It don’t matter what you do …the days will go by.  However there will be a tomorrow based on what we did today.  That is what matters.

It won’t change the world what you the little individual does…but when all the little individuals move in the same direction, the world will not only change it will have to take notice and then come together for the benefit of the little individuals.

Nice if it would come as I said…sadly it will take a stronger push against those pushing the little individuals down.

Dianne Marshall

We the people need a leader…that one is Trump!



  1. Dianne, I’ve been an avid supporter of Trump and I have really enjoyed your posts. And will continue reading them. However, I think the last debate messed Trump up. I can’t believe he got into it with Rubio and started taking about his penis size. That is very unPresidential. Plus he’s making people raise their right hand and pledge to vote for him in Florida. this feels very controlling and dictatorial to me. Up until now I’ve been supporting Donald Trump – but these two things have really put me off. I might have to end up supporting Cruz. Cruz won the CPAC straw poll.



    1. doubledenvy says:

      Cpac. Lol. They gave Ryan standing O for being conservative. Oh , yeah standing ovation for passing OMNIBUS / TPP – OBAMATRADE. Good ole’ RyanCpac straw poll what a joke , now that is conservative. That’s why Sessions endorsed Trump and not Cruz. Was it Forrest Gump That said ” You Can’t Fix Stupid” Lol


    2. phil fan says:

      I thought he was talking about his HANDS. Oh my do you have a filthy mind?
      BTW I have no doubt you have never supported Trump and are just trolling here.
      GO Trump, time to skin the foreigner.

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    3. Obviously you didn’t watch the debate or pay attention to the fact that it was Bret Bair who brought up the hand issue with boy Rubio who is the one who had been raising the question on the campaign trail. Nor did you care about the voter fraud committed by Cruz in Iowa nor his lies. You deserve to be governed by these crooks. But, many in America deserve to have their country great again. No one here cares about how you choose to vote.

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  2. Apparently, CPAC has been taken over by anti-trump and anti-palin forces. News flash – CPAC or its members don’t have a monopoly on conservatism. As for Trump getting into it, Rubio instigated it. Anyway, because of this nonsense you would change your vote? Cruz and Rubio both have a resume similar to Obama albeit different ideology. How many people have they employed? From Romney you see that Cruz is also part of the establishment – even if despised – and Trump is the target. Trump is basically self funding and not controlled. The only chance to deal with trade is via Trump not via a textbook ideologue funded by special interests.

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