio blaming Trump for the protestors! If anything, they are part of the problem. Not being able to support your party’s frontrunner, and instead telling your supporters to back other losing candidates in order to create a contested convention is disgusting and will not work. Cruz is the worst. I hope their plan ffuels Trump supporters and allows him to get the delegates needed to avoid a contested convention!


  4. They say that Cruz is for New World Order, don’t know but his wife is on a foreign committee that is for New World Order and new world Government.. Cruz is owned by Goldman Sacs Bank for over a Million Dollars of which he lied by not posting on his campaign papers. When called on it, he said he forgot. How can you forget that you borrowed over a Million Dollars? I thought I liked him and I went on the Internet to find what I could about him. I ended up on his dad’s site he had several different sites. He is a preacher or pastor, didn’t say what denomination. A church member posted that they had been praying that. Ted would become King And Rule The Whole World! I had only a little time to read and a week later when I tried to read some more, they had all been removed by Mr. Cruz. This stuff is scarey! Read: Who Is The
    Real Ted Cruz?


  5. Susan Daniels says:

    Cruz is nothing more than a two-bit politician who made a huge mistake in trying to blame Trump for the hired protesters in Chicago. It was as bad as him lying about Carson in Iowa. Who would want this kind of man as president? Not me, which is why I voted for Trump in OH.


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