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Trump is having quite a day in Ohio.  The “take Trump down for the establishment”  progressives and their paid for ‘hate hecklers’ will learn very fast that they are not getting away with a dang thing.  There are laws in place regarding how to protest and these characters yesterday and today have broken the law.  They should, and I have a suspicion will be charged and a few organizations may be losing their UNIQUE NON PROFIT standings.

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At Trump’s first rally this morning it was very evident that more secret service and more security is needed at each Trump event.  It is way past the time to overlook the so called heckler’s and time to start arresting those who show violent and hate behavior.  Each person attending any rally should not have to worry about getting harmed for doing so.  We all have first amendment rights….not thugs.  Thugs are thugs and should be arrested.  Meanwhile, the positive thing is that  Trump had over 20,000 in attendance to hear him speak at the Ohio Airport making Airport History!

Donald J. TrumpVerified account @realDonaldTrump 3h3 hours ago Thank you Dayton, Ohio! 20,000 supporters- largest in airport history!

airport CdXcWPOUEAAf1Jl

Bill Mitchell@mitchellvii 2h2 hours ago  Amazing thing is that even after the attack in Ohio, Trump was totally unfazed. Man is a serious badass. Cruz would have req’d counseling.

Although there were also a few nasty people that came to do harm.  They will be dealt with.  This is no longer a free ride to do as you darn well please.  Crime is crime. This was a crime.  A premeditated crime. See video below:

Trump’s secret service body guards jumped to his side to protect him, while others along with police took out the ones who came to do harm. They were not your run of the mill hecklers, they were there to commit a crime. If you wanted excitement in Ohio….you had it today.

What sounded like guns firing off from behind, was not quite guns but some sort of something being thrown. Someone reported that a man rushed toward the platform at Trump.   What took place exactly is still not all the way clear. Many are reporting on Twitter that a real assassination attempt took place. The man arrested had twittered many things about his plans, even declaring martyrdom.(See Conservative Treehouse link below).  Please watch the video below and then decide if you think the secret service acted quickly and adequately.  I have my observations…just curious what yours would be.  One thing I noted is after last nights event, I would make sure Trump had no crowd behind him at all, and make certain he had a bit more security for a crowd of 20,000 people.  (That is just one of my thoughts, I have many.)

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Trump said the second rally went smooth.  Yet, in another media false truth moment, the media announced the second rally in Ohio was cancelled.  Fear not, Trump tweeted out the second rally was on and called out the media for reporting falsely. Good old media…right?  Maybe the second rally went smooth because a few heads were rolling,  and I don’t mean Trump’s!

Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump 44m44 minutes ago Just finished my second speech. 20K in Dayton & 25K in Cleveland- perfectly behaved crowd. Thanks- I love you, Ohio!

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Some people are mentally disturbed to participate in such activity as took place last night and today at the Trump events. These acts are not thought up from the mind of a patriot.  They are thought up by the mind of a sick person.  To capitalize on these type of  harm threatening events, in the manner that Cruz and Rubio and many media yahoo’s have tried to do, is also a sign of the same morbid, twisted, un-American thinking.  There are laws concerning these type of things. It sure appears as though the ones funding the bus loads are always above the law or owning it.  Or so it seems to play out that way.  The question is…will it this time?

ohio RT_trump_rally_protester_jt_160312_4x3_992

It has been reported that the Trump Ohio attacker was Tommy DiMassimo who is allegedly  connected To ISIS – He has supposedly been featured In ISIS Propaganda Videos in 2015. Wonder who funds those productions…??

Please read full report here:

Meanwhile….as to the Chicago fiasco sponsored by Hillary and Bernie donors and supporters….and their bus loads of militants… backfired big time!


Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump 10h10 hours ago  The organized group of people, many of them thugs, who shut down our First Amendment rights in Chicago, have totally energized America!

Evil will never learn what motivates good people to  take a stand for what is right.

I stand with Trump and what is right!  This is America – not  a third world nation. Rogue only does well here when you are out to do what is good!  America….stand strong and God bless DONALD JON TRUMP!

Dianne Marshall



  1. BkueSky says:

    “I have my observations…just curious what yours would be.”

    As I watched today’s Dayton OH rally, in an instant an animal fear overcame me. I realized all at once that Trump was in danger. His face showed surprise, concern and a stark confusion. He too reacted with that primal sense as he spun around.

    Flashback to JFK. My teacher got a message whispered into her ear , she started crying and we were dismissed and sent home. My mother was watching TV with red swollen eyes when I came home, as she too had been weeping. I was notfully understanding what was happening, but it had to be pretty bad. Later in that night I watched the replay of the assassination while our TV blared non stop.

    In my small mind I recoiled when I saw president Kennedy slump over with a mortal wound. I had watched enough westerns to know what being shot meant. I remember seeing these men in suits swarming all over in high gear, just like today. I didn’t know who they were then.What I was grasping was that they were some kind of policemen. Today as I watched the rally live, that same carnal repulsion that possessed me that day many years ago, overcame me today. I was momentarily parlayed,my body trying to catch up to my brain. As i became dizzy with the flash of an assassination. This time I was the teacher and my mother, in that frozen moment as I watche din horror.
    I came back to myself when the Secret Service leapt onto the stage surrounding Trump in a cocoon fashion. they were the same policemen of long ago! I felt a realness,an urgency, a bravery .My eyes and guts told me that they were putting their lives on the line. I believe they were genuinely doing their job. Unless and only unless they are in on this farce ,with feigned choreography to add credibility and they are Manchurian Candidate types, otherwise I think my evaluation is on target.

    My reasoning is that they are on the lower echelon of the inside world. That is not to say that some are not corrupt. If I may take liberty ,they are somewhat akin to the rank and file police and soldier.
    They get paid well to do a job and they do it.They are the brawn while others are the brains. . They do their thankless job but are not privy to the life and secrets of those they work for. “…Theirs is not to reason why,Theirs is but to do and die…” (Charge of the Light Brigade)

    I maybe wrong. So many things in the political world are a chimera with scores of masterful tricksters. It is a reality where things appear up when they are down and round when they are square. In the deceitful arena of politicians,the nwo, money changers, globalist et al this labyrinth of intrigue and deception may well throw my observations out the window. I may have mud in my eye, for all I know the butler may be a sell out and is in on this as well!

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  2. The Ohio attacker was Tommy DiMassimo who is allegedly connected To ISIS should be locked up permanently. Why is someone connected to ISIS walking Arendt free?


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