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If Trump had made a scathing speech like Romney about any candidate he would have been blasphemed all over the media for his torrid remarks.  Yet, Romney lies and bears false witness for the establishment elite and nothing is said. Boy Marco uses off colored sexual jokes about hands and other equally off colored remarks and the attention is shifted to Trump and his disgust with little Rubio.  In some twisted form of media frenzy they then blame Trump for boy Rubio’s own remarks.

Not to mention the voter machines that seem to have a mind of their own voting for their own favorites.  This is the low, corrupt state of affairs America is in.  It will be interesting to see how America reacts to the corruption as this so called election continues on.

Stand with Trump or welcome one of the ones who are sponsored by all the corruption you are witnessing.  You will get the liar, cheater, corrupt puppet of the establishment- and they don’t care which one – if we do not stand up and demand these election violations cease!

Dianne Marshall



  1. doubledenvy says:

    I will stand with Trump because I believe Trump speaks for me and millions of Americans. I found that article at INFOWARS , by the London Guardian ( which owns NYTimes or vice/versa) to be very interesting. The author of the piece is asking the question to American voters , and I think people will see the answers very interesting. My take away, Bernie Sander’s voters will never vote for Hillary , but vote for Trump. Trump voters will never vote for establishment and will never vote republican if lies, deception and fraud occur during forthcoming primaries and the Convention. I encourage people to check article out. Quite interesting when original Occupy Wall Street Organizers have a come to Jesus moment , in realizing liberalism is a dead end , and see Trump as wanting to tear down this elite neocon constant war to enrich bankers lobbiests big insurance big pharma Chamber of Commerce silicon Valley pirates. Only to tell us that they are here to protect us against in the phony war on drugs terror guns , when the aforementioned originate perpetuate and legislate all to “. We The Peoples” demise. See the Truth. Trump 2016

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    1. doubledenvy – Much thanks for your prior thumbs up ( ) — this is especially flattering given your elite service to our country. What do you make of this : “Would never happen with Trump!: Navy SEALs tell top House lawmaker they don’t have enough combat rifles | Fox News | ” ???

      Also although some of my comments have a pessimistic tone about what Team Trump is up against, my intention is to try to sound an alarm bell to precipitate more ads, volunteering, and small donations for Trump – as well as sharing postings that I hope may be useful ( )

      😦 – “Top Republicans Held Secret Meeting With Tech CEOs To Take Down Donald Trump” ( ) 😦

      🙂 : “EXCLUSIVE-Donald Trump Jr.: ‘We Believe In The Right To Carry’ Breitbart … via @BreitbartNews” 🙂

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  2. DeeAnn Wicks says:

    Let’s not forget that Cruz and his sneaky wife, Heidi, are also secretly pushing an Obama-like agenda for amnesty, NWO & 7 Mountain Dominionism. He and Rubio are so MONEY & POWER HUNGRY that they will make a deal with the DEVIL to get into the WHITE HOUSE! Kasich has anger management issues, skirting around people who do not share his views instead of confronting them HEAD-ON!! He HONESTLY believes that his solutions to problems are the BEST & he’s unwilling to listen to anyone else! Do we really want a President who doesn’t listen to THE PEOPLE nor his constituents? ( sounds like another Obama administration! ) Trump isn’t perfect, but he is our ONLY solution in turning this country around. He’s no nonsense and will get the best & brightest to help him. No hidden agendas with him. He will keep us safe and get our economy back on track. Trump is 100% ALL AMERICAN, who loves his country….& just wants to help.

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  3. Mario Apuzzo, Esq.: “The New York court decided the New York ballot challenge strictly on procedural grounds. It did not reach any substantive issue such as the meaning of a natural born citizen and whether Cruz or Rubio satisfy that definition. Of course, Cruz, Rubio, and Obama supporters will not tell the public that.” —


    1. Robert how does that work? Following the RNC rules that have been printed weekly at CTH , penned by Sundance , I thought a candidate had to have at least 8 states to be in the nomination process. Did I miss something.

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    1. I also heard Napolitano state on Fox , that at the convention , that upon no candidate can carry the first round , then delegates that are not bound by state primary laws (e.g. Arizona delegates are bound , but that the likelihood of state challenging a non government organization (RNC) probably would not happen. This bothers me a great deal. The only recourse Trump could sue over , would be if he could see fraud taking place (electronic voting / side/backroom deals). I can’t help to think Donald Trump with his smarts and people around him did / have not thought this out. Donald’s time is so valuable , I can’t think that he would not have seen this presidential venture all the way through , without seeing the odds leaning toward victory. That being said , i am old and can not remember political dirty tricks vis – a vis media or one’s own party. If anything Trump is pulling back the curtain to expose the frauds. I will vote Trump , as I can not vote for Cruz , knowing what I know. I hope Trump runs third party , to open the possibilities of third party candidates in the future. I think Trump could win 3rd party. I listened to Limbaugh , who is a establishment stooge ( and I did have a modicum of respect , until it became apparent he is a shill) and his screened callers that were anti Trump are totally delusional. One lady , actually said she thought she was having an anxiety attack , because she wanted Cruz (she was a voter in Florida) , couldn’t stand Rubio , but Cruz was so far behind in Florida , she didn’t know what to do , and Limbaugh , told her to vote her conscience , the Lord would forgive her , unbelievable. You can’t fix stupid. The truth will set you free , Vote Trump 2016


      1. 🙂 My dad served in the navy; you were a SEAL – that’s so amazing :-). There’s hope: Please see: Citizen Dale: A Letter to Trump (The Monster Vote) –

        LIGHT VS. DARKNESS – Is it true that it is darkest before dawn? REMEMBER THEY ARE ALSO CONCERNED AND DESPERATE. They are revealing who they really are … “Neil Bush, Jeb’s brother, joins Ted Cruz’s finance team” — ( ) (“Who is the Real Ted Cruz” ; )

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  4. Shela says:

    Is this a first in a country where the people have the freedom to elect their leaders that those already in leadership are doing everything in their power even re-writing the rules to “Stop” the people from the freedom of their free election. What the devil they thinking? Hey BOYs we don’t want Mittens Romney the last time, dang sure don’t want him now! Listen up! We have made our choice. 🇺🇸Donald J. Trump 🇺🇸 We the people are not going to stand for this crap! You say you want a Revolution? Just keep on!

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  5. Beside , not being able to watch or hear any news for the presumptive leader of the Republican Party (more than Romney at this point in election 2012 Primary season) , Clinton and Sanders were asked if a Clinton / Sanders ticket was possible (she trying to shore up Sander’s voters , he trying to believe his own press clippings (socialism is o.k. , until you run out of other peoples money). Sanders would think of him the ultimate fraud after railing against Wall Street only to run with her. I believe a lot of Democrats are for sander’s , because they can’t stand Clinton. That being said , Trump could run as 3rd party , as the only true outsider , but I am sure all the expert’s have already realized this future event. TRUMP 2016


  6. Sue says:

    I am very disappointed in Romney……can’t believe how tasteless & tacky his response to Trump was. The
    entire GOP party seems to be torn apart, therefore we need a moderate such as Donald Trump. He just
    needs to control his bitterness & ignore the immature comments of Cruz & Rubio.

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