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Liar Ted didn’t let a preplanned riot by organized thugs, paid for by George Soros in cooperation with the progressives in Chicago, go by without putting his liar lips all over it.

Stating that Trump encouraged such behavior by not being ‘kissy kiss’ politically correct?  What if the Trump supporters decided to go ballistic and riot Cruz town halls because of Glen’s garbage mouth calling them ALL NAZIS and Trump Hitler!  He can’t blame that all on Beck…he stood their nodding with that snaky grin approving all of the liar messages every time they were spoken, over and over and over again.


So if Cruz wants to say that a candidate is responsible for what his campaign allows????  Let’s start way back in Iowa….we could go back further…but if we started there, it is obvious for all the world to see TED CRUZ IS NOT ELIGIBLE TO RUN FOR OFFICE.  He should have been pulled from the race for election fraud, fined and charged with a court date set. Then there is also the issue of not being natural born.

And for the record, Trump did not encourage bad behavior in his speeches, nor did he allow any hecklers at past rallies to disrupt the event for the thousands who came to listen.  Those who came to create disruption were removed in the same manner disruptive persons are removed at any rally by any party or any local theater, for that matter. Oh, except Hillary,  she screens all her 50 to 100 guests before they can listen to her, and sometimes calls speaking to  just a few at a round table some sort of campaign event?

Dianne Marshall



  1. Federal law HR347 states:

    “When the federal law on trespass was quietly amended—it is a crime, punishable by up to a year in prison, to “knowingly impede or disrupt the orderly conduct of Government business or official functions” in locations guarded by the Secret Service, including places where individuals under Secret Service protection are temporarily located”


  2. Why the hell didn’t you morons do the same thing to Obama? Oh, wait, he’s America’s first black president! Bull shit…..he’s half and half….and born in freaking Kenya…NOT Hawaii!! He was never fit to be POTUS and you knew it but went right along with the garbage. Shut the hell up!!


      1. I’m sure you do. You obviously support his useless rhetoric and call for violence. Who the hell do you think is responsible for this shit? The people? Yes, but its Trumps rhetoric that is causing problems.


      1. Really Beth? Whether you voted for Oralbama or not, the point is, the same shit you are throwing at Cruz et al., you REFUSED to throw at Oralbama. To me, you are a waste of humanity. I don’t need meds. Libtards need to get off that sauce they Kook-aid.


  3. He needs to be arrested for insighting a riot where people an ourlaw enforcement could have been seriously harm. Shows what kind of President he would make a great president with all of his criminal voting,and this riot many other thins he is for triple of refugees


  4. G Easley says:

    It’s all deliberate, all planned in advance, all disgusting. Now Rubio and Cruz, the remaining illegals in the race, blame Trump for his rhetoric but not their own low life tactics, voter fraud and deceit while lying about their politics and complicity to defraud voters. This is the whole reason Trump is leading in the polls. Whites are angry, Christians are angry, the middle class is angry, conservatives are angry, blacks are angry. Millions of people lost their jobs, lost their homes and see no future for themselves in their own country while Muslims, illegals and social misfits get carte blanche to do or say whatever they want. Yep, it’s all Trump’s fault for wanting to fix it while Obama, the racist-in-chief, rubs it in that Cruz is an illegal candidate because Trump has a heavy lead in IL and across the nation. Let’s hope the payback is an avalanche of new Trump voters. Reports say hundreds of Dems are going GOP in IL. Blame that on Trump. God is watching.

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